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Alfus "Deadeye" Cloudpaw [Ready]


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Role Play Type: Canterlot Chronicles

Name: Alfus “Deadeye” Cloudpaw

Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Species: Griffon

Eye Color: Golden amber

Coat: Deadeye has mostly grey feathers that fade to black towards the ends. His latter half has sleek black fur which is broken by a crimson ring around each ankle. The rings are dyed and do not look like natural fur coloration.

Plumage: His plumage is rough looking at best. His feathers tend to stick out at odd angles in places and he does not attempt to preen them back into place. The feathers on the back of his neck and moving up to his head stand up and appear almost like spikes in some places. The top of his head is adorned with a flourish of dyed crimson feathers that bend down towards his face. He often has to move the longest of these away from him eyes when taking aim.

His markings include gray stripes that start at the edges of his beak, circle his eyes and moved down his neck and across his back. He has a black beak that is hooked like a hawk’s.

Physique: Deadeye has a narrow and lanky appearance. He does have muscle but it seems to be strung out too thin on his long body. He moves in a cat like manner with fluidity and grace. His eyes are piercing and he has a knack for fixing others in his gaze. He has strong claws on his front feet, the skin of which are black. His tail has the look of a lion’s with a bit more hair growing on the upper part of it. It is quite long and he wears stripe of cloth tied to the middle of it.

He has a dangerous light to his demeanor. He is willing to lay it all on the line based on his skill with the cross bow or sling shot. When he walks it sometimes appears as a prowl. His eyes miss little and he seems to carry a slightly prideful air about himself.

Residence: Deadeye lives in an apartment above a saloon in Appoloosa.


At the moment Deadeye holds a couple of occupations. One is his daily job which is to be a barkeep in the saloon above which he lives. He works in order to pay for the rent of his place and put a little in his pocket. He tries hard to manage his money correctly so that he can invest in his second job as an exhibitionist. He loves working with projectile weaponry used for sport. He uses his amazing accuracy with such weapons to draw a crowd and then after to hopefully sell his wares to the potential customers he draws. Though at the moment he cannot spend all of his time on acquiring bow type weapons and showing them off to others, he hopes to save up enough from his barkeep job to realize his dreams of being a traveling exhibitionist griffon!

History: Deadeye grew up in Cloudsdale with the name Alfus. His parents pushed him to be the best he could be both in his education and in his flight abilities. Having parents that were both top fliers was a lot to live up to and many days Alfus found himself left in the cloud dust because of this. He did not want to let his parents down and figured finding something he could excel at would make them proud! His parents had told him time and again that they were pleased with him as he was, but Alfus wanted to prove himself. He was working hard and he was a good son. It was all they could ask for. However, Alfus dreamed of excelling. All he needed was to find that one thing he was really good at!

The young griffon tried everything from sports, to racing, to academics and although he could do most things he set his mind to, he just wasn’t the best at anything. One day on his way home from secondary flight school crossing the fields outside of Ponyville. He became quite frustrated with his inability to truly stand out. He picked up a rock in his claw and threw it as hard as he could at a tin can a farmer had left on a fence rail.


He hit the can dead on! Charged by the feeling he moved quickly over the rail and set a few old bottles and cans up. After taking some paces back he grabbed some more rocks and flung them at his targets. He was a natural! His shots were very close each time, only missing his target a few times. He decided to see if this really was a skill he possessed and set out to test his aim.

At first his parents were skeptical of this skill but after they saw what a natural shot he was his father especially took a shine to Alfus’ skill. For Alfus’ birthday that year his father presented him with a bow and arrows! Alfus was so excited that he went right outside and began practicing with the archery equipment.

After a few months of training his parents entered him into a local contest being held in Ponyville. There were events for various athletic endeavors including archery. This was the day that Alfus knew he had found his skill in life. All the practice had paid off as the young griffon found himself in the winner’s circle for his division of archery. His parents were quite happy to see their son performing in something he enjoyed and had skill in. His father called him “Deadeye” that day as a proud nick name and it stuck! Alfus went by Deadeye from that day forward.

As the years progressed he became more and more skilled. Deadeye had begun to accumulate various sorts of precision shot equipment, the chief of these being a claw operated cross bow.

Cutie Mark: N/A

Character Summary:

Deadeye’s main talent is with projectile weaponry, the chief of these being the cross bow. He is also an adept instructor in the basics of combat and weaponry skills. He is meticulous and works well with details. This skill comes in useful for calibrating trajectories, adjusting tension, and many other fine details included in a sniper’s job.

He is motivated by his desire to excel and be the best he can be. His parents taught him to have a natural drive to accomplish the tasks set before him. He is an adult now and he is learning to deal with the outcome when he does not succeed. It is still hard for him, but he is slowly learning to find value in who he is and not just in what he does.

His hobbies include collecting weaponry and refurnishing old weapons. He has also been known to put quill to parchment in the form of poetry, though he prefers to keep this skill to himself. He would only share his poetry with someone he truly trusts.

Deadeye is very detail minded and thus has problems with seeing the bigger picture sometimes. He works very well under direction but he has a hard time keeping his wits about him when left to his own devises.

Overall Deadeye is slightly intense, but he has learned to have good mannerisms with others. When instructing new recruits he can be tough, be he also has a soft interior. He shows this mostly when working one on one with others. He pushes himself hard to succeed and always carries a ‘sky’s the limit’ way of thinking.

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Hi there! Sensational griffin app! All of the required fields are filled and it is well written.

Excellent work!

I'm recommending this app for further Senior RPH analysis!


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