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[Resolved, sort of] I can't get my profile picture up.


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I don't know what's preventing it. I first removed my picture... boy, did that turn out well.

I tried uploading it-- whether it be URL or from my files, and when it shows that it has selected the file, the picture does not appear.

There were no messages saying anything about "too large" or "wrong file," it just does NOTHING.

I tried checking for blocks, nothing here was ever blocked.

I tried a different browser, it did the same thing.

The others seem to be able to upload theirs normally.

My problem appears to be on my computer. I must have missed something. Can anyone help me with this stupid problem?

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... Okay, this is stupid. Hear me out, please.


Apparently, the URL import works.

The computer file uploads do not.

On other websites, I've had no problems with uploading images or anything else from my computer. This, on the other hand, has a problem.

In fact, the background image I've uploaded moments ago on my profile here works just fine. Yet, the profile picture can't do that.



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