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  1. [colour=#000000]The world ends with you. If you want to enjoy life, expand your world. You gotta push your horizons out as far as they'll go.[/colour] [colour=#000000]You're dead. Sorry to deliver such bad news, but you'd find out eventually. What now you ask? Well first, we must take what you value most. Now that that's over with, you must play the Reaper Game. It's quite simple really. Over a course of seven days, you will wander the streets of Manehattan doing missions for the reapers. If you get the most points, you come back to life, and what we took is returned to you! If you win, but don't have the most points, you can choose to be erased, play again, or even become a reaper. If you lose, you are erased. Need me to be more specific? Most missions involve either going somewhere in Manehattan or fighting off Noise. Noise? Basically, little creatures that live between this dimension and another, travelling about causing discord and strife amongst the living, all while erasing players. The only way to fight the Noise is to find a partner, and use the pins. Learning how to use the pins is up to you, though. Any more questions? Good.[/colour] [colour=#000000]Ready? It doesn't matter. You have seven minutes to find a partner, or face erasure![/colour] So pretty much, this is TWEWY, but in Equestria. Manehattan is just my choice for now, I was also thinking of Las Pegasus, though I'll probably leave it. As the creator, I'll play the Game Master. I might play the composer and some angels, but I'm not sure if they'll ever even be involved. I suppose I'll allow canon characters, as long as the app is good enough. I'm assuming you're here that you know about TWEWY, but if you have any questions on this, go ahead and ask. I'll open up the RP when we get enough players. I'll also let you play reapers, because why not? We need some anyways, and I can't play them all. Anyways, APP TIME! Kind of just making them on the spot, might update them later. Also, reapers, when they're in the UG (the place the game takes place in) they take the appearance of alicorns, except with black wings and a black horn, no matter what your normal colour or species is. Player app: Name: (Do you remember your name? I'm sure you have one.) Gender: (Don't tell me we took away your gender.) Species: (Still a pony? What kind? Or perhaps you're a griffin? Some other annoying sentient species?) Appearance: (What do you look like? ... This is a rather boring question...) Age: (A simple question. So boringly simple...) Personality: (Be interesting, please. Tell us your hobbies, your interests, quirks, and of course, your flaws.) History: (What was your pony like before dying? They're reaction when they died? When they lost what they value? Remember, DON'T be boring!) What was lost: (What did we take away from you? Oh, I hope it was painful!) Pins: (What pins can you use? Remember, minimum of 1 and maximum of 6. The number of pins you use, and what they do, all depends on your imagination!) Reaper app: Name: (Reapers still have names, after all.) Gender: (Why this is important, I shall never know.) Appearance: (We know you have wings, but for some reason, I must know more.) Age: (How old were you when you died? How old would you appear if you aged?) Personality: (Not that I care, but the Composer demands that this be on your application.) Noise: (What types of noise can you summon? What can they do? PLEASE tell me they're interesting!) Noise form: (When fighting a player, can you transform? Into what?) History: (Why did you become a reaper? How did the game change you? What was your life like before joining us?) Anyways, hope you all enjoy it! Any suggestions or ideas are highly valued! Apps [colour=#000000]There's only one way to stay alive in Manehattan. Trust your partner.[/colour]
  2. Violet gave Knight a brohoof and accepted his apology. The guilt was taken off of him then, and it was also then that he noticed a second filly, who seemed very energetic and wanted to go. Knight tried to ignore it to think of what he wanted to do next. It went well at first. [colour=#b22222]It'll be funner to stay, but I'm kinda' tired. Tired. Tires. Liars. Buyers. Buy. Guy. Lie. Sty. My. Wait, what am I thinking? [/colour]After shaking the ADD out of his head, he looked at the two. Before he could answer, Slick came out of nowhere. [colour=#b22222]"Hey dude!" [/colour]They greeted each other, as Slick immediately went for the unknown filly. Knight looked over at Violet trying to ignore them. [colour=#b22222]"I think I'll head back to the cabins."[/colour]
  3. I'll be joining back in here! Sorry I kinda' left the last one, I just couldn't think of anything to post, or at least anything to post that wouldn't be an annoying repeat of something I already posted. Anyways, this idea sounds awesome!
  4. While Knight was thinking, for a change, and wallowing in some self pity, a sudden blare of music came on. It startled him at first, but he was eventually able to adapt to it and stomp his hoof to the beat. It was helping distract him from his guilty thoughts, as he started humming along, despite never having heard the song. Then, there was something else he heard; a scream. He perked his ears up and tried to focus, but he could hear nothing more. Still wanting to be a hero, he decided to investigate. And by investigate, that meant taking the small sword out of its sheathe, then charging for the woods yelling 'I'm the hero!'. After a little while of running, and bumping into several trees while he had his eyes closed, he eventually bumped into somepony. He was knocked back, though after rubbing his head for a moment, he opened his eyes and saw Violet with somepony else. Remembering his guilt, he immediately went bashful. [colour=#b22222]"Oh... Er... Hi..." [/colour]He began, as he picked everything up again. He looked at her, feeling that he had to say something, but had no idea what. [colour=#b22222]Wait, why am I thinking now of all times?! Heroes don't think, they act! [/colour]He cleared his voice as he spoke up. [colour=#b22222]"Er... Sorry about earlier... I didn't know you couldn't swim..." [/colour]He reached out a hoof to her, still ignoring the other filly with her. [colour=#b22222]"We cool?"[/colour]
  5. Six explained the plan. It sounded simple, bribing diamond dogs for distractions then escaping on boat. [colour=#b22222]If I can comprehend it, everypony else can. [/colour]Knight tightened his saddlebags as he raised his hoof in salute. [colour=#b22222]"I'm ready!" [/colour]He sang out enthusiastically.
  6. Harmony explained the meaning of the song. Showboat felt a little stupid for not realizing it, but simply laughed it off. Then, Time went up to the piano to play a song. It was pretty cool, another cryptic song about 'casting your old face' and lots of references to time and such. Showboat was confused, though still stomped his hooves in applause. [colour=#0000cd]"That was pretty cool!" [/colour]He complimented him.
  7. Knight followed along silently, mostly bored and waiting for something exciting to happen while the others talked. He had nothing to contribute, and could think of no interesting pick up lines for them. Eventually, it seemed everything was settling down and Six wanted to explain the plan. [colour=#b22222]"Er... I'm right here." [/colour]He reminded Six, tapping his shoulder.
  8. Slick suddenly came out of nowhere and tackling Knight into the water! He was cool with it though, laughing as soon as he surfaced, and wiping the water from his eyes. Then, however, things went a bit crazy. Violet got out of the water and was rather mad, yelling at Knight then trotting off. Knight stared at her for a moment and then looked at Slick. [colour=#b22222]"What a buzzkill." [/colour]He said to him, as he got out of the water. He felt slightly guilty, though tried to make it not bother him. He put his hindlegs in the water, and sat in a philosophical pose as he tried to think of something to lighten the mood. [colour=#b22222]"I might go back to the cabins..." [/colour]He said to Slick, shaking the water out of his mane.
  9. Lightning Dust suggested staying the night, which Marble nodded to. She helped him out and to the staff barracks, where everypony was talking with each other, making a rather loud room. He lay down on the bed, and he felt like a child as Lightning helped him down. Then, out of nowhere, a very large white pegasus came out of nowhere and apologized to them. Having no context, Marble just looked at him with some slightly confusion. Him and Flash had a quick conversation, before the pegasus, named Roid Rage, finally left. [colour=#ff0000]"So Lightning... How will we tell our fans about... You know..." [/colour]He shifted around awkwardly, not wanting to say 'engagement'. [colour=#ff0000]"They already like us together, so they'll probably get really excited."[/colour]
  10. (Sorry guys! I was doing a camping thing, and the place had no internet. Also, I have no mobile device, so even if they did have it, I couldn't post anyways XD) Violet was walking with Knight, which was slightly confusing to him. She was even talking to him. [colour=#b22222]Why would she want to be near me? Doesn't she hate me for hating fillies? [/colour]He continued as if he wasn't confused though. [colour=#b22222]"Yeah, this place is pretty sweet." [/colour]He told her, as some odd glowing bugs began coming out of the bushes, making Knight grin. [colour=#b22222]"Bugs are so awesome!" [/colour]He noted. Eventually, they arrived at a really awesome pool! It was calm, and had the reflection of the moon on it. Everypony seemed pretty dazed by it. Either that, or they were dazed by the alcohol somepony brought, but Knight had no interest in that. He turned to Violet. [colour=#b22222]"Wanna' swim?" [/colour]And without warning, he pushed her into the pool and began laughing like a child.
  11. (Sorry I was gone! I had a camping thing!) Spitfire began making an announcement to everypony. He felt slightly better when she told them that it wasn't their fault, though still felt slightly responsible. He cheered silently along with the cadets when it was announced that they were Wonderbolts for fighting back. He felt happy for them, even if they were complete strangers. Everypony seemed to be leaving, and Marble started hovering in place, looking at Lightning Dust. [colour=#ff0000]"So umm... Are we still staying the night or... Should we go home?"[/colour]
  12. In the middle of Marble's embarrassed deep breathes, Dawn appeared out of nowhere. Marble almost didn't recognize her at first. [colour=#ff0000]"I don't think either of us has enough time to get the whole story." [/colour]He joked to her. He looked around the medical ward until he thought he saw Lyria. [colour=#ff0000]"Looks like she's over there." [/colour]He pointed her out to her, and lay back down again.
  13. Knight turned and looked at Shade. She reminded him of something he felt stupid for forgetting. [colour=#b22222]"My sword! How could I forget it?!" [/colour]He facehoofed, and charged back to the colts cabin, nearly opening the door and ruining their chance at getting bits in the morning. He saw the window closest to his bed, and began jumping to attempt to get up. Eventually, his hoof was hooked on the end, and he heaved himself up. He didn't drop in, as he saw his sword lying on the bed, and simply levitated it over to him. He strapped it on his back, and fell, landing on his rump, and brushing the dirt off. He returned to the group. [colour=#b22222]"The heroic Knight has returned!" [/colour]He announced with a salute to everypony. [colour=#b22222]"So ,we're going to the forest? Awesome!"[/colour]
  14. Marble smiled when Lightning Dust forgave him, and he wiped away his tears with his non-broken hoof. The doctor came by, and did his examination. After a number of bandages, and a brace on his left hoof, the doc was done, and gave him a warning of putting too much weight on his hoof. [colour=#ff0000]"I'll be careful." [/colour]He told him, as he lay up and looked at Lightning. [colour=#ff0000]"Well... This has been an odd day." [/colour]He joked, with a small laugh. [colour=#ff0000]"I'm just glad your eyes are back... Your lovely eyes... DID I SAY THAT OUT LOUD?!" [/colour]His face turned redder in embarrassment.
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