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Rainbow Dash [ready]

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Role Play Type: Canterlot Chronicles

Name: Rainbow Dash

Sex: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Pegasus

Eye Color: Violet

Character Color: Sky blue

Mane and Tail:

She lets her mane and tail flow freely while she flies which adds up to her locks looking untamed. Dash’s mane and tail are strikingly colored like a rainbow! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet hues flow throughout her hair.


Rainbow Dash keeps herself in tip-top physical condition. Her muscles, especially her wing muscles, are toned to a tee. She works out daily, when she’s not napping, lending to a body of athletic prowess.


A cloud house near Ponyville at the edge of Cloudsdale.


Weather manager for Ponyville, Wonderbolts trainee

Cutie Mark:

A fluffy blue outlined cloud with a jagged bolt of lightning coming from it. The lightening is red, yellow, and blue.

Dash earned her cutie mark while defending the honor of her friend Fluttershy in a pegasus race! She took on two colt fliers in a race around Cloudsdale to show them why her name was not “Rainbow Crash”. After swooping around cloud barriers, plunging through rings, and gaining top speeds in an attempt to beat the other contestants, Rainbow Dash made a direct approach to the finish line. She gained so much speed that she created her first sonic rainboom! Discovering her love not only for flying, but for competition and winning, made the filly the first in her class to earn her mark.

Unique Traits:

Dash tries to remain at least “20% cooler” at all times. This leads to the mare sporting various accessories including her ball cap, Wonderbolts trainee uniform, and of course her shades! She has a pet tortoise named “Tank” who can sometimes be seen flying alongside his owner with his own propeller attached to his shell. Tank is not the quickest fellow but he and Rainbow Dash get along just fine.


Rainbow Dash grew up fast! Her foalhood was regular length, but she was a quick flyer from the start! She was born to two Cloudsdale pegasus residents and grew up happily with them. Her father was a competitive flier and instilled Dash’s early training in flight onto his daughter. Dash grew up enjoying all the accoutrements a young pegasus mare with a thirst for flight could want. She was enrolled in summer flight camp as soon as she was of age and not long after earned her cutie mark doing what she loved. Her parents both instilled a desire to do one’s very best into their daughter. Many were the days that Rainbow Dash went to watch her father compete in flight races, hoping that one day she would be able to fly as fast as him.

After she earned her cutie mark, everypony in Cloudsdale could see that she had a special talent for fast flight. The sonic rainboom had turned into nothing more than a legend until Rainbow Dash busted one out during a summer flight camp race. After that day, Rainbow’s parents began to take her training very seriously. Her mother offered her support while her father took the main roll in teaching their daughter all her could about competitive flight. Rainbow grew quite close to her father during this time, mirroring his athleticism, prowess, and pride. She was competitive in the young flyer racing circuit during the rest of her time living under her parents’ roof.

Though she still resides near Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash is a regular in Ponyville. When she was old enough she moved out of her parents house and took a job as a weather pony for Ponyville. Though it is not her dream job, being a weather pony suits Rainbow Dash just fine. She gets to spend lots of time in the sky busting clouds and sneaking in naps. She is also the team leader of the weather team during winter wrap up. In this special season Dash is responsible for leading the team that busts up the clouds to make way for spring!

As she continues to grow up, Rainbow becomes more confident in her abilities. She has taken home the title of Equestria’s “Best Young Flier” and was even called the most accomplished flier in Equestria by Princess Celestia. Her dream in life is to become a full fledged member of the Wonderbolts! Spitfire, the captain of the Wonderbolts is a role model to Rainbow Dash and also one of her heros. She idolizes the Wonderbolts and is one of their biggest fans.

She discovered, upon her meeting of Twilight Sparkle that she had a special gift in the area of loyalty. Though she is incredibly driven by a determination to make herself stand out she is also powerfully given to the protecting and care of her friends. In fact, during their attempts to save Equestria from the evil Mare in the Moon, Rainbow gave up her own dream of success with the Shadowbolts to help her friends. This move both strengthened the tie Rainbow had with her friends, and helped to show her that there are some things that are more important in life than personal gain.

Character Personality:

Rainbow Dash has a multi-layered personality. She is incredibly competitive and athletic which leads itself to providing the drive by which she lives her life. She can also be quite brash, easily irritated, and even mischievous at times. Though her friends can sometimes get on her nerves, at the end of the day, she would rather give up her heart’s desire than give up on her friends. This stems from her innate sense of loyalty to those she loves. She has also been seen taking frequent naps. This may be caused by laziness or from an overconfidence in her abilities. Why clear the sky of clouds right off the bat when she can easily take a nap and bust them all in under ten seconds?

Dash lives an exciting life and some ponies even look up to her as a role model. She has a special friendship with a little pegasus filly named Scootaloo who sees Rainbow’s way of life as something to be emulated. In her loyalty, Rainbow takes Scootaloo under her wing and often shows her tips on life and flying tricks.

Character Summary:

Rainbow Dash is an incredibly driven and energetic mare, living out of a passion for speed and competition that burns deep within her. Her fervor for life has earned her much notoriety in Ponyville, enough so that she boasts her own fan club! She also has a deep desire to protect her friends and to see them succeed in what they do. Expending all that energy also means this mare has her down times, and sneaking in a nap on a cloud is an almost daily occurrence. Though she cares deeply for her friends, she is also annoyed quite easily by them at times. Dash can have a hard time seeing things from outside her own view point. She is able to learn from her mistakes, though because of her pride it can take a while for some concepts to sink in.

Speed, personal success, and loyalty to her friends are Rainbow Dash’s main motivations in life. The Wonderbolts characterize so much of what Rainbow Dash hopes to become. A famous flyer, known throughout Equestria for her amazing skills in the air! She is a trainee in the Wonderbolts academy and her life goal and dream is to be an official member of the Wonderbolts team. She pushes herself to the extreme in everything that has to do with athletics and flight, especially when it comes to trying out for the Wonderbolts team.

Because she is rather brash, lots of the life lessons she walks through are lived out loud. Ponies that are friends with her may end up helping Rainbow as she walks through her short comings. She has a hard time losing anything or not being the absolute best at what she is trying for. She get very competitive with ponies that might stand in the way of her victories, and very irritated with ponies who don’t understand her desire to excel athletically.

Rainbow Dash loves feeling the wind in her wings and most of her talents come from her flying prowess. She is fantastic at busting clouds, making record times for clearing the sky. She is incredibly agile in the air, making her more than able to handle obstacles in flying races in Cloudsdale and at the Wonderbolts Academy. Though most of her skills are airborne she also has a hobby that brings her back down to earth. Dash loves reading! She especially loves books featuring the hero Daring-Do. When she first discovers her love for reading it became so intense that she faked an injury just to finish one of Daring-Do’s adventures.

Rainbow Dash lives life with zeal and passion, balanced with a touch of laziness and brashness. Her fervor for flight, her drive of determination, and her ever present energy make her the awesome pony she is!


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