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Marble Pie (Ready)


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Role Play Type: World of Equestria

Name: Marble Pie

Gender: Female

Age: Older Filly

Species: Earth pony

Eye Color: Steel gray with a tinge of muted purple

Coat: A light shade of ash

Mane/Tail: Gun metal grey locks adorn this young filly’s features. She has a perfectly straight cut to her mane and tail, both ending in a perfect line. Her forelocks hang below her poll, resting just below her eye line. This gives her the ability to peer out from under them when she wants. Her mane hangs just to her neck line, her tail just to her hocks.

Physique: She is slightly on the pudgy side but this figure is kept in check by her work on the rock farm. She isn’t overly concerned about her weight or figure as she’s still a fairly young mare.

Residence: Marble resides with her parents, Igneous Rock and Cloudy Quartz, and her sisters, Limestone Pie and Maud Pie, on the Pie family rock farm in the rural area of Ponyville.

Occupation: Since she lives where she grew up and works, her occupation along with attending school is to work on the family rock farm. It is a working rock farm that is kept in good running order. Since orders for rocks come in from all over Equestria the farm consists of field grown varieties, and mine harvested types. The rock farm has a main house, a silo, fields, quarry, mines, and a barn. All of these structures are familiar to Marble as she grew up on the family farm. Though she works lots of different jobs, her favorite is working in the fields with her sisters. She likes this job the best because she gets to be outside but feels safe because she’s with her sisters.

History: Marble is the youngest of the Pie clan. She was born to loving parents who raised her with all the traditions and beliefs they thought a young filly should have. Her sisters were always good to her growing up and she loved them all very much. Since she was young, Marble was always a she filly. She had trouble making friends at school mostly because she was afraid to talk. Thought she had a sweet sounding voice and lots of ideas to share, for some reason she just didn’t want to talk. Her heart would start to race at the thought of speaking to other young ponies, or any pony for that matter!

One day her sister, Pinkie Pie, asked Marble why she never talked. Marble didn’t really have an answer but Pinkie just smiled and reassured her that everything would be fine. She went to school with Marble one day and told all the other ponies what a nice friend Marble could be. After they spent time playing together at school the other ponies started to come around and soon Marble was able to smile and even talk a little. It was a relief after spending so much time being scared to speak. She still didn’t talk a lot but at least she had a little more confidence.

Marble was sad the day Pinkie decided it was time to leave the farm. She really didn’t know what she would do without her sister. She tried to smile and encourage her sister to go live her dreams but inside it made her upset to see Pinkie go. Once she was gone, Marble went out into the fields to tend to the rocks. She moved some of the rocks around and then had a thought. She needed to be like the rocks. They were solid and able to keep rolling, no matter what the circumstances. That would be her! She would learn to be dependable like the rocks on the farm. They never let her down. They never let any pony down! That was when her cutie mark appeared! Three smooth marble stones, symbolizing her goal in life to keep rolling and be dependable.

Her family was so proud. Not only had she found her calling in life but she had also earned her cutie mark. Plus, it was a rock related mark! Since they had recently learned how to party, the family threw a big party in the barn that night for their little filly Marble Pie!

Marble is still not sure where to go in her life. At the moment she still lives on the farm thought recently she’s been going on trips into town. It’s hard for her because she’s so shy but it’s good for her too! The Apple family recently came to visit for Hearth’s Warming and she was able to make a connection with the crimson stallion Big Mac. Though he makes her blush and feel even more shy, she’ll stop by Sweet Apple Acres to say hello when she drums up the courage. So far he’s been a good friend to her and Marble greatly values her friends.

Cutie Mark: Three grey marbles arranged in a triangle pattern. The marbles have some texture to them, lines through them just like the grain in marble stone. She got her cutie mark at a young age and she is very proud of it. The mark symbolizes both a love in her life, rocks, and her desire to be dependable.

Character Summary: On first meeting her most ponies would be quick to label Marble as a shy and reclusive individual. She does however, have the courage to speak up for herself. When she’s around Pinkie Pie she’s much less apt to talk as Pinkie is willing to speak for her. She’s always been grateful for the help of her sisters, though she has also been trying to step out on her own a little more.

Marble has lots of manual skills from working on the rock farm and she’s also pretty strong for a young mare. Ponies are surprised at the size and weight of boulders she is able to shift. She doesn’t often have a use for her strength outside of rock farming and has been thinking about going out for her school’s hoofball team this coming season.

Marble is a little quiet at first but underneath that she’s a valuable friend to have. She’s a great listener and gives well thought out advice. She also really likes to go on adventures and have fun. She has been coming to Ponyville from the farm a lot lately with the hopes of making some new friends!

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