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Rivulet (Ready)


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Name: Rivulet

Gender: male

Age: Young adult

Species: Eastern Dragon

Eye Color: Magenta/light purple

Mane/tail: Mohawk style spikes running from the base of his neck up. The spikes turn into flowing mane as they near his head. Wispy bits of mane drapes down over his face. He also has white spikes that run down his back towards his tail. There is a tuft of light blue flowing fur at the end of his tail that he uses to help him navigate turns in flight. He also has horns that look a little like deer antler and small deer shaped ears.

Character Color: Rivulet is covered with icy light blue scales. The color of the scales gets darker blue as the scales move towards his legs. He has a pearly colored under belly. The pearl colored scales travel up under his chin.

Physique: He has the lithe body of an eastern dragon. Though he has no wings, he does have the enchantment to be able to fly. When he is in the air he moves fluidly as if he were swimming. On land he is sinuous and moves in a snake like manner. Rivulet has quite short legs and a very long tail that is more of an extension of his body. Whether on the ground or in the air he is able to bend and flex, giving him the ability to navigate quickly through dense areas including forests and crowds.

Residence: He roams freely about the land of Equestria but can often be found nestled into a cave dwelling he has taken for himself in the Solstice Heights.

Occupation: Part time cartographer and writer, part time explorer

Cutie Mark: N/A though he does have a swirling black mark that travels up his neck and over his right eye. It is a tattoo from his dragon clan of origin.

Unique Traits: As dragons go he is considerably soft spoken though this trait is shared by others of his kind. He has an enchantment that eastern dragons happen to have more often than not that allows him to fly without wings. When this enchantment begins to work, the fur on his body will begin to swirl around as if he is in water. When he does take to flight he appears to levitate off the ground for a moment before taking on forward momentum. He keeps his front claws filed short in order to grasp the utensils of his cartography trade.

It has often been said of Rivulet that he brings of sense of calm with him. Though it is not magic, his mannerisms have the capability of putting others at ease even in high stress situations. He is more often than not a dragon of peace, only getting upset if himself or those he cares about are being treated poorly. He also has a heightened awareness of situations where a dragon or other creature is being treated unjustly. He will come to the aid of others when the opportunity arises.

He has the ability to breath fire though the fire looks almost like white lightening when it exits his mouth. It is extremely hot but does not last for very long. He hardly ever actually breaths fire but his does have the ability to do so.


Rivulet was born in a dragon dwelling area beside a river in Unyasi. Those that dwelt near the dragons treated them with respect which was returned by the dragons. He came from a line of shaman in his clan. Those that had the calling to seek peace and enlightenment for themselves and others. He grew up as most young dragons do in his clan. He was taught the rigors of his parent's trade, along with the knowledge that he would need to find his place in the world. He played and cavorted with others of his kind by the banks of the river. When he was older he began to venture further and further away from his home.

Rivulet was not able to fly as soon as some of his friends. He longed for the day when the enchantment would overtake him. Yearning to see the world from above was a constant fixture in his life. One evening he was walking quietly by the river, trying to seek the enlightened state he had seen others in his clan reach. As he exhaled softly he felt his claw become lighter on the ground until he was no longer on the ground at all! Soon he was soaring like water through the night air. He flew loops and swirls, his eyes searching beyond the horizon!

The next morning he was tattooed like the other young dragons of his clan as he had become a flier! Soon his fascination with land forms came about and he began to draw maps and layouts of the land of his birth. As his skills developed, he desired to move further out to find new lands! Though he still visits his home, Rivulet is found wandering the far reaches of Equestria more often than not. The land of the ponies intrigued him especially. Not only for the varied terrain but for the ponies themselves. He loves the company of his pony friends as much as a dragon's company. He set up a second home for himself in a cave in the Solstice Heights. The cave is often lite by candles and he often burns fragrant herbs to help him concentrate when he is drawing maps.

It is now his plan to meet and spend time with more ponies. Really for no other reason than his enjoyment of their nature. Rivulet is not reserved but speaks quietly. He is accepted in many circles as he is quite wise for his age and has a way of calming those around him.

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