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My First Pony Song- Pinkamena Diane Pie


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I must say, I am hugely intimidated by the talent that is displayed in the MLP fandom. It's scary! Not only that, but some of them simply have a higher production value than I am able to attain. But that's alright.

This is my first attempt at my first pony song. I would like to create a better version of it, eventually, with a better mic.

It's frightening putting my work/voice out there. But I know how kind and encouraging this fandom is! Here goes!

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I can relate to you, im also a musician who just threw my stuff out there. I actually just posted a post above yours. but nonetheless, your voice makes me jelly bro, i love the lyrics, the overall feel of the song is just downright perfect for how i see PP(ha), and the fact you recorded this with a ukulele as your backup also makes me jelly. i would kill for a ukulele. Personally im kind of a hipster, so i like the homebrewed quality of it. All in all i could see myself listening to this while riding my bike to the grocery store or something with a big-ass grin, because it's so relaxed and happy. So, well done. Now make songs for all the other mane six, and they'll all be on my ipod.

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Thanks very much, Indie! I appreciate your kind words. As I'm sure you know, its good to gear that other people enjoy what you're doing. I have actually thought about doing these sort of "I want" songs for all of the filly mane six! If I get inspired, it very well may happen. I'm glad you like the "home-brewed" quality. Still, I'd like for things to sound better and better!


I'm actually working on another filly-inspired song right now!

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