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  1. Brave and the Hobbit for sure. The Dark Knight... maybe. Not as sure on that one yet. Wreak-it Ralph has got me psyched up to see. Spider-man... thats about it for right now.
  2. With a surprised yelp as the earth pony raises his voice at him, Barnstormer upturns his sack. Out drops the pencil and notepad; as well as his flight helmet, goggles, spare wing guards and a few fliers from his last show. Looking sheepishly, he puts a hoof behind his head. "Eh heh... um... sorry 'bout that sir. I'll try ta contain my excitement better." Leaning over, he picks up the pad and pencil, placing it on the counter. With an awkward cough, the pegasus sit back down at the counter. "Um... if your still willin' Miss Scratch... The names Barnstormer. Dreadful sorry if it's an inconvenience for ya. I'll understand if you'll be wantin' to go back to ya coffee."
  3. Barnstormer plopped down near the counter, waving his good wing rather dismissively at the earth pony. "Yea, yea... Cinnamon buns will do. Thanks." Reaching into his travel pack, he pulls out some bits and drops them onto the counter. Turning at the sound of the larger earth pony, Barnstormer's jaw drops. "You... you... Your Vinyl Scratch! Sweet Celestia... I have all your albums to date! Oh wow, who'd ever thought I'd ever meet ya in the flesh!" Instantly, the pegasus's mood lightens. "Oh to have a pencil and a notepad... Wait, I think... maybe..." Turning back into his pack, Barnstormer buries his face into the bag as he ruthlessly searches for something to use to get the DJ Pony's autograph.
  4. Grumbling and flexing his unbandaged wing, the dappled grey stallion Barnstormer trotted along the streets. He'd rather be flying, but doctors told him to lay off his wing for a few days. In fact, they told him to be lucky it was just a few days. If it weren't for the braces he wore on his wings, it could have been broken and taken a few months to heal. Still, it left the pegasus in a sour mood. Talking to himself, he muses. "A few days... ugh... still, at least that show went well. I've enough to get by for the time being. Still... Celestia's sake, its hard being cooped up on the ground." As if in agreement to his mood, his stomach lets out an audible rumble. Looking around, the pegasus spots the little coffee shop and trots over. Walking in, he looks about at the small group on ponies inside. "Hey, any chance a pony could get himself some Coffee and some doughnuts?"
  5. Limping lightly as he comes in from his latest show, Barnstormer plops down on his haunches. Breathing heavy, he notices his little Peregrine Falcon pet nipping at his mail. "Oi! Tony, what ya got there for me? More fan mail?" The little falcon calls out in response, leaving the pegasus to chuckle. "Oh, I didn't forget. There's some dinner just behind the tent for ya there. Help yourself." As the bird flies off, Barnstormer looks at the mail in front of him. True to form, there we're a few letters from fans. However, also in the mail was a little ad and application. "Hmm... a datin' service... interesin'... Think I may just give it a try." Name : Barnstormer Gender : Male Gender preference (Optional) : Mares Location : I travel all over Age : Stallion sweetie Species : Pegasus Species preference (Optional) : Ponies, though I certainly wouldn't turn down a Gryphon... Cutie-Mark (Optional) : Spiraling Smoke Trail How would you describe yourself, physically? Lithe and well built, athletic and flexible. A lean and mean flying machine. How would you describe your personality? Adventurous. The kind of pony who'd never think once of the consequences of his actions. I live in the here and now. What things in life are important to you? Living life to the fullest and never having a dull moment. What's your idea of the ideal first date? Something exciting. Scaling incredible heights... flying through a thunderstorm. Maybe even taking in a Wonderbolts show. What are you looking for? A mare who can keep up with me. Also, one that doesn't mind a fella who may come home with a broken wing or a couple busted ribs. Anything else you think we should know? I tend to move around a lot as a show pony, however my pet falcon Tony has been very good at finding me, so feel free to attach your correspondence to his talon. I should be stopping over in Fillydelphia some time later this year as I continue my tour. You're done! Just mail this to Matchie at One Plus Another, 413 Saltyhoof lane, Fillydelphia, EQ, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! Have a wonderful day! Putting his hoof print down, Barnstormer rolls the correspondence up and ties it up. Whistling, his Falcon flies back in. "Here ya go Tony. Take this over ta Fillydelphia for me, if ya'd be so nice. Be nice to this Matchie too. That means no nippin' on hooves or any of ya tricks." Patting the falcon on the head, he watches as the bird flies off.
  6. Roleplay Type: Fim/Show Roleplay Name: Barnstormer Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Pegasus Coat Color: Stormy Gray with Stone Grey Appaloosa markings Mane/Tail Color & Style: Charcoal mane clipped short and stuffed under an Aviator Hat. Long and bushy tail the same color of the main part of his coat. Eye Color: Dark Green Cutie Mark: A smoke trail swirl Physique: Sturdy and stocky, muscular Origin: Beakbreak City Occupation: Daredevil Flyer Motivation: Entertain the audience with the show of a lifetime. Push his limits to be the best stunt flyer in all of Equestria. Likes: The roar of the crowd. Being the star of the show, with everypony's eye on his daring stunts. Dislikes: Hecklers Character Summary: Barnstormer could be called a show-off. He could even be called a bad influence on the Filly and Colts who see his shows, with all the dangerous stunts and aerobatic maneuvers he does. However, it doesn't matter to him at the least. He feels the most alive when he's pushing himself past his limits, doing a stunt that other ponies would call crazy and impossible. To him, all dangers are negligible. He's broken his wings more times then he could count, but his determination to pull off that next trick keeps him going. Born to two Earth Ponies in Beakbreak City, he was the odd pony out. A Pegasus in such a arid and harsh climate. No other fillies or colts of his kind around, he made more friends with the rough and rowdy Gryphons then other ponies. They taught him to fly as Gryphons do. Fast... Fierce... To push beyond his own shortcomings. It was during one flight that he earned his mark. Twirling and twisting through the wreckage of the old airships, weaving in and out the barren skeletons of the downed ships on a dare. The gryphon he was racing had knocked into a loose beam. As the airship crumble above him, Barnstormer zipped and zagged around the debris. Coming out the other end and looking at the ruined mess of airship, he felt a flush of adrenaline and heard the cheers of the other Gryphon's watching the race. With a little flare of light, the colts cutie mark appeared. From then on, Barnstormer declared he would one day be the best Stunt Flyer in Equestria. To prove this, he left Beakbreak and has been traveling all over the land, earning a few bits here and there with his feats of aerial acrobatics and daring do.
  7. Beacon looks out into the vast sea, a wistful smile appearing on his face. "Yes... it does make a pony pause and think about things." Finding a spot on the deck to sit, he perks up some. "Already, its a big difference from the airships. For starters, its a lot stiller then being on the water." Swaying a little, Beacon plops down ungraciously, his legs failing under him. "It'll certainly take some getting used to. However, its such an interesting adventure." Clearing his throat and reorienting himself, he looks towards Bow. "Well then, shall we be off? Or are there still other passengers to come aboard?"
  8. As much as I would love it to be Pegasus, it'd likely be Earth Pony. I'm more grounded in reality and more of the type to use brawn then brains or grace.
  9. Beacon cautiously trots across the gangplank and onto the deck. Taking a look around, his eyes glimmer with curiosity, soaking up everything he sees. "The Tub Toy II? That's a rather odd name... looks to be a lot bigger then a Tub..." When the subject of his sailing experience comes up, the Unicorn looks down and hoofs lightly at the deck. "Well... I've been on one of those Airships in Canterlot, but I've never been on the sea. Or any type of water vessel." Raising his head, Beacon has a small smile on his face. "Still, they made a wonderful sight; cutting into the water as I watched them from the base of the Baltimare Lighthouse."
  10. Beacon chuckles and shakes the hoof in return. "I should be okay, I think... then again, I'm not as familiar with the waters here. My names Beacon, a pleasure to make your acquaintance." At the mention of the boat, Beacon's face lights up in excitement. "Oh yes, I would love to see the boat! I'll admit, I've only seen them afar when I was a young colt. My Grandpa Mariner told me all about them."
  11. The quiet clip-clop of Hooves on the sand brought a bronzed Unicorn to the little cabin on the beach. Taking the flyer out, he looks first to the paper and then to the sign above the building. Noticing the earth pony, Beacon trots up to get his attention. "Um, good day. Would you happen to be the proprietor? I saw you toured around Manehatten and Hoofington, and I would love to see them." Pulling some bits from out of his pouch, he sets them on the table. "Um, that is if your available and have room that is."
  12. The list of the Facets of Knightmare Beacon // // OC // Unicorn // Stallion // Lookie here for the background stuffs Barnstormer // OC // Pegasus // Stallion // Bio here Threads - Not Active Yet -
  13. Been awhile since there's been any other comments, so I thought I'd mention that I made some edits to to the bio. Added some more information, changed some other info around to make a little more sense.
  14. Little stuck on thinking up some additional back story... was hoping someone would have a bit of criticism for me. Would the lighthouse theory work? Is Baltimare a sea-side town? Basically, was waiting to see if there were any more improvements I need so its accepted.
  15. Well, mine a pseudo-reference to Avenged Sevenfold's song 'Nightmare', but its also a little nod towards Nightmare Moon Night from Luna Eclipsed. That episode was what really pulled me over into the Fandom. So, OC made based on the Guards pulling Luna's chariot...
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