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  1. QUICK UPDATE Hi everyone Just a quick update on progress for those wondering on how these are coming along. I'll admit I've been a teensy tiny bit behind on these drawings. Along with a teensy tiny minor issue of me biting off more than I can chew, I've just been a bit busy. My part-time job has been transitioning me to full time, and I'm happy for it, however, the change in my schedule has thrown my life out of order. Personal stuff aside, I WILL finish all of these, and hopefully soon. My process just takes a bit of time. I try to go for dynamic and personalized poses so the characters don't look so still and lifeless. This along with a bit of character review so I can place them in a personal setting takes a wee bit of thought-work. Plus, while I did recently find a style in which I'm comfortable drawing, I still have a lot to learn and improve on, which leads to many re-edits and changes, even in the sketching progress. All the re-editing can take hours because I'm very self conscious and want these to be perfect for me, and of course, for you lovely people. Anyways, enough excuses. I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't dropped these or anything and keep you all updated. I'll try and post some of the character sketches and progress things in the first post soon. Also I swear Metroid hasn't consumed my life. Maybe. Also also Pokken DX hype and potential montage making for that whoops
  2. That comparison scene had me rolling for a solid 3 minutes That scene is probably the biggest offender of questionable acting and weird choices. There are a few others, but that one takes the cake. However, you do have to remember that anime Light and movie Light are not the same. Anime Light is this super level-headed genius kid and movie Light is, well.. Not.. That... At all. Also, movie L wasn't bad except for the action scenes and ending. Ryuk was the best character in the movie, tbh. Though he's different from the anime because he plays an active antagonistic role as opposed to being merely a bystander with bystander effects. Sorry, no refunds or exchanges
  3. If you watch the original you probably won't enjoy the movie as much. At the same time, you might not understand the movie as well as you could have. Very important things are noted but are glossed over, leading to a very confusing experience. The anime and the movie follow a different story with different characters and different portrayals of characters we already know, which feels off. Not necessarily a bad choice, but imagine biting into what appears to be a chocolate cake, but it taste like strawberry. Not bad, but just... weird. I watched both. Loved the anime. The movie was watchable and fairly enjoyable, but moments of questionable acting and plot reasons ruined a few portions of it. The soundtrack was great and there were excellent camera shots that brought a certain life to the film. But again, certain acting moments and plot reasons take away from the grand experience. In comparison, the anime is great but also falls into it's own little holes. It is relatively short, sitting at 37(?) episodes, but it could've been shorter (imo). Still a good watch though. Worth it. ... ... Yeah. Man I should really work on the drawings I promised to make for people instead of writing reviews for Death Note... I'm not good at time management
  4. Me: "I'm gonna be an active part of Canterlot again!"
    Work: "Good luck with that"

    1. Dubstep


      Clearly the solution is to punch Work in the jimmies and acquire ponies *nodnod*

    2. aFlatmajor


      Punch has been delivered.
      I am now unemployed, however, ponies have been acquired en masse.
      What do. 

    3. Dubstep


      Create all pony dance troupe, rake in bits for days!

  5. ...? Why yes, I am quite amazing! Aren't I? Also, Rose, I've had that gum before. It does taste like cough syrup. BUT, I chew for that taste. I live for it
  6. I'd love to draw Inky For a reference you could either send me an image directly or post here in the thread. A written description would work as well, but it would be a bit harder for me to perfectly capture your character.
  7. Yes I am! Is there a character you would like me to draw?
  8. You're welcome in advance I don't mind one bit, I'd be happy to give it a go
  9. I am 100% up for it! Though honestly, haven't actually drawn a griffon before, so this one might actually take me a while. I'll keep you posted! GASP You're right! I should've been making a profit from this! I'd be more than glad to draw up Echo... for a small fee (No but really, yeah, you've been added to the list!)
  10. You can request now, if you like. All of these will likely roll out in a week or so anyways. The hardest part (for me) is posing and getting the body aligned with itself correct haha But yes, of course! I'll add Praline to my list
  11. Silence! Royalty is speaking I return from my four year hiatus. SilverWisp reborn as aFlatmajor, and I am here to reclaim this thread!
  12. One cutie patootie OC, coming right up Since you already have a fleshed out character I probably won't send concept sketches, though the final product may have a couple creative liberties. Does that sound alright? I do indeed dare. I dare daringly. Since this is a completed character, I feel like a concept sketch won't be necessary and I'll only message you the finished product with minor creative liberties. Is that alright? Yeah, no problem! I'll send you a concept sketch before a finished project is completed to make sure the character design keeps to your image. Not too much at all, I'll gladly pick this one up. I'll send you concept sketches along the way to make sure the character stays in the scope of your vision EDIT: Why do certain emotes pop of as these yellow faced smileys what is this where's my Twilight smile face
  13. Hi friends!

    Your buddy aFlat is taking drawing requests over here! Let me know if there's any thing I can draw for you, I'd be happy to give it a shot. :) 

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