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Cold War ponyfied (Need input).


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So. I'm a history buff with the Cold War being probably my favourite era of history to study. The secret wars of the CIA and KGB in particular are awesome to look at. So, in honour of that, I'm writing a ponified version of the Cold War for a fic, but I need some help.

Currently, it has it as ponies VS griffons, but I'm debating going ponies VS ponies. If I do that though, I'm not quite sure how I can do that aside from possibly going the classic Luna VS Celestia route.


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I suppose it would depend on where you'd go with Poni vs Pone. A certain portion of the country is loyal to Luna, who was at the time banished for hundreds of years, and another loyal to Celestia?

Personally I think Ponies vs Griffons would work better. Two distinct countries who probably share an uneasy peace (seeing as griffons could/would eat ponies), and both clearly being developed and intelligent. Would make sense for each to have spies running/flying about, keeping tabs on the other and all that good stuff. Admittedly, I don't know much about the Cold War or the CIA vs KGB thing xD

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After Celestia and Luna are removed from power, world goes into war for power, seperated into warring countries (WWI).

Etc. etc.

Cold War, boom.

I'm looking to start a WWII RP... But I don't have enough faith in my ability to host an RP...

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There's one big problem for you if you want to reenact the Cold War using ponies vs. griffons; namely, griffons can't operate undercover without arousing suspicion (and vice versa). That'll put a damper on spy stuff.

However....... I believe the changelings would be a perfect Cold War-style superpower rival for ponies to face. The very fact that those bugs can disguise themselves as anypony could give you plenty of opportunities to invoke the same feelings as the "Red Menace" did. As for pony morphing into changelings for espionage purposes...... that could probably work with enough magic or ect.

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