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Meridian [ready]


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Role Play Type: World of Equestria

Name: Meridian

Gender: Female

Age: Older Filly

Species: Earth Pony

Eye Color: Forest green

Coat: Bright shamrock green


Meridian’s mane and tail are two toned with alternating stripes of mint green and sky blue. She keeps them ready for adventure! Her mane is very long but is kept in place by a thick braid that rests on the side of neck. Her tail is cropped short and she keeps it loose and bouncy. She normally keeps her locks looking well maintained and smartly groomed, though when out climbing they sometimes get a little tangled up.


Both her profession and her hobbies make Meridian a strong pony. She has a well muscled frame and a slightly barreled chest due to lots of time in the field and climbing mountains. Though she is strong, she is not lacking in feminine charm. Her legs are on the slender side and she carries herself with grace.

Meridian is hardly ever seen without her tartan scarf tied around her neck. Clothing to keep warm is essential in the northern regions of Equestria. Aside from protecting her from the cold, the scarf also displays the family tartan of her family. Bright blue back ground with dark red vertical stripes and forest green horizontal stripes.


She lives on her family’s sheep farm called Wooly Acres in the region of Fet Loch. The farm is quite modest, including only what is necessary for a sheep farm in the rugged terrain on the slopes of the Solstice Heights and the Eponnine Mountains. The farm house itself is a rambling cottage with a thatched roof. The windows and doors of the cottage are all unique sizes and were cut to fit by Meridian’s father. Most of the time blue grey smoke can be seen wafting from one or two brick chimneys that pop through the thatched roof. The walls of the cottage are made of compressed earth and smell of the peat bogs around Fet Loch. Meridian dearly loves her family home. Nothing makes her happier than returning from a mountain adventure to her dear little family cottage.

The cottage is situated between the fields of her family’s sheep ranch and potatoes fields. The sheep acres are lush and green, perfect for the grazing herds of white and black sheep the Heights raise. There are two potato fields which the family plows, plants, and harvests, on rotation. Next to the cottage there is a work shed that contains all the tools needed for life on a working sheep farm. Often times Meridian can be found napping in a pile of freshly sheared wool in the work shed.

There is also a building used for guests that are getting ready to embark on a mountaineering adventure. This one storied, barrack lodging house is a newer addition to the farm that Meridian had built when her mountaineering company began getting business. The lodge house is similar in style to the original cottage but does look a little more modern in structure. Meridian adores Wooly Acres and does her best to make sure the farm runs smoothly, even when she’s off on her adventures!


Meridian runs a mountain adventure outfitting company out of Wooly Acres. She uses the farm as a base camp of sorts to prepare ponies for the treks she leads. Once the guests are ready to go Meridian leads mountain adventures into the Solstice Heights or the Eponnine Mountains. She is trained to lead all kinds of treks from beginner to advanced skill levels. She has even been known to instruct a variety of outdoor classes including rock climbing and basic survival skills.

When she is not out leading treks or exploring new territories Meridian can be found at Wooly Acres working the farm with the rest of her family. She knows how to care for sheep and do all the other work necessary for a successful farming business.

Cutie Mark:

A light pink heart with three green mountain peaks inside of it. There are dark green wings on either side of the heart.

Meridian earned her cutie mark during her ascension of the great Pastern Peak in the Eponnine Mountains. After beholding the peak in all its splendor one fateful morning (see history section) Meridian made it her mission to conquer the peak on her own four hooves.

Her ascent began very early in the morning after a three day trek to get to the foot of the mountain. Meridian shivered and pulled the tartan wool scarf she was wearing up over her muzzle. It would be even colder on the heights and Meridian braced herself for the experience. She had packed her saddle bags with everything she might need for the climb including rope, anchor stakes, water, some hay bars, goggles, a fire starting kit, and a few other survival items. It would take her the entire day to make it to the peak and back down, the time to leave was now!

The first part of the mountain caused her little trouble. Meridian had done a little training to help her body to withstand altitude issues and physical exertion. The green earth pony felt her blood coursing through her veins and smiled wide. It was good to be alive and doing what she loved! On and on she walked, up the ever steepening side of the Pastern Peak.

The peak’s altitude was higher than any of the other mountains she had attempted thus far. Though she had been training she was still a young filly and not completely experienced yet. As the climbing became more and more dangerous Meridian began to be afraid. She wished she had wings like her sister that would keep her from falling. She looked down and her head began to spin! What was she doing? This was too much for her. Then she remembered what her sister had asked her the night before.

“Aye, time to soar to your dreams on Pastern Peak I’m thinking.”

Yes! It was her time to soar to her dreams. Her heart swelled with adrenaline as she pushed herself up the side of the mountain. She stopped looking down and started looking at the goal ahead. It took a few more hours and lots of courage but she made it to the top!

Meridian stoop on the peak of the tallest mountain she had ever climbed! A mountain most earth ponies wouldn’t even attempt, not to mention a young filly. As she gazed out onto the majestic views her position afforded she felt her flank begin to tingle. Looking back her eyes widened as her cutie mark appeared!

The pink heart with the three peaks represents her desire to live a life of adventure. Living a life of adventure means facing challenges and overcoming them. The peaks in the heart represent these challenges. They are nothing to shy away from, but something to be conquered and have their own beauty. The wings on the outside showed that when her heart soars, she will be able to catch her dreams!

Meridian couldn’t wait to get back and show her family her mark! The trip down the mountain went much quicker than the ascent had. Once she was down she galloped home as fast as her tired legs could to her. Her family was overjoyed with the cutie mark, happy to see their Meridian stepping out into her dreams. Meridian gave a special smile to Chemise as her sister's words rang in her heart.

“Soar to your dreams.”


Meridian is the second of three foals born to Shear Snow and Potato Sprout, two proud but kind earth ponies. She has an older pegasus sister named Chemise and a younger earth pony brother named Peat. Even from her early days, her parents could see a sparkle for adventure in their baby filly’s eyes. Meridian was always climbing, crawling, and generally moving to where ever her hooves could take her. Since her parents worked hard on the farm all day it was nice to be able to use Chemise, Meridian’s older sister as a filly sitter. Chemise and Meridian grew very fond of each other during Meridian’s early years.


“Och, Wha’s dat?” Meridian sat, balancing on a fence rail of the sheep pens. Her little green hoof was pointing up at a mountain peak that was silhouetted by the rising sun.

The sisters had been out early that morning doing their round. It was important to check up on the sheep before the sun rose to make sure they were all healthy and safe. There hadn’t been a timber wolf sighting in the area for so long the creatures had turned into somewhat of a legend, but one could never be too careful. All the sheep were relaxed, quietly munching fragrant grass. The earthy smell of the peat bogs filled the pony’s nostrils as they sat on the railing.

Chemise stretched out her wings and then folded them back to her body. She looked to where her little sister was indicating with her hoof.

“Well, that be ol’ Pastern Peak up there… I wonder what it would be like to fly there…” Chemise looked at the far off peak in the range of the Eponnine Mountains.

“I want teh climb tha’. I want me hooves teh touch the top o’ Pastern Peak!” It was always Meridian’s way to imagine the impossible becoming possible.

Her family had already seen the young filly accomplish many feats in her own special way. It came as little surprise to her sister that Meridian now had the desire to conquer mountains!


Meridian grew up knowing the meaning of hard work and discipline. She also saw the rewards of learning such characteristics when it came time to harvest potatoes or sheer wool. During her younger filly days, Meridian would often finish her work on the farm only to trot off to the foothills nearby.

Her parents noticed her interest in adventure beginning to bud and decided to encourage this sprak in their daughter. It was right to help a pony discover what they loved. As long as she finished what she needed to do on the farm, Meridian was given the freedom to explore the open country around Fet Loch.

As she grew in age and stature, these explorations began to take her further and further into the mountain ranges near Fet Loch. Sometimes she would be allowed to go on overnight treks as long as Chemise was able to fly up and check on her sister.


“Och, glad yeh could make et dear sister!” Meridian sat with her back propped up by her saddle bags. A cheery camp fire crackled before her.

“Aye, ma and pa said I needed the coom check on yeh. Yeh seem the be doin’ jes fine eh?” The Pegasus came to sit near her sister.

“Oh yea I’m doin’ more than fine. Tomorrow’s the day you know?”

“Aye, time the soar to your dreams on Pastern Peak I’m thinking?”

“Exactly right dear sister. Would be easier with wings I’m sure but tha’s not the lot I’ve been given. I’ll make the climb on these hooves.” She looked at her front hooves and smiled. “They can carry me as far as any wings could, so they kin.”

Chemise studied her sister. She had never seen such bravery or determination in any pony. If earth ponies could ascend the peak, Meridian would be one of them.


After her initial ascension of the mighty Pastern Peak in the Eponnine Mountain range (see cutie mark story), Meridian was hooked! Though she still made sure to complete all her responsibilities on Wooly Acres, she had found her love! Climbing, adventuring, and exploring beckoned to her like nothing else.

She trained herself physically and began to learn from other ponies who were experts in the fields of mountaineering and climbing. When she was fully ready, Meridian began to advertise herself as a professional mountain guide. After ponies began to find out about Meridian Heights Mountaineering, they came from all over Equestria to go on treks with Meridian. Though pegasi and unicorns are welcome on the treks, Meridian always points them back to climbing with their hooves, not flight or magic. Ponies often feel empowered and more self confident after a trek with Meridian Heights Mountaineering.

Meridian still tends to the needs of Wooly Acres, making sure her family knows she loves them and the farm. Many days she can be found plowing the fields, sheering sheep, and mending fences. When she is not doing farm work she is leading mountain treks from Wooly Acres into the Solstice Heights or the Eponnine Mountains. She hopes to continue to climb, explore, and adventure while always having a firm place in her family at Wooly Acres.

Character Summary:

Meridian has many talents relating to her profession and the livelihood of her family. She has lots of knowledge in the area of mountaineering, to the point where she is able to lead small groups of ponies out for mountain trek experiences. Since she is leading ponies out into the wild, she has also trained herself in survival skills and first aid should the need arise to use such skills. She also has a natural talent for climbing and often finds areas to rock climb and ascend peaks in the mountain ranges nearby her home.

She also has the skills to work on her family’s sheep farm, Wooly Acres. Her family instilled in her the basic work ethic and procedures needed for being a helping hoof on the farm. Meridian can harvest potatoes and sheer sheep with the best of them!

Meridian is motivated by her ideals in making the impossible happen. This is displayed often in her insatiable desire to explore mountain ranges, conquer peaks, and pit herself against the elements of the high north. Her goal is to be able to make enough bits running Meridian Heights Mountaineering to support Wooly Acres once her parents retire. If she has a successful mountaineering company she would be able to pay a couple strong ponies to take over working the farm. That way when she goes on her mountain treks she would not need to worry that her family and the farm are doing well.

She loves to be outside. The smell of the peat bogs, the sound of the birds chirping, the feel of the cold northern wind on her face all bring Meridian much joy! She loves leading mountain treks, but it also happy to go on a walk with somepony near Wooly Acres. She also very much likes being with her sister Chemise. Being outside and spending time with other ponies are two things Meridian loves.

Aside from the hobbies that have become profession for her, Meridian is happy to tinker around the farm. She likes to spend time in the work shed, watching her father repair tools. She learns by watching what her father does and then tries to mimic his ways of fixing things. It is fun for her and helps her to bond with her father as well.

Meridian is a likable pony. She has lots of wonderful stories from her adventures in the mountains and often she can get a little crowd listening to her weave one of her stories. Ponies that spend time with Meridian usually leave feeling good about themselves. She is quick to point out the good qualities in the ponies around her. She is also excellent at encouraging others, a useful ability to have when leading her mountain treks.

Though she loves the farm and her family, Meridian can often be caught day dreaming about having adventures. When she puts her mind to something she is fine, but if she forgets and lets her mind wander, before long she is gone. She doesn’t like being cooped up for too long and has been known to act a little stir crazy when the weather gets bad and she is forced to spend many hours indoors.

Meridian works hard to overcome her fears, but they are there all the same. She worries for her family farm and what will become of it when her parents retire. Since starting her mountaineer business she also worries that she won’t have the amount of patrons that she would like. So far that hasn’t happened and she has been able to lead lots of treks. All the same she worries business might drop off at some point.

Overall, Meridian is a good leader. She is impetuous and brave. Not one to back down from a challenge, she will meet what comes her way head on. She has a down to earth nature and a good sensibility, making her seem quite confident. She also has a large desire to reach as far as she can and overcome whatever stands in her way. Most ponies very much enjoy the company of this stalwart and adventurous filly.


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