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Eindride [ready]


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Name:  Eindride

Gender: Cow

Age: Adult

Species: Caribou

Eye Color: Steel Grey

Coat: Her coat is quite dense, allowing her to comfortably travel through all types of weather. The outer layer is course and able to sheet off water, the inner is soft and downy to keep her warm. She is grey, tinted with a light natural violet. This color lays on her like a blanket, traveling from the top of her head down her neck and over her back. The color fades to a soft cream under her neck, her belly and down her legs. Her legs fade from cream to black around her fetlocks, giving her black hooves.


Mane/Tail:  She has a tuft of black fur between her ears that travels part way down her neck. This fur is wispy and often frames her face when the wind swirls about her.

Physique: Eindride’s physique fits the structure of her life nicely. She is built for long treks of the harsh territories. Her body is strong and resilient, carrying just enough bulk to make her a formidable opponent and help her to withstand the elements.  Her antlers are traditional for those of her species, though perhaps a bit larger than most cows might have. She displays the trademark of her species proudly, decorating them with small strings of stone beads and feathers here and there.

Eindride is a traveler by trade and nature. She has no permanent residence.

She is a traveling trader, and when the mood takes her a competitor in the battle arena of the Saar.

History: Eindride was born into the clan of Barn. Her mother stopped her work as a rudimentary alchemist just long enough to birth the little caribou calf. She scraped and saved to have enough funding to keep herself and her small calf alive. Eindride’s father died about two months before the calf’s birth in a Viking raid on the docks where he worked. Though he had been a mighty bull, a well aimed arrow from a foe beast knows no distinction from the weak to the strong. Eindirde’s mother did not grieve long, hardening herself like the ground of the Serpent’s Spine.


When she was able to care for her own basic needs, Eindride was left for the large part to fend for herself. In the settlement of Barn, young ones did not always attend school. Some were transferred from their days of calfhood straight into the working world. This did wonders to straighten out even the most rowdy of young caribou. Several years labor in the ship yards and sea ports of Barn hardened the young ones into thick skinned steel tempered caribou. Eindride spent her first few years working in the dock yards, as her father had once done. More raiders came and went but the young cow held her own against them all. She would not fall as her father had, a point she reinforced by wearing a light coat of chain mail from her neck down between her front legs. The garb was nothing special, most of the caribou that worked in the same area wore their own protective gear least an unexpected attack befall them.


She soon tired of her mundane job, wanting more from life than toiling away to afford a dwelling in Barn. After packing up a traveling bag she set out to travel to Heil. The city of the High King and of fire seemed like as good a place as any to head towards. She took with her a few bottles of the special tonic that could be taken from the sparse seaweed that grew near the docks of Barn. Her mother had been making the tonic for years. It was used as a remedy for various sicknesses and ailments that were known to befall those who lived in the harsh regions of White Scar.


The trek to Heil was exhausting though Eindride found she loved pitting herself against the elements. She fought through the drifts of snow and ice, carving out a path for herself through the white wilderness. She emerged in Heil with greater self realization and determination than she had ever known. It was not long before she discovered she could make decent funding by selling her extra bottles of tonic. She noted to herself the desire for such goods in Heil and soon decided to continue her trek to Saarvagerg.


The trek was twice as long as the one she had recently concluded from Barn to Heil. It took her over a season to make the trip but she again enjoyed the solitary existence in the harsh climbs of Whitescar. It was in the Saar that she discovered the arena. There had been a smaller scale arena in her hometown, but nothing like what the Saar boasted. Feeling strong and slightly reckless from her traveling adventures, she found herself signing up to take place in the battles of the arena. After losing her first match to another caribou, Eindride decided to stay in the Saar to hone her raw strength into the art of battle!


She spent the funds she had procured from selling tonics on training and purchasing weaponry. This took her many seasons, including time to put into practice what she had seen her mother doing in producing tonics. She taught herself the art of tonic production and of battle! Eventually she became skilled enough with the long handled ax and scythe to enter the arena once more! During her next set of battles Eindride was able to best many opponents, earning a place for herself among the battlers of the Saar arena!


Having the spirit to wander embedded deep within allows Eindride travel about the lands of Whitescar as she sees fit. She will stop to make tonics and to battle, but she never stays in one place for too long. She is known in Barn, Heil, and Saar by many caribou and others as a peddler of healing tonics or as a formidable force in the open arena!

Cutie Mark:
Though she does not have a cutie mark, Eindride has had various runes dyed into the fur of her flanks and rump. These she believes add to her strength in battle and her ability to make healing tonics.


Character Summary: Eindride very much resembles the land that she so frequently wanders. She is who she is, not bothering to or even thinking of covering up her true nature. She is often cold and calculating especially after years of fending for herself in the harsh expanses of Whitescar. She can however, have a way with other caribou since part of her livelihood depends on selling goods. When she does make business transactions she does not mince words, sticking to the point in selling her wares.


She is quite assertive when she needs to be, especially when it comes to where she appears on the listings at the arena. She will do what she must to be pitted against those who she feels will bring in the most profit should she win. She has been known to gamble both with funds and with her life in general . A high price can be won in the arena, however it might come at the cost of one’s own life. She has also risked herself on various occasions in the barren lands of Whitescar battling weather, ice, and freezing cold.


Eindride is proud of herself, her resilience, and her abilities. She knows she owes some of who she is to her upbringing though she long ago dropped alliance to clan Barn and kin. She is able to adapt into various situations from the busy high streets of Heil to the bitter cold night on the lands between Heil and Saarvargerg.


Some caribou look upon Eindride with disdain as she has no allegiance to a clan. Eindride however, sees this as freedom to come and go as she pleases. It is her key to living a life as wild as the winds across the Spine of the World Serpent!

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