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  1. Wild Riot's ears perked at the sudden announcement. "P-princess Luna... was here?" he whispered under his breath, a bright flush shining through his white coat. His head darted around as he pranced about nervously as if by merely wishing it so, he might see her, even only a parting glance of her flank or the flutter of a wing feather. What kind of farm was this that Princess Luna would come for a tour...? Looking at the faces of the other ponies in line, he smiled somewhat awkwardly and forced a semblence of composure, though an idiotic grin remained plastered to his face for several minutes more as he turned back to his place in line.
  2. Wild Riot stared at the parchment... or rather the stack of parchments arranged out before him. His mother's idea. She'd doubtless gone around to all the neighbors and all her compatriots and gathered as many of these forms as she could to send to him. A subtle hint that her only colt should settle down now that he's a stallion. Still, at least she sent the forms to him instead of filling them out herself... at least he HOPED she hadn't filled some out herself. He blushed beneath his white coat, caught somewhere between legitimate embarassment and the secret thrill at the mystery of such an arrangement. Maybe he'd get lucky and be paired with some mare damsel in need of a champion to rescue her from a dragon or break some ancient curse that threatens to destroy all of Equestria. Several long scenarios played out in his head, a wide grin plastered on his face as he imagined a never-ending array of heroic deeds arising out of this one chance moment. Setting quill to parchment, he began... [colour=#000000]Hi there! [/colour][colour=#000000]Thank you for choosing One Plus Another, Equestria's choicest blind-date and matchmaking service! Just a few minutes of your time, and you'll be on your way to finding that special match chosen just for you! Please answer the following truthfully, and to as much detail as you think is necessary![/colour] [colour=#000000]Name : [/colour][colour=#0000FF]Wild Riot[/colour] [colour=#000000]Gender : [/colour][colour=#0000FF]Male[/colour] [colour=#000000]Gender preference (Optional) : [/colour][colour=#0000FF]Female[/colour] [colour=#000000]Location : [/colour][colour=#0000FF]My family is from Canterlot but I go where I'm needed most[/colour] [colour=#000000]Age : [/colour][colour=#0000FF]Young S[/colour][colour=#0000FF]tallion[/colour] [colour=#000000]Species : [/colour][colour=#0000FF]Unicorn[/colour] [colour=#000000]Species preference (Optional) : [/colour][colour=#0000FF]n/a[/colour] [colour=#000000]Cutie-Mark (Optional) : [/colour][colour=#0000FF]A rising star[/colour] [colour=#000000]How would you describe yourself, physically?[/colour] [colour=#0000FF]I am a white unicorn with long, ice blue mane and tail. I do my best to keep physically fit because you[/colour] [colour=#0000FF]never know when you might be called to fight evil. It doesn't hurt that I'm a little taller than most[/colour] [colour=#0000FF]stallions I know.[/colour] [colour=#000000]How would you describe your personality?[/colour] [colour=#0000FF]I like to do everything I can to help everypony. I hope to be a great hero of Equestria some day, but [/colour] [colour=#0000FF]t[/colour][colour=#0000FF]he world [/colour][colour=#0000FF]would be a terrible place if we faced nothing but disasters so I try to lend a hoof anywhere [/colour] [colour=#0000FF]I can. But that [/colour][colour=#0000FF]doesn't stop me from keepng a wary eye out for danger. I think danger should be [/colour] [colour=#0000FF]confronted head on and [/colour][colour=#0000FF]fortunately, my head is a lot harder than most.[/colour] [colour=#000000]What things in life are important to you?[/colour] [colour=#0000FF]Being a hero of Equestria. Making the lives of the citizens of Equestria better even if only in little[/colour] [colour=#0000FF]ways.[/colour] [colour=#000000]What's your idea of the ideal first date?[/colour][colour=#000000] [/colour] [colour=#0000FF]I'm not sure, really. I suppose it wouldn't proper for me to take the princess along while I fight[/colour] [colour=#0000FF]the dragon... what if she's already been captured and I have to go save her? I suppose that might[/colour] [colour=#0000FF]work. We could have dinner after. Defeating evil works up a hunger.[/colour] [colour=#000000]What are you looking for?[/colour] [colour=#0000FF]I hope I can find my ideal princess who needs a good champion to protect her and Equestria. Some [/colour] [colour=#0000FF]optional things she might have are a) the address of an evil dragon intent on destroying the world; b)[/colour] [colour=#0000FF]an evil curse that needs to be broken; c) wicked step-cousins constantly plotting mischief against her; [/colour] [colour=#0000FF]d) rivalry with an ancient clan of carnivorous griffons; or any combination or variation of the above.[/colour] [colour=#000000]Anything else you think we should know?[/colour] [colour=#0000FF]If my mother submitted any of these applications in my name, please ignore them.[/colour] [colour=#000000]You're done! Just mail this to Matchie at One Plus Another, 413 Saltyhoof lane, Fillydelphia, EQ, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! Have a wonderful day![/colour] ​
  3. Wild Riot rubbed the back of his neck with a hoof, wondering what the hold up was. At this rate, he might never get back in time to go on nightly patrol. He gazed around the area wondering what sort of trouble might rear its head this far from town. He scuffed the ground idly as he craned his head around the line from one side to the next, rearing up slightly on his hind legs to look over the crowd for some sign of trouble before dropping back down. He gave an exasperated huff, blowing the forelock of his mane out of his eyes, his stomach giving a faint grumble of protest.
  4. WildRiot

    MLP Creations

    I don't often draw MLP characters but when I do, I love feedback...
  5. A white unicorn with ice blue mane approached the end of the line, a copy of Apple Bloom's advertisement hovering in front of his face, suspended by the faint blue light of his magic. He'd managed to save up a few bits doing odd jobs around town and while he could just as easily gone out and picked up some fresh apples afield, this would allow him to spend more time on patrol without listening to a grumbling stomach. The paper folded up neatly and slipped into his satchel as he approached the line, his eyes moving towards the many bushels of apples still waiting for purchase. His mouth watered. He hadn't really eaten since... well, he wasn't sure when. If his mother wasn't reminding him, he didn't really think about those things. But here he was, bits ready to go and he was buying food. His mother would be proud. He smiled reassuringly to himself.
  6. Thanks, Armony. I've updated the profile and tried to incorporate your suggestions. Let me know what you think.
  7. I'll probably return to the game in a couple weeks. As I recall, when I first showed up on Virtue, I saw people asking about The Teen Phalanx. Ironically, the Wild Riot on Virtue is a teenager (and boy does he have a heck of a backstory because it originates all the way back on Guardian)... he finally got taken in by a kind supergroup when he helped them run some of the signature story arcs. And here I've gone and spent too much time focussing on that person behind the curtain again... *scoots pony Wild Riot forward* There we go...
  8. I'm new but I'll give a shot to help out a fellow unicorn... The loss of his horn need not be from something as brutal as combat, etc. Perhaps he was using his magic with such exertion that the horn cracked and ultimately snapped off? This might give the loss of his horn a more heroic flare.. or in fact, if he was misusing his magic, a sense of well deserved karma. Alternatively, perhaps his horn got caught by something that ultimately could not be moved and he had to have the horn... mmm... amputated, so to speak. This brings up other possibilities -- what about a prosthetic horn? Like one made of gold or wood. Sure, it doesn't perform magic, but might help him feel more himself. It could also tell us more of his character if he did or didn't accept such a thing.
  9. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria RP Name: Wild Riot Sex: Male Age: Young Stallion Species: Unicorn Coat Color: White, although he usually covers himself in his Destiny Armor (see below) when "on patrol" Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Light blue and ice blue/white at the tips; somewhat long and shaggy Eye Color: Gold Cutie Mark: White star trailing two dark blue and two light blue streamers giving it the appearance of a championship ribbon Physique: Well-built and tall for his age Origin: Canterlot Occupation: Performs odd jobs as needed ranging from foalsitting to fence painting to picking apples; he also frequently goes on patrol looking for dangers to be overcome and wrongs to be righted Motivation: Wild Riot seeks to be a legendary hero of Equestria and has dedicated his magic and skills to that end. His cutie mark, reminiscent of a championship ribbon, drives him to be a champion himself. While one would think this mindset might make him an ideal candidate to join the royal guard, he unfortunately doesn't always listen to orders or, sadly, common sense. It is this very inclination to charge into the face of danger that earned him his name as a young foal. Likes: Helping others in need, especially if it is a heroic endeavor full of danger; he happens to be highly infatuated with Princess Luna although he has never had the chance to meet her in person; and he likes apple pie Dislikes: Being bored Character Summary: Wild Riot has always been rather rambuncious. His parents are both esteemed professors of the magic arts, intellectuals sought out for their wisdom and skill. Their first born foal, however, seemed the very antithesis, however, letting his overactive imagination run rampant, often seeking grand adventures and turning otherwise mundane locations into grand dungeons, towers or arenas -- and leaving them in chaos in his wake. His parents would often find him, hooves waving out the top of a barrel into which he'd somehow gotten himself stuck, or half sunk in an oversize pool of mud, or tangled into any number of ribbons, string or vines. There seemed no end to the mischief he seemed capable of embroiling himself in. Not long after he reached colthood, his parents took him on a trip to Everfree Forest. Given his track record or wreckless wandering and his pechant for getting into danger even under his parents' watchful eye, they had taken extra precautions to weigh him down with armors and enchantments to keep him from harm. Of course, no sooner had they relaxed their focus, he was off again, seeking another adventure. As he journeyed through the underbrush of the forest, he heard the cries of an elderly mare who had stumbled over some tangled roots and twisted her hoof. Wild Riot emerged into the clearing in time to find that the source of the mare's distress was not only her injured hoof but the pack of timberwolves that had managed to track her down in her moment of weakness. Without a moment's hesitation, Wild Riot charged the timberwolves. As protected as he was thanks to his parents' forethought, he managed to assail the timberwolves like a four legged boulder while their best efforts to strike back were thwarted by enchantment. It took only a few minutes of frenetic combat to draw the attention of other nearby ponies as well as Wild Riot's own parents. The timberwolves retreated, realizing that their easy prey was more work than they thought. The elderly mare declared the dizzy and battered Wild Riot to be her little champion, eliciting cheers from the ponies and exasperated but contented sighs from his parents as the colt's cutie mark manifested before their eyes. As he grew from colt to stallion, Wild Riot gained a modicum of focus, no longer seeking out random adventures but instead setting out to become a legendary hero for all Equestria, Adapting the protective spells his parents had often used on him as a foal, he learned to shape his magic towards the furtherance of his heroic ambitions. He has given names to his three most common spells: Destiny Armor which covers him in a shroud of magic armor the color of the night time sky, Destiny Sword which generates a sword of solid, floating starlight, and Destiny Gate which creates a portal intended to take him where he most needs to be -- although often times where he needs to be is exactly where he is, leading many ponies to believe that this spell fails more times than it succeeds.
  10. Actually, my original home was Guardian. Then when the game went F2P, I moved all my characters to Exalted. I tried to elicit some role play there but failed miserably, so I started moving my characters to Virtue since that seems the only server where role play lives. Wild Riot is actually one of the few characters I moved over to Virtue. I'm just taking a break from CoH for a little while becuase I burned out on the game.
  11. Well, my website is steelphoenix.com ... just about any artwork you see there is mine. The full image of Wild Riot is up on my FurAffinity gallery (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8122526/) Is that like all my art are belong to Rosewind? I will go watch some episodes in a few minutes, promise! Again, thank you everypony for the warm welcomes!
  12. Aw bummer... I have a thing for half-breeds. But I could probably run him as a pure unicorn too. I just thought changeling added a cool little twist to him. Thanks again, everyone, for the welcomes.
  13. Kryptchild- Thank you. Every time I go to look for an episode to watch, ironically I keep coming across the same one with the marzapan marscapone merangue cake. I should probably prod my OnDemand to see if there are any episodes there I can watch. Winter- Thanks! I'll do my best to keep a towel nearby... just in case. MyLittlePonyTales- Thank you, too. I actually made my avatar. That's Wild Riot. He's actually an adaption of a City of Heroes character of mine that I thought would be fun to drop into the Ponyverse. He's actually supposed to be half unicorn and half changeling... if such a thing can exist.
  14. About Myself: About myself? You mean the real life me that I pretend not to be when I'm on the internet?? Well, if you're REALLY interested in that ol' nonsense, then I'll tell you -- I'm an artist and writer who is woefully out of practice with both these days due to work and I'm jonesing for some role play to get the creative juices flowing again. How I found Canterlot.com: Ye Olde Google How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: Honestly, I rarely watch the show mostly because I never know when it's on, but my friends are fans of the show and the moment of heard (herd? ... HA! ) of a brony, well, I thought that was just plain awesome and wanted to be one. My favourite main cast pony/s: Rainbow Dash Yo everypony. I've decided to trot out my new stallion and introduce him to the MLP role play world so I hope everyone will roll out a warm welcome for him (and for me too, but try not to pay attention to the man behind the curtain... he's not important).
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