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[Suggestion/Question] Delete post button


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I suppose this counts as both a question and a suggestion.

On occasion, due to my internet connection being rubbish, my machine posts multiple times.

First time it happened here, I noticed there is no option to delete your own posts.

Is there a reason this option isn't here?

And if not, I'd like to suggest that it be added.

I tend to be a little OCD about this.

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Moderators can delete posts. If you want a post deleted, just use the report functionality to report the post.

The reason the button is not available standard is because of documentation. If someone breaks a rule- say, they start flaming and cursing- we need to see the post to take action. If someone can delete their own post, they could in theory evade punishment.

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Ok, I see your point. May I add a counter to this though?

It would seem to me an edit could be used to avoid punishment in the same way, unless admins have a way to see what it said before the edit.

How about a "Hide" post function? It would work essentially the same as "Delete", removing it from sight of everyone, including the person who posted it, but still being there for moderators to see. You might also consider labeling this button as "Delete" rather than "Hide".

But as I said, this is just my OCD when it comes to accidental multi posts.

Nothing I can't live without.

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