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DJ Derpy Hooves

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I've been writing pony music for a while now under the artist name "Derpy Hooves," most of my stuff's ended up on the "EveryPonyVideos" channel, I've also recently added most of my pony stuff to a set on my soundcloud, so for ease of access you can find most of them here on this master list:


As for the youtube, you can find them on this channel:

http://www.youtube.com/user/EveryPonyVi ... ature=mhee

I generally write in whatever style I'm feeling at the time, so don't expect consistency in genre.

I do all my work in Pro Tools 8 LE.

This has to be my most viewed video:

Aside from that, a few of my better pieces have to be:

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New update on the ruins soundtrack for the ponykart game:


Makkon did up his own version based on the midi, he also rendered me stems for it so I'm going to work on integrating his choruses into mine, which are far superior to my chorus sounds.

Here's his


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I really like the third; it seems nostalgic, but exciting and new at the same time. I think the picture you included really skewed my imagination too xD Kinda sounds like an exciting flight-type track! I wanted to get into music creation, but I never put aside the time for it- I find musical talent amazing xD

awesome stuff!

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