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Shining Armor


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Role play Type: World of Equestria

Name: Shining Armor

Sex: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Unicorn

Eye color: Cyan

Coat: White

Mane/Tail: Medium length with small splits, striped cyan, cerulean, and dark cerulean.

Physique: Buff, built for strength, blue hooves under fetlocks

Residence: Crystal Empire

Occupation: Prince of the Crystal Empire, former Canterlot Captain of the Royal Guard

Cutie Mark: Purple Shield with a purple star on it, and three light blue stars above it

Shining Armor received his cutie mark when dealing with bullies that where giving Twilight Sparkle grief over her book worm personality. A short look of displeasure towards Twilight's trolls was enough to caused them to scurry away and drop the book they were keeping Twilight from. After a warm smile from his baby sister, Shining Armor felt the immediate satisfaction of protecting somepony he cared for, and felt the magic of accomplishing something that pertained to his destiny. To his own excitement, Shining's cutie mark which represented his desire to protect others appeared. The next day, he applied as a junior scout of the Canterlot student guard.


You cannot explore the recent history of Equestria, the important ponies that walked on it, and list the important dates of major events, without mentioning the valor, accomplishments, and companionship of Shining Armor. His tenacity in keeping to his word and honor to protect his realm has been a part of him ever since he aspired to join the guard and today remains his goal as he helps oversee the protection of one of Equestria's most ancient lands to the north, the Crystal Empire. Altogether, Shining's strength and peace of mind as well as his determination to succeed in preserving the civil livelihood of all the ponies around him, whether they be a typical pony citizen or a blood relation, has not only become his dream realized and carried out but has been to the enjoyment of all peacefully living creatures in this land that appreciate his sacrifice.

It all started when he was born to two influential ponies in Canterlot academia. Being immediately a part of the direct inspiration to excel in the books granted Shining Armor the resources and personality to gain the proper work ethic that would layout the foundation of his entire career, be it military or political. Eventually, Shining would gain a baby sister, who would eventually out smart him in what Shining would declare embarrassing at times, but that was another story. Regardless, Shining Armor's academic tale quickened early on.

In his days at Canterlot Academy, Shining was a very good student who always succeeded in his classes. His friends were also very intelligent, but due to the social stakes of the student environment, were also ridiculed as the lesser important students because of their drive for critical thinking, but also because of their somewhat stereotypical nerdy subculture. Shining's good friends Gaffer, 8-bit, and Poindexter spent most of their time playing tabletop games and reading stories and comics that nursed their desire for deep lore and role playing. (This is of course, after their homework was all done.)

During his final year at Canterlot Academy, Shining met Cadance. He immediately admired her so much that he began to understand his destiny to be with her in the future. To his friends, it was an unrealistic conclusion, but despite their disbelief they decided to help their true friend in achieving his goal. During events that both Shining and Cadance will remember for the rest of their lives, their love was realized for each other and they escaped the treacherous environment of school pressures and discovered a destiny that would radically change their life forever.

However, this radical change would not come until they gained profession in their fields. After Shining joined the Canterlot guard, he rose in the ranks as his character and determination allowed him to succeed in delegating the proper actions to ponies under him to increase the protection efforts of his city. Little did he know, however, that these efforts would be practice for a changeling invasion that threatened not only Canterlot, but the entire nation. When Cadance was taken by Chrysalis, Shining was tricked into loving the changeling to power her hive and almost became the destruction of Canterlot and Equestria as they knew it. But Cadance's outstanding love for Shining Armor would prove immensely overpowered as their bond shattered Chrysalis' changeling army and banished them to the outlands. Despite Shining's regret and mistaking Cadance's identity for a fraud, Cadance's love removed any misfortune they had, and their bond continued to grow regardless. Cadance's love proved to be the most unconditional love Shining Armor has ever experienced. It was then on the eve of their marriage, that Shining realized that his relationship with Cadance would never be broken.

After they got married, Shining and Cadance were relocated to the Crystal Empire to help protect a kingdom that vanished a thousand years ago. Through the aide of Twilight Sparkle and her five friends, Shining Armor and Cadance were able to defeat King Sombra from overtaking the Empire with his selfish desire to enslaved the crystal ponies to quench his thirst for power. Even though the Crystal Empire's protection is now powered by the crystal heart, a precious stone that shines light and love through the strength of it's citizens, Shining still helps his princess wife oversee the status of the kingdom and its ponies. He remains a role model for ponies he influences and is a part of society by being a Equestria Games coach and motivator.

Character Summary:

Above anything else in detailing Shining Armor's character, his life and his personality is surrounded by the important trait of selflessness. Shining always considers the betterment of others around him before he concerns himself of his own satisfaction, relaxation, and comfort. Shining has sworn both by oath and privacy to his peers that he would always lookout for them and will help them in their time of need. His sacrifice he makes daily outlines the reason why ponies respect him and his position, and constitutes a natural appreciation for all ponies and otherwise who decide to take on this selflessness as a trait in their own life. Shining Armor is not only a leader, but a brilliant role model, and will be inspiring ponies long after his time as princehood of the Crystal Empire expires.

One could try and convince him that he should take care of himself before he takes care of others. How could a pony who is need provide a resource to another who lacks the same? However, Shining is constantly able to control his needs and is self-sufficient most of the time. This often causes him to be stubborn, not giving attention to his own issues and lacks foresight. Despite his relentless drive to help others, he can fall to his own demise if he neglects his own interests for too long. Fortunately, these interests are easily satisfied and Shining's needs is overshadowed by his easy-to-please attitude.

Another issue Shining may have, though he would deny it, is the lack of perspective he has in social situations. Whether it's because of his place in a royal family, or the fact that he is ruling a foreign empire, or simply that because he is a stallion, his responses, his humor, and his comments sometimes miss the mark when speaking with others, typically in small talk situations. Shining Armor isn't necessarily as funny as he thinks he is, and is often trumped by the opinion of Cadance on matters of topical humor and plays on words. Still, Shining never loses inspiration to exaggerate a story or crank out a bad joke every now and then.

Shining Armor's relationship with his little sister Twilight Sparkle, though is geographically distant, couldn't be a better example of how siblings should treat each other. While they lived with each other when they were young and living with mom and dad, they both shared their life and dreams of the future, helped each other in tough educational situations, and supported one another in love and harmony. It wasn't until Shining saw Twilight move away from Canterlot that he realized how close he had gotten with his sister.

During the events of the changeling's Canterlot invasion, Shining was unable to carry on close conversations with Twilight because of all the distractions of the threat on Canterlot and the wedding. Upon the conclusion of the event, Shining Armor saw his sister had recognized the issue before anypony else did. That was just like her, too. Shining was happy to make her his best mare, and shared his marriage with Cadance with the rest of the family and friends in what is being called, thanks to Pinkie Pie, one of the best wedding reception parties ever.

Shining Armor puts others before himself. But there is no one he puts higher than his wife, Princess Cadance. His love, his muse. It's easy to assume that any lucky stallion to fall in love with a princess is nothing more than a trophy husband. But Shining is genuine towards Cadance, and treats her with the most respect because that's what she means to him--but because she's a princess, too! Shining Armor's desire to protect others will go on without hindrance, and he will see to it that the ponies he is around are taken care of all the days of his life. His noble perspective on life in Equestria is an example to everypony, and will serve as a model for what a truly selfless pony who desires to protect the ones they love forever. Many ponies should reflect on what Equestria would be like without the kind of values a stallion like Shining Armor holds high.


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