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Darkness Knight (Ready)

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Roleplay Type: Canterlot Chronicles

Name: Darkness knight

Nickname: Darky

Sex: Male

Age: young Stallion

Species: Pegasus

Eye colour: Blue

Coat: Grey fur. Sometimes wears a completely black heavy armor.

Main/Tail: Straight black mane and tail.

Physique: Bigger than the average pony despite his age. A bit thin but way stronger that he looks. Has scratches all over his body. He is also a bit cute.


(I made the drawing. He may not be as cute as I said but...meh, I did my best.)

Residence: Canterlot's castle royal guards barracks.

Occupation: Lunar Guard recruit. Amateur racer.

Cutie Mark:


Since he was a little colt, he was fascinated with knight stories. Even though he was born to a rich family, he decided not to go with that life style. One day he was in a fierce training battle with his big brother. He always loose those training battles, but that day was different. He managed to beat his brother with swift movements and after the battle it appeared.

History: He was born outside Equstria to a small yet, quite rich family. His family had a quite good reputation in the town they lived. He decided that instead of living the luxury live he had would chose a completely different path, becoming a knight. It was always his dream, mostly for all the adventures he would see.

He always say his big brother as a hero, since he was a little colt. How he was, the way he acted, everything, he wanted to be like him. When he was a foal, the first food he ate was an apple his mother gave him, and it soon became his favourite food of all. As a colt, he attended to one of the local schools. He always tried to make friends, but most of them didn't talked to him because he was from a rich family and all of them not. He felt lonely for a lot of time, and when he got finally a friend, he always cared about him a lot, making sure his friend never stoped being it. They both became best friends after some time.

As he grew up, he quickly become part of the knight guards of the town, but not all was fighting and stuff, he also learned how to cook thanks to his mother for many years, and the fact that he wear a heavy armor all the time worked as training to fly faster. One day his father gave him a quite old shield from his family. After a few years, his friend had to leave and never came back to to town. He felt sad, but always promised himself that he would see his friend again some day.

He was exiled from his town, because he was framed for a crime. He roamed around Equestria for some time and finally ended up in Canterlot. He stayed there for a while and seeing how the place somehow reminded him of his home, he decided to become a guard in there, mostly to remember his life at home and defend the ponies in there and the princesses. Seeing the differences between the guards in there, he decided to join the Lunar Guards, even though all of the others where bat ponies. He also decided to go and participate in flying races in Canterlot and other parts of equesteia, of course when he had a free day from his training.

Character Summary: Darky is a quite skilled pony with swords and shields, as well as a fast flier, mostly because flying with his armor on makes a perfect passive training method for him. He also knows how to cook, but he is not that skilled like many other ponies, but he is good at making desserts thanks to his mother that thought him how to since he love eating them. He is a calm, but friendly pony, a bit open minded and always tries to do his best on what he does. He cares about his friends and the ponies he care about a lot, like his family.

Most of his motivation comes from his desire to defend Equestria and its citizen, as well as always get better in what he does.

He is currently in training to become a night guard.

He also loves apples and reading books.

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Hiya! I'll be reviewing this app for you :D I've got a few first steps and we'll go from there:


1.) "Physique: Bigger than the average pony (Slightly smaller than Shining armor)" please take out the part about Shining Armor. You may not reference cast characters in apps.


2.) "One day his father gave him an quite old shield from his family that had been with them since Equestria was created." This is a bit of stretch especially since we don't know how long Equestria has been around. It would be enough just to say the shield is old.


EDIT: I found the Lunar Guard section, he's fine for that.


Let's start with these. I'll go over what's next once these steps are taken. :)

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