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  1. Checking in again.  Waiting on the day my classes are over and I can move somewhere with some internetz.  Looking forward to becoming active here again.

  2. I would say that you are, so you're wrong. =P Somepony akin to insects. (and on that note, I gotta go. Got things to take care of. )
  3. I am not "you", I am "me" therefor, wrong. A worthy opponent.
  4. So... We're having another round of this are we? Yet another battle between us, and the only casualty is Lyi's notifications. =P You.
  5. ONLY because my my browser alerts me when I get a new notification. (I don't even have to be on this site. Only need the browser open and close enough to hear the *ping*) Current online list and recent participation suggest QueenCerali would be a safe bet.
  6. I was once asked if I think too many people these days are ignorant and apathetic. I said "Don't know, don't care."

    1. Quillhart


      Oh,you goof. you make me chuckle x3

    2. Solana
  7. Correct! I most certainly am not this 'ShatterdCrown' of whom you speak. Someone with whom i've recently called a temporary 'cease fire'.
  8. Depends on which of my personalities you ask. Sherman isn't a fan... Someone with more OC's than me.
  9. So be it. We shall spread diabeetus, erm... Happiness across the land!
  10. *Accepts peace offering, and sends shipment of 100,000 cookies.* 10 chips per cookie sounds fair. Who would want a cookie with only 1 chip, right?
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