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Guide to Roleplaying Etiquette


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Roleplaying Etiquette Guide

As with any game, proper etiquette is vital to the success of roleplaying, and should be observed by all players at all times. The following guidelines are what we expect out of players in terms of courtesy and respect within our roleplay areas.

Whether you are joining an existing thread or starting your very own roleplay experience, you should pay attention to the tags at the end of each thread's title. They will usually provide additional information about joining in, or point new players to where they can ask to take part. Listed below are the most common tags you will see, and what they mean to you as an aspiring player.

  • Closed - The thread is no longer taking new players. These threads should never be joined without permission from the original poster. It never hurts to ask. If you get a no, don't take offense. Sometimes, the creator is just looking for certain types of characters or players to play with!
  • Open - These threads are generally open for anyone to join. However, if the thread has been inactive for a long time, or has more than a single page of posts, you may want to PM the original poster just to make sure it is still okay to join. They may have forgotten to change the tag!

Roleplaying with cast
When you are roleplaying cast characters, it is very important to keep in mind that they may not be playing the character exactly as you envisioned them. Especially in World of Equestria, headcanon for characters has no bearing on how they will actually behave when interacting with others. Please do not harass our cast players with demands to make their characters act a certain way. If you would like for their cast character to be portrayed differently, we recommend finding someone to play that character with you in our Free-For-All Roleplay section instead.

Requesting roleplays
If you would like to play with a specific character, you are more than welcome to PM them asking for a roleplay thread. Keep in mind that they may have to turn you down for any of several reasons, but you'll never know if you don't ask! Just be respectful and courteous, and even if they can't RP with you now, maybe they'll remember you in the future when they are looking for new threads!

Interact with others
When you post in a roleplay thread, make sure that you are responding to the things that have happened since your last post, especially if a new player has joined. You wouldn't want to be ignored when you joined a thread, so don't do it to others. Try to draw them into what's going on! You should also leave your post open for response and continuation so that the next player has something to work with. Last, but most certainly not least, please do not control another player's character, whether that be saying what they think, what they're saying, or what they're doing.

Placeholder posts
Sometimes, when a user is working on their post, they will post a placeholder while they are working, and edit their actual post into that spot later. Please allow them to finish and edit their post before continuing with the RP, even if this causes some delay.

Conflicts with other players
While we hope that this doesn't happen, sometimes our players have disagreements with each other on various aspects of their roleplays. Don't be afraid to start an OOC thread or PM the other players in your thread if there is a problem that needs resolved. Always remember that you can report offending content to our moderators to take action if a problem becomes serious enough.

Quality writing
To help ensure you are bringing your best to your roleplays, make sure you have read our guide on writing quality roleplaying posts and keep it in mind as you write. Quality goes a long way toward having fun, not to mention showing your respect for the people you are playing with!

Follow applicable rules
As always, please follow all of the site wide rules at all times, whether you are in character or out of character. In addition, there are certain rules specifically for roleplaying, depending on what section you are in.

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