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Star Breezer [Ready]

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Name: Star Breezer

Gender: Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye Color: Light Blue, eye patch over the left.

Coat: Star Breezer's coat is pigmented a dark blue that had is short and thick, but soft to the touch. Her fur lies so tightly to her body that water practically beads up and slips right off her body without soaking underlying layers.

Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are purple with light blue tips. Her mane is voluminous and cut short, and is only long enough to go a small ways past her chin, and is usually swept to the left of her head, covering up her left eye.

Residence: A Manor in Fetloch located on the outskirts of the town.

Occupation: A Captain of the REA, and Dutchess of the Nova Manor located in Fetloch

Physique: Lithe and athletic in appearance with smooth feminine curves and a lither frame.

Cutie Mark: A shooting star marking her talent of Astronomy.

While the mare was a young foal, she had always enjoyed the night sky. Being so far away from the town gave her an opportunity to admire the stars and the moon. The twinkling pin pricks of lights easily worked their way into the young filly's mind, and eventually fascinated her with every bit of essence about them.

In fact, she had often times sneeks out at night to go and play under the stars. Or even lay in the tickling grass to look up at them endlessly. She'd usually be found fast asleep around dawn and would be caries back inside by her parents.

It wasn't until hearthmass where her parents had given the young mare a telescope as a gift. The excited mare put it to use right away, immediately identifying many different stars and locations without much effort. At that moment, she realized she'd be happy forever if she could gaze at them so close endlessly. And in a flash of light, her cutie mark appeared. A shooting star.


Star Breezer had spent a large majority of her life living carefree and being incredibly energetic. While she was taught to be respectful, her family had a long line of a single concept. Allowing life to teach hard lessons, with the extension of personal wisdom and advice being offered from the parents. Thus producing a heritage of great Generals, Scholars, and Philosophers. Consequently, this meant that she was allowed to do nearly what ever she liked. With respect to laws, common sense, and courtesy of others, and a degree of monitoring of course.

This lead to a bizarre number of scenarios... usually involving exploding ovens, the filly running about on fire, the family gazebo burning down.... four times, the filly wrestling bears, nearly being adopted by bears, and then some. This eventually shaped her personality into a tomboyish filly, whom couldn't stand the thought of anything fru-fru. This included makeup, hoof-cures, and the thought of swooning over the nearest rebel colt in school. In fact, she was often times jokingly called a colt simply because she hung out with more colts than any other mare in her school, and had a distinct preference for contact sports. With her participation involved.

When she grew old enough, she eventually found a nasty craving for excitement, and promptly enlisted into the REA. During the time span of several years of service, she had lost her left eye permanently, and proudly worked her way up into the ranks of commissioned officer. Thus becoming a Captain proudly located in Fetlock.

Eventually, during one of her days of vacation, she visited Dodge Junction. And encountered a young and large stallion repairing a damaged train named Gear Shack. The stallion had caught her eye with his easy going nature, large stature, and his rough life style. And the mare in turn had caught his eye. Many different dates had passed were held when ever the two had the free time, and eventually they became married.

Though being fond of the idea of being vowed to her special somepony... she did not see eye to eye with her own mother when they were out to commission a dress. Star Breezer had said, and quoting...

“A dress you say!? T'eh day I finally wear a dress, tis the day I loose my other eye-ball, drink four bars into closing early in one night, and then bein' tricked by some charismatic muel no higher than ah hooflocker into putting one on in meh drunkin haze!”

Needless to say, the mare showed up to her own wedding wearing her golden REA armor. And as some form of middle ground, she had attached a white veil to the front of her helmet. “Here comes the bride, ready for battle,” was perhaps the most memorable quote of the day, chirped out by her amused and loving husband.

A year later, the two had a single foal whom they named JavaSun, whom been renamed into Voronoi Fractal when his cutie mark appeared.

Character Summery:

Star Breezer might not be the sharpest knife in the kitchen, but she is actually wise from her years of growing up as a foal, and even serving in the REA. She is well known for being quite the rowdy girl, and maybe sometimes viewed perverted. Both characteristics shamelessly displayed. Oh and a short fuse for anger with few things lighting it.

She's also known for being mischievous when off duty, and sometimes flirty.

She is well known in the REA for her unorthodox methods of command as a Captain. When new recruits are inserted into her company, she takes care to re-train them. Regardless of any previous training that they might have had. Instead of focusing on singular combat, she trains her troops to work in pairs, small groups, and large groups. And strongly discourages lone wolf behavior. Her company had been nick named “Dragoon of Fetloch” simply for the way they function, and being effective at it. She had rid rushing, and instead combined the benefits of slow formations, with high mobility, grouping, and guerrilla warfare methods. Her company, including herself, is characteristically known for carrying older shields designed for locking into formations, a halberd, and an off-hand weapon. Normally a crossbow or sword.

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Hi there!

Excellent app! All of the required fields are filled and it's very well written.

Though this app is brief in some places, in my opinion, there's enough here to pass.

Recommending this app for further Senior RPH analysis!


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