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Violet Moon [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Violet Moon

Sex: Male

Age: Young Stallion, though appears younger

Species: Unicorn

Eye Colour: Titanium Yellow (#EEE600)

Coat: Spanish Violet (#4C2882) with Violet Blue (#324AB2) socks and patch over their left eye. Often wears gold bangles and necklaces and siken scarves during shows.

Mane/Tail: Wavy, almost curly Red-Pink (#F92C33) mane that falls about shoulder length. Tail same colour, reaches slightly lower than flank length.

Physique: Lithe, limber, and...little. Rather short for his age and looks more like a young filly than a stallion.

Residence: Traveling Cart! No permanent residence.

Occupation: Traveling Storyteller/Dancer

Cutie Mark: Crescent Shaped Tambourine, Shined down upon by a Heart Shaped Spotlight.

History: Violet was born out in the open wilds of the world, beneath the great starry skies amidst the fields of rolling green. His family, a traveling group of entertainers, had always roamed the lands. Stopping to rest, eat and drink or find work in towns they came across. It was a simple way of life, even if at times it was difficult. Rains and storms would make tents wet, and winters would be colder still. Food was sometimes scarce where they stayed, and sometimes townsfolk weren't so friendly. But it was his life! And it was one he cherished every day.

Having been born a rather small foal, Violet had a difficult time playing with his friends and cousins growing up. Oft times getting underhoof or tripped on by accident. Though in such a close family, it was never a source of strife. Though when they stayed in towns, the occasional teasing came about. About his height, how scrawny he looked, among other things. But the one that made the least sense to the foal was how his flank was blank.

Violet knew that, like all good things, his cutie mark would come in time. 'Like a growing field of wheat when your cupboards are bare. If you try to rush it along, you'll only grow hungry. But bide your time and occupy your mind, and before you know it, it'll be there.' were among the words of wisdom his family instilled him with. Surely all ponies knew this? So what made it such a big deal to some foals, to try to rush their destinies and miss life along the way?

As the foal grew into a young colt, he tried his best to help his family in what ways he could. Cleaning around their campsites, helping cook, doing laundry and various odds and ends of work. When it came to finding ways to helping in town though, it was a lot more difficult. Too small to carry boxes, to young to work in the stores. It weighed on Violet quite a bit, though his family encouraged him regardless.

From town to town, city to city they traveled on. While he was more than willing to help where he knew he could, he also knew that he'd have to find a way to help himself someday. And so in each town the stopped in he would watch ponies work and try to emulate them. Never finding something that quite turned out how he wanted. Whittling was hard and more than a little dangerous with the knives. Cooking was something most ponies could already do, no one really needed that done for them.

But one evening, as the sun was being set in the sky and the moon rose over the horizon, Violet found his way to a campsite. Though not his family's. This one was smaller, with a cart only fit for a pony or two. Though gathered around were a few dozen, setting contentedly and watching somepony as the sound of jingling filled the air and a fiddle played a happy tune.

Making his way closer, the colt sat himself down with the crowd and watched as a pony danced about and played their tambourine. Violet smiled and swayed gently to the music as the pony entertained the crowed, who occasionally tossed bits into a basket setting nearby. Had he any, he would have himself. Quite some time passed while he watched this pony before it finally came to him. Entertainment! It seemed so simple really, everypony craved entertainment.

But would he be good enough at it, he wondered? As the show ended, Violet wandered up to the entertainer and asked them how they learned to dance and entertain, and if they could show them. And the pony replied. "By living. Everywhere is my teacher, every thing is a lesson. Entertaining isn't about spectacle. Songs and stories have no power unless it comes from you..." with a whisper they added.. "Come to me at dawn and I shall show you all the secrets that you need to learn to know what it is that you should see."

The colt was certainly excited, which made sleeping that night all the more difficult. But when the sun rose that morning, Violet quickly made his way to the appointed spot, eager to learn these 'secrets' this pony wished to impart to him. When Violet arrived, the sound of the fiddle filled the air once more, and a voice sang to the colt as magic danced around and painted a picture for him with spell and sound.

When the song was over, and the lesson taught, his new found mentor left him with one last verse. "If it's truly what you want then go live life and live it free... When you have the last verse you'll then know who you will truly be."

For several weeks they stayed in town, and for several weeks he pondered on what the last verse of their song could be. He roamed the quiet little town and took in the sights. Pieces of the pony's song popping into his head as he did. For all the traveling he and his family had done, the sights, the people, and their lives... He thought about his own travels, and how he truly has seen many things, different people, different lives that he has touched and been part of, or even only seen, however briefly. Experiences he has taken for granted having had in his life, and paid little mind. It was then he knew that these experiences are the threads that connect us all, and are where truth lives... and he saw the answer.

Rushing to the campsite, Violet quickly knocked on his teacher's door. Panting heavily the colt smiled up to them and said "I have lived my life and I have seen what I have seen, experience has taught me, who I truly am is me." His mentor gave Violet a smile and a gentle pat atop his head and said. "My little one, now that you know, it's time for you to start your own true journey. The future stretches ahead of you and past stays with you. With your family is a gift, to help you keep your steading." elated by this, the small colt gave his teacher a hug, and quickly as he came to the camp, sped back home.

After arriving back to his caravan, his parents greeted him with his gift the pony had left for him. The very tambourine that he saw being played when they first met! Violet was happier than he had been in quite a while.

Once more upon the road, Violet practiced and practiced. Learning songs from his family, dancing, writing stories. Everything he could think of to bring in a crowd. His family and friends behind him every step and note. And when the time came for him to try his hoof at it for the public, he used this encouragement and love to quiet his fears and doubts. Dressed in the nicest silken scarf and shiny baubles he could find, Violet cast his uncertainty aside and took up the tambourine his mentor gave him and headed into town as his family did.

Finding a nice spot in the town, the colt sat down his basket and called out for attention, a smile on his face as he pranced about, singing a song his mother had taught him when he was a little foal. At first the crowd was small, but soon it grew. And so too did Violet's urge to please the onlookers. As his song about beauty continued, Violet climbed deftly on top of a fruit stand nearby. Singing his heart out, his tambourine jingling beside him, he leapt from the top of the stand with a spin as the song neared its end.

Landing gracefully the crowed burst into rigorous applause, causing a blush to arise on the small colt's face. The clapping though wasn't just for his show. For as he landed on his hooves, his cutie mark branded itself upon his flank! A crescent shaped tambourine, being shined down upon by a heart shaped spotlight. Violet was so pleased by this, he wasn't even worried about how many bits the crowed had tossed in, the smiling faces and applause felt like gold to him. With his heart fluttering, the colt bowed and thanked his audience, waving farewell as they slowly dispersed.

With a spring in his step, Violet quickly gathered his things up and ran back to the caravan. His tambourine and the bits in his basket jingling all the while. When his family and the rest of the caravan had returned, the mood was swiftly one of joy and celebration. Through the night they celebrated and danced and sang together with the proud young Violet.

As time went on, Violet grew to be a stallion. Though one wouldn't ever guess it by looking at the small effeminate pony. And having gathered up enough bits, he commissioned a cart of his own to be built. One big enough for him to live in, but light enough that even he could pull it. And, deciding it was as good of a time as any to see the world his own way, he bid his family goodbye and set out upon his own road, to share story and song and happiness with any he should chance to meet.

Character Summary: Violet is a master of entertainment. He can dance and sing, and weave a tale to enrapture many a pony. Flexible and agile, he's not the strongest pony in the world, but he makes up for his lack of strength with stamina and heart. Magic wise he's as well rounded as your average unicorn, but tends to use more illusory spells to add some extra oomph to his performances.

And a heart does he have. To some he likely seems odd, with his tall tales, always swaying to music even in the silence. But he truly wishes to share the beauty of the world with anypony he can, even if that beauty is a fanciful make believe he paints for them with his words. With such a kind and loving heart, it's fairly easy to make friends with him. And unless you do something down right dirty, you'll have a friend for life.

When he's not busy entertaining, Violet loves to take his time to watch others, a habit he picked up when first searching for his talent. It's a way to learn things about others, without nosing into their lives! Though ponywatching isn't the only thing he does with his spare time. If there's a library in town, he can sometimes be found perusing books on magic and nature.

Though he's older now, Violet didn't do much growing in his life. More than once he's been mistaken for a schoolfilly skipping class, before an awkward conversation with the teacher at the schoolhouse. And though the fear may be unfounded, he always harbors a secret fear the someone will judge him for how small he is, like he's less of a pony. But he does what he can to push these fears aside for the sake of his art.

Text Colour: (#4C2882)

Poison Joke Reaction: Shrinks even smaller than he is now, about foal sized!

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