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Foxtrot [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria
Name: Foxtrot
Sex: Male
Age: Young Stallion
Species: Unicorn
Eye Colour: Soft Violet(#69468A)
Coat: Light Plum(#696588) and oh so silky soft. White freckles on his cheeks.
Mane/Tail: Dark Navy(#0C004A) mane and tail with Midnight Violet(#1A1363) streaks kept in a side swept, slightly spiked style.
Physique: Slim but with well toned muscles. Average height with a charming face.
Residence: Las Pegasus
Occupation: Professional Dancer
Cutie Mark: A pair of horseshoes wrapped by a fox tail.


History: Some foals come into the world quiet and peaceful, swaddled little angels. Foxtrot, however, was more than a hoofful. Born in the city of Baltimare to well-off parents, Foxtrot was a swift little one, going quickly from crawling to walking and, much to his parents chagrin, climbing at a fairly young age.


This rambunctious streak showed no signs of stopping as he grew to school age. As a young colt, Foxtrot would often find himself scolded for pacing or running around the schoolroom after his work was done. He rarely found himself setting still for any serious length of time. This lead to him getting a spot on his school's Jr. Race Team. Though it didn't last very long, as Foxtrot found that running in circles got really boring, really fast, even if they did throw hurdles in occasionally.


He knew he had to move, sitting still just didn't cut it! But nothing really seemed to click for him. Jogging, sprinting, leaping, climbing. It just wasn't interesting or satisfying to the colt. But on one of his frequent afternoon walks, something piqued his interest. Standing in a circle was a group of ponies cheering for something going on in the middle. Worming his way through and over the bystanders Foxtrot spied a pair of ponies taking turns dancing, each trying to show up the other. As the colt watched the duo it dawned on him that dancing was something he never thought of trying! It seemed so obvious in retrospect.


Extending his usual walk, Foxtrot made his way to the library and checked out any books he could find on dance and brought them home to learn. While his parents had grown used to their son's moving around of the later evening, what they were NOT prepared for was the newfound stamping and stomping, tipping and tapping, that came as Foxtrot practiced dance. Something that he learned that he absolutely loved! The movements felt right, moving to a rhythm and on time felt natural, almost therapeutic.


For several days this went on. School, then practicing. School, then practicing. His parents were understanding enough to at least have bought earplugs for a time. But when his younger brother was born, a practice room was built outside. It wasn't long after this room was built that Foxtrot finally earned his cutie mark. While practicing a dance, ironically being his namesake, the young colt's flank was branded with a pair of horseshoes wrapped up by a fox tail.


Now with his special talent finally figured out, Foxtrot felt a new drive. He didn't want to just dance for himself. He wanted to dance for others, with others. Maybe even teach others someday! Talking to his parents, Foxtrot was surprised with how easy it was to talk them into the idea of dance school. Their eardrums were less than surprised however. Before long, Foxtrot was learning how to be a better and better dancer by the day.


His time spent at home was spent with his little brother. After all, he seemed to be his biggest fan, following him around ever since he learned to walk. The two were inseparable, save for school time. As Foxtrot grew older though, he realized that there wasn't much call for a dancer in a port town like Baltimare. And so, much to his little brother's disappointment, Foxtrot made his way to the city of Las Pegasus to get a new start.


Finding a job as an entertainer in a city full of them wasn't an easy task. Most of the talent agencies were completely booked. It took some real hunting to find any work as a dancer, a few plays, a backup dancer for singers here and there. But eventually his talent was recognized though, and he was called more often to fill dance spots or to instruct others on dance steps. It wasn't a constant job, but one that paid enough to keep him with a fairly nice loft apartment.


Although the jobs paid well enough, Foxtrot didn't quite have the most experience in managing his money. Furnishing his home with rather expensive furniture left him quite a bit short on rent. And so the young stallion was forced to ask his parents for some help. After this happened a second time however, their assistance arrived with an unexpected surprise. His younger brother, Eden.


His parents decided it was high time that Foxtrot learned more responsibility. The stallion was understandably nervous about this idea, even if Eden seemed quite happy to stay. But soon found it was easier to keep himself in check when he was having to take care of another pony as well. Now the stallion finds himself balancing his dancing career, and making sure his brother does well in school. A challenge to be sure, but one he now believes he can handle.


Character Summary: Foxtrot is a friendly, outgoing sort of pony. Eager to get out and meet folks whenever he can, be it at a dance club, a salt bar, or just out on the street. While he may not always know what to talk about, he'll always listen with interest to what others have to say.


While still energetic and antsy when setting still for too long, most of that burned out when he was younger, and setting around with a good book or playing a game with his younger brother and his friends feels like a great pastime to him.


While still moderately poor with his money skills, Foxtrot is learning how to balance his wallet as to not land himself and Eden, especially Eden, out on the streets. Even if that sometimes means having to pass up on something he really...REALLY wants. Anymore, his 'frivolous' spending ends up with him buying something for Eden, even if it makes his checkbook a little tight for that month.

Poison Joke Reaction: His legs wobble like jelly or lock up randomly. Making it difficult to even walk, let alone dance.



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