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Coconut Lime [FINAL]


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Roleplay Type: Mane RP

Name: Coconut Lime

Sex: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Earth Pony

Eye Color: Hazel

Coat Color: Light Indigo or Periwinkle

Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Dark purple for both mane and tail. Mane is in dreadlocks. Wears a Jamaican style hat. Tail is wrapped in green ribbon to the tip, leaving a small split of hair.

Physique: Muscular-looking but not nearly as strong.

Cutie Mark: Two coconut halves with a lime slice

Origin/Residence: Corralwood Corral, Gallopocous Islands

Occupation: Beachside resort bar owner. Often works the bar himself.

Motivation: To help people relax and have a good time.

Likes: Music, Money, Gossip and rumors.

Dislikes: Bad business, health inspectors, ponies with bad attitudes.

Character Summary: Coconut was born to Peach Pip and Berry Blue. He is the older of his twin sister, Coconut Cream. He also has another sibling named Hazel. When he was very young, Coconut Lime and his twin sister would always fool everypony with their identity swipes. As they became older, however, the twins became very different.

Coconut Lime received his cutie mark when a friend of his in school was freaking out about a stressful situation involving a filly that he had a crush on. Coconut convinced him to just be himself and relax about it. Eventually, his friend would build up the courage to begin talking to the filly and they became good friends. Coconut Lime's cutie mark appeared as it represented his nack for relationship advice and adding a slice of lime to every situation. But mostly, his talent involves helping people relax about whatever situation they have. He has no official degree or license in psychology, but his bar-side manner is one that lots of ponies relate to. Some ponies even come back to his establishment just for his advice.

Coconut Lime has a Jamaican undertone, complete with sharp voice accent. His natural mood and stance usually comes off intimidating. For instance, his eyes are usually angled in, even when at a pensive state.

He is generally a fun pony who thinks positively most of the time. However, he has a tendency to think the worst of other ponies. He only trusts his closest buddies. He gives favor to his highest paying customers more than anypony else, even his family. His goal of good business on his establishment often clouds the more important things in life like friendship and morality. He will sometimes go out of his way to stretch his hoof for an extra bit, even if it hurts other ponies feelings or causes them misfortune.

Coconut Lime is a member of the Nut family of ponies.


Inspirations for this character include:

This sort of accent:


The Jamaican jellyfish from Shark Tale

Not so much Mr. Krabs from Spongebob, but Uncle Louise from Talespin.


Louise owns a resort/refueling station. He is best friends will most of his customers and is always trying to have a good time with them.

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