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Pony Joe Tier 3 (ready)

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Role Play Type: World of Equestria

Name: ponyjoebanner_zpse327e8ed.jpg

Gender: Male

Age: Stallion

Species: Unicorn

Eye Color: Deep forest green

Coat: Light ocher yellow like the outside of a fine glazed donut. His coat color and hoof color differ in that Joe has grey blue hooves.


Joe maintains his mane and tail in a functional albeit unkempt manner. His forelocks are shaggy and hang down past his horn, partially covering the top of his eyes. His mane is kept short and does not flop over his neck. His tail is a little on the sparse side and ends just at hock height. Both mane and tail are brown with a hint of dark orange in color.


Joe is a husky fellow with a physical build well suited to his profession. He is sturdy and has little trouble working long hours behind the donut shop counter and making sweet treats. He has a barrel chest and is strong overall. Joe is often spotted in his donut shop uniform. This consists of a white short sleeved baker’s jacket with red and blue stripes around the waist and a white short order cook’s hat.

His coat is kept as well groomed as he can manage but his line of work often leaves him looking slightly greasy. Ponies have commented on various occasions that the smell of grape donut filling often follows in Joe’s wake.


Pony Joe resides in the city of Canterlot. Though Canterlot is quite the classy place for a pony like Joe to reside, he’s found his niche just fine. The stallion resides in a single apartment in the same area as his donut shop. Though Canterlot is quite affluent, the area that Joe sought out has less glitz than some parts of the city and that suits him just fine!


Pony Joe is the one to call when you find yourself in need of a donut and coffee. He owns and runs a shop in Canterlot called “Pony Joe’s Donuts”. Not the fanciest of terms, but it does the trick. Joe works various hours at his shop and even has regular customers among those in Canterlot. One of these regulars is Spike the dragon who sometimes brings his friend Princess Twilight Sparkle in for something sweet!

Joe not only bakes and sells donuts, he also creates with them! After improving his baking skills over the years, Joe’s prize accomplishment thus far was dubbed ‘Donutopia’ by its proud creator. Sadly he never had the chance to pit his award winning masterpiece against other confections in the Canterlot baking contest. However, his donuts did end up taking a place in the creation that took first place! Joe looks forward to continuing his work of experimenting with donut creations. Maybe next time, his donuts will take first prize all on their own!

He has also had a stint of working with the Canterlot express train, pushing a refreshment trolley. Joe took this job to give him a chance to visit Ponyville for special ingredients as well as get him out of the big city every once in a while.

Though Joe may suit the role well, there is no evidence outside of the musing of Pinkie Pie that the stallion has ever assumed the role of a spy agent…though he does look good in a tux!


Cutie Mark:

It was not long before Joe was to graduate from school when he discovered the secret to making the perfect sweet treat. He had been helping his mother for years in hoof crafting fine cookies. Though he enjoyed experimenting with different types of cookies, he felt he needed to take things to the next level! He modified some of the cookie dough, adding more water to the mixture and came up with a rather soupy mess in his bowl.

“The best way to cook this might be to pour it into something hot.” Joe mused to himself while continuing to stir the batter he had made.

“It can’t be poured into the oven can it?” Icing Treats, Joe mother wondered. “We need a way to get it right into something hot.”

“Wait! Where’s that extra oil dad brought home?”

“Oh, you mean that huge jug he got such a bargain on?” Icing Treats smiled at her husband’s business skills. “It’s there on the shelf.”

Not long after that Joe had a pot of oil bubbling away over the fire. He carefully ladled his batter mixture in circles into the oil. Soon they had puffed up just right. Joe used his unicorn magic to lift the donuts from the hot oil and place them down on the counter. After they had cooled, he and his mother began to decorate them just like they decorated cookies. Joe smiled with pleasure when they were done. They looked so good he lifted one up and took a bite!

It was soft and warm inside, sweet and colorful on the outside, and overall simply amazing! As he chewed with smile on his face his flank began to tingle. Looking back he saw a donut cutie mark had appeared! Not just any donut, one that looked just like the one he was eating. It was a vanilla cake donut with pink frosting over its top, complete with red and yellow sprinkles. He and his mother began to joyfully trot around the kitchen. He had discovered his calling in life! Making and selling treats to ponies, specifically donuts!


Joe was born in Ponyville to proud unicorn parents. His father, High Favor, worked in business. His job was focused around helping ponies to make good decisions with their business ventures. Joe’s mother Icing Treats, worked from their home selling special homemade cookies. Though Joe loved both his parents he found himself spending much more time with his mother. After finishing school for the day he would race home, following the scent of fresh baked cookies in the air!

As he grew up, Joe was an average colt in school, but found his true calling in the kitchen. His father upon seeing Joe’s fascination with learning to make treats, decided to instill as much business sense into his son as he could. Soon Joe was working to make cookies alongside his mother, and helping to sell them alongside his father. Both parents were very pleased with their son and happy to see him find something he really loved.

Once he had graduated from school, Joe started to focus more time on his baking skills. He was happy to be done with classes so that he could have full days to spend mixing ingredients in the kitchen. Often he would sell batches of cookies just to gain enough bits to buy new ingredients to experiment with. When those experiments didn’t work out he would use his father’s business sense to work together a plan to earn a few more bits. Things continued this way for a while as Joe looked for his big break!

One fateful day Joe was working with some hot oil and figured out how to make donuts. From that point on he was hooked! So were lots of Ponyville residents. Every morning a line began to form outside his home and Joe would make lots of bits selling his delicious donut treats. As he began to sell out his supplies, his father had an idea.

High Favor explained to Joe that if he invested right he could use his bits to buy a donut shop in the big city of Canterlot! It would take lots of hard work but Joe didn’t mind. He was doing what he loved, making and selling donuts. After a few weeks, Joe had settled into an apartment in Canterlot and was looking to buy a shop of his own.

When he did find the right shop, he set to work with a will. Joe soon discovered he could use his magical gifting to help him in the process of making donuts. Instead of lifting just one at a time, he could move a whole batch with the power of his horn. This was quite useful in maintaining the correct number of donuts for his shop.

Joe finds himself right at home in the big city of Canterlot. It suits him well to live in the hustle and bustle of big city life. He hopes to continue on with his donut shop and also to make even greater creations than his previous entry 'Donutopia' into the baking competition. Not only would he like to win the contest but he also enjoys suprising his patrons with new sweet treats!

He still returns to Ponyville on occasion. During his visits to his hometown Joe spends time gathering special ingredients and catching up with his mother and father.

Character Summary:

Joe’s main talents are in the area of baking. He not only makes regular donuts but also works on incredible edible experiments like ‘Donutopia’. Aside from making and selling treats, Joe is also a natural at listening to other ponies. This comes in helpful when he waits on ponies in his donut shop.

He is a proud stallion and is motivated by his upbringing. He knows how to be a business pony and is motivated by desire for his endeavors to go well. He is also motivated by his desire to create the best treats he can. He loves to know his culinary confections are being enjoyed and works hard to come up with new creations that ponies will line up for!

Joe likes to spend time with other ponies, but he also likes his alone time. When he is working, he spends long hours conversing with the ponies that come into his shop. When he is not on duty, Joe will often retreat to his apartment to relax. He does enjoy a good adventure every once in a while and will take to the train or just go out into the city to find something exciting.

His hobbies include experimenting with his baking skills, riding the train, playing checkers, and spending time in the city. He also enjoys getting ponies to share what’s going on in their lives when they come to the donut shop. He likes to hear what’s happening in other pony’s lives.

It is hard for Joe when he is around too many ponies for too long. When he is in his shop, he’s in his element. But, when he’s not on the job he sometimes finds himself in the middle of too much chaos. He may try to retreat from this sort of situation but when that’s not an option he deals with it the best he can. Joe is also a proud pony and he can get overly excited in competitive situations. He does not like to get shown up in competition.

Joe is sometimes fearful that he won’t be able to top his previous creations. Although he has created some truly wonderful treats, he is not satisfied with that. He desires to continue to push himself to new heights and hopes that he will be able to rise to the occasion.

Overall, Pony Joe is a friendly stallion to know. His mannerisms tend to put other ponies at ease when he is working his shop. He can get overly excited at times, but that is mostly due to his love for competition and for striving to be the best he can be. He is confident in himself and he is talented at what he does. Feel free to stop on by ‘Pony Joe’s Donuts’ and meet this guy for yourself!


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