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  1. Personally I'd say that you should go for a warmer shade of yellow, since this one is a bit cold. The pink makes everything seem a bit too... girly, kind of.
  2. Are the other sides blank? Because you could paint their cutiemarks on the blank sides!
  3. Flaret

    Pony-fied Me

    Yup, she is! She's a gamer herself. And thanks. x3
  4. Flaret

    Pony-fied Me

    My character Flaret and your ponysona would get along just fine! xD
  5. I take tiny requests, yes!
  6. Thanks both ^^ I really appreciate the comments!
  7. I found a picture of your character Carousel and took some time to compare the colour schemes and other traits. http://puu.sh/XIRb First of all, their scheme is different, the only thing they have in common are the green stripes (which aren't in the same style at all), the purple bodytone and the fact that they are a unicorn. I understand that the stripes might make them seem similar, but I want you to understand that things like these happen and that, if you would compare them, they are very different. If you really want me to change her design, I will, but I want you to know that I haven't seen your pony before and that this character was not created with your Carousel in mind.
  8. Oh I'm sorry, I've never seen your character before >.< I designed her with some help of the live chat here! And thank you, PookiePie ^^
  9. Ah, I did remember partially. Thanks!
  10. Flaret

    OC's and the like

    Pictures of OC's, be it my own or pictures I made for others!
  11. Oh wow, I love the style and the colours!
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