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  1. Question, due to what my new profile picture is based off of, is it appropriate enough to be used here? Just asking, due to I was called out about it before for it being offensive.

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    2. MessageinaBottle


      Well, I certainly do agree with Zealot, but I was more intending on the "Nazi" part of Grammar Nazi. Like I said, I have had a few people become offended just from the word, and I was just asking if it was appropriate to use. But anyways, I'll probably change it, due to the good points Zealot brought up.

    3. Zealot


      I can understand that, certainly. I can also understand people being irritated by grammar nazi in general however. Please understand I've got nothing against you, I'm just trying to help. I'd hate for good people to be alienated because of a bad first impression.

    4. MessageinaBottle
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