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(Ready) Starshine [Finished]


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Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Starshine (Star)

Sex: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Unicorn

Eye colour: Starshine has lavender colored eyes.

Coat: Her coat is made of dark grey and black hide.

Mane/Tail: Starshine has a fire like mass of mane, it's made of long thick pink hair that sprouts up all over the place. The mane covers her left eye and shrouds her vision. Star has a flowing tail of pink shades that go down to her back thighs, it sprouts out just like her mane.

Physique: Starshine has a slim physique and a long sharp horn.

Residence: Star lives in a Manehatten apartment, which is furnished in a Victorian style, under which is an adoption center where she works for at a small wage.

Occupation: As stated she works in an adoption center that handles creatures of all kinds, such as household pets and exotic breeds.

Cutie Mark: Star's Cutie Mark is the top portion of a star with two circles on each crevice. Starshine got her cutie mark in a prep academy, Star was taking an exam when the lights flickered out. Her teacher had left the room, and the fillies and colts around her let out yelps and nays, she tried calming her classmates yet she wasn't calm enough. She was petrified of the dark, and out of sheer fright emitted a powerful light from her horn, the artificial light flashed out into the hallway, which filled everyone with a calm warmth. The light quickly faded, but something else illuminated the room, in a brilliant flash of lavender a white cutie mark appeared in the symbol of light. While many thought her special talent was illumination, she knew that her talent was to make people feel better, to be the light in everypony's day.

Unique Traits: She has a wolf scar under her left eye, that is covered by hair.

History: Starshine was born in Canterlot, her name was a combination of her parent’s, Stardrive and Willow Shine, as the only child Star had an easy life. She lived in a roomy house with a scientist father and a veterinarian mother, her father was a weak user of magic and in order for his daughter to not follow in suit, he enrolled her in a prep academy. Star was a uniform student, she did as she was told and never talked back, she was like a robot, as if following rules was apart of her coding. Star didn't make many friends, nopony wanted a goody two hooves for a friend. She earned her Cutie Mark in class, which gained her a little school cred with the other ponies.


Her home life, was a constant move around, one day it was quiet and the next it was wild. Nothing was really at a permanent state until her little sister, Petalshine, was born. The small unicorn was a pesky, havoc wreaking lunatic, or at least that's what Star saw. Home became a zoo, in more ways than one. Her mom brought home strays, which started her love of animals, and her father teaching Petal the basics of life. Her father was a stay at home dad, because his research could be done at home, he stayed with Petal until she was old enough to go to school. While Star had been raised by her father, she much preferred her carefree mother, they connected much better. Since Petal had been raised by their father, she preferred him, which caused a lot of secret sibling quarrel.


Star moved out of Canterlot, after her school was over she wished to go pursue a big city career, on her way there, Star stopped on the road at night to watch the stars, not thinking she brought out a piglet she was helping, and out of nowhere a pack of wolves aproached her. Star being very maternal, instinctively protected the piglet and saved him. She did her best to get the wolves away, doing her best to move far down the road, yet one managed to snag her right below her eye. Once she was safe and bandaged up she went on to the city to find herself a perfect career and since a Veterinarian was hiring, Star worked there. She lived with some cousins for a year, when she rented the space under her apartment to run, Star’s Vet Station in the Stars. Her mother came up with it when Star was young, because Star missed home she used it. Star moved in with two other ponies who are always out on the town, Salty Swirl and SpringLeaf, they had been great friends back in Prep School, and the girls had pressed her to be more of a rebel. Star actually stood up for SpringLeaf in Manehatten, while it was so unlike her Star enjoyed the way the adrenaline rushed through her. Each of these events caused Star to be the pony she is today, and now she waits for her next adventure.

Character Personality: Starshine is an optimist to the extreme, she was often described as the light of life by her parents. While she has matured, Star is still a happy filly at heart, but living in the big city, you get some sass. She is quite crude to some stallions, unless they're in need of help or looking to adopt. She often has to act like a mother to her roommates, and is quite strict. She is quite independent, which is often her biggest flaw, she's not much of a romantic, and is still a tad socially awkward.

Character Summary: At an early age Starshine, a young inexperienced unicorn, was sent to a prep school, where she gained her Cutie Mark. She lived with her family until her studies were over, then she left for Manehatten, which led to her gaining a scar. In the city she met and lived with her cousins for a year, until she had enough money to move out. She then started an animal clinic and adoption center, which she lives above with her two best friends.

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Hello!  Friendly neighborhood RP helper Rackenhammer here.  I'll help you through our application process on the site.

I'm really liking what I'm seeing with this character, just a couple a quick question:  How did she get that wolf scar underneath her eye?  Did her mother bring home an animal she shouldn't have?


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Hi there :) Id be happy to do your second review!

i have one question:

her cutie mark story is fine but how does her cutie mark come into play in her life? She happened to have a light emit from her ho as a filly but what else does the mark tell us about her? How is it a part of her character?

let me know here when you've had a chance to look this over.

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One more thing: could you remove the mention of your OC teleporting wolves away? The act of warping beings from one place to another is a very high-level spell that only magic experts are supposed to know. Since Starshine is clearly just an average ole' unicorn, it's best if she sticks to using levitation magic in that one wolf incident. ^_^

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