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Macadamia Nut


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Name: Macadamia Nut

Nicknames: Macky

Sex: Male

Age: Foal (10)

Species: Earth Pony (Half Zebra)

Pelt Color: Chestnut (#CD5C5C)

Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: Short spikey mane and medium length tail Chocolate (#7B3F00) coloured mane and tail with Cream (#FFFDD0) colored stripes

Eye Color: Prussian Blue (#003153)

Cutie Mark: A Wrench Twisting A Macadamia Nut

Physique: Sturdy

Origin: Manehatten, living on the Nut Family Farm.

Roleplay Type: Mane

Occupation: Student/Worker

Motivation: To become the worlds strongest pony! Wait no, too much exercise...to become an astrophysicist! No, too complex...OH! To make the worlds first nut powered airship! That's it!...But uhhh, well I guess for right now? Just having fun. OH! And Tinkering too! OH and maybe making a fort!

Likes: Tinkering, Helping On The Fields, Occasional Rhyming

Dislikes: Explosions, Rust, Being Forced To Stop Working On Something

Character Summary: Many years ago, Macadamia's father headed out to try his fortune in the big city of Manehatten, as many often do at that age. For years he struggled in the city, trying to make ends meet, but was barely scraping by. Later on down the line, he met a lovely Zebra, with whom he became enamoured with. A few years later, the two would be wed and have a son, that son was, of course, little Macky. His parents both decided, Manehatten was no place to try to raise a family on their budget, so his father decided, it was time to go home.

Skip a few years along, young Macadamia, the age of 5, is now a bright eyed foal, eager to explore the world. He tried many things, as foals often do, to try and gain his cutie mark; from trying to till all the fields by himself, gather up an entire harvest alone, or take down a manticore; which was really just some hay bails stacked on top of each other and other bits and pieces added to make it look like the beast. It wasn't until two years later, when his parents brought home a model carriage kit from town; Macadamia spent hours working on the little toy carriage, taking it a part and putting it back together, finding out how each piece worked and moved. After spending a few hours more on the toy, Macky though, why not try with the real thing? Sneaking out late at night and taking his father's tool kit and jack, he began work on taking apart the family's carriage.

In the morning, when his parents came out, they found the child sitting there with the carriage dismantled; now of course his parents began to scold him, he had taken apart their only fast transportation! But Macadamia explained, this was the third time he took the vehicle apart! Turning around, Macky picked up his tools and got to work as his parents watched on in awe; after a few hours, Macky had not only pieced back together the ride, but also gained his cutie mark in the process! It was a wrench twisting a macadamia nut, to symbolize not only his prowess of tinkering and building, but also a symbol of his family and how no matter how far apart they are, they'll always be family.

Further down the road, Macky is now a young lad, the age of 10, helping his family on the farm, playing with his friends and cousins as children often do. After seeing a large airship pass over the farm one day, Macadamia was struck with an idea, what if something like that could be built to run on nuts? An odd idea yes, but an interesting one! With his dream in mind, Macadamia begins sketching out ideas when his time is free.

Personality wise, Macadamia is a happy child, with a penchant for getting distracted by different ideas for new things to build or take apart. One moment he'll want to build a potato cannon and the next he'll want to figure out how to build a tower out of nut shells. He's a bit goofy at times, but is a hard worker when his mind is set to it and a good friend to the end.

Poison Joke Reaction: Everything he tries to build either falls apart, or explodes.


Peanut Butter: "Cousin Peabee! Y'all may not go to tha trouble of memorizin the password each week to get in ta the clubhouse, but ah still love ya."
Purple Haze: "It's good seein ya again after such along time Hazey, hope yew'll be able to remember the passwords better than Peabee can I tell ya what."

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