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Yù Xīn [Ready]


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Name: Yù Xīn (玉心) (Jade Heart)

Sex: Female

Age: Young Mare

Species: Qilin

Eye Colour: Diamond Blue (#B9F2FF) with a line of sectoral heterochromia of Pastel Orange (#FFB347) that runs vertically through her right eye.

Coat: Light Jade (#00CC7D) fur with darker Jade (#00A86B) scales scattered on her back and haunches, while the more uniform scales on her snout and underbelly are Cream (#FFFDD0) in colouration. A set of white, antler like horns set atop her head as well.

Mane/Tail: Yù's mane is ebony black and curly, kept in nestled in a high ponytail. Her tail matches her pelt in colouration up until the tufting where it darkens to the same black as her mane.

Physique: As with many Qilin, Yù has a long and lithe form, standing taller than an average pony and reminding many of a deer at first glance.

Residence: Canterlot

Occupation: Dream Therapist. (WRAITH Operative, specializing in subliminal messages and imagery.)

Cutie Mark: A diamond blue stylized, broad stroked cloud in the shape of a heart.

Unique Traits: As a dream therapist, Yù is trained in several different breath magics that she combines to do her work. Primarily those that create sounds, smells, or lights within the mist of the cloud, as well as a few that help lull the patient to sleep. While most of the time this is used on a single client, if the need were to arise Yù could exert herself and broaden the radius of the spell, though this often leaves her rather tired and can cause headaches if done too often.

Having duped many qilin and ponies in her life, Yù has become a bit of an expert at lying, learning what her tells once were and how to avoid them. This combined with her line of work also make it a bit easier for her to tell when a pony is lying to her. Despite that though, she still can't tell when she's lying to herself...

History: Born to the far east of Equestria, Yù was raised in a quiet and loving home. While not the richest by any means, they never wanted for food or shelter, modest means for a modest family. Yù's father was the owner of a small grocer's market and her mother worked along with him. And the two of them were happy with their lives and meager possessions, Yù was not.

The young Qilin watched her friends and their families enjoy plays and concerts, new toys and fancy clothes. While every time she'd ask her parents, they just couldn't afford it. They would always tell Yù how they were saving up to be able to send her to a nice school when she was older, and that she just had to understand. With disappointment, she would nod and lie, saying she understood and she was fine. But inside she was envious and angry. Why would they put money where it can't be used? Why not worry about it when the time came? What if she didn't even want to go to a fancy school?

Yù had little choice in the matter though, her parents were like stone on this. And so without options, the young Qilin spent most of her after school time in her room, daydreaming and reading the few stacks of old story books that had been passed down through her family for years. It wasn't much, but at least it gave her something to do to pass the time.

There was one story that caught her eye every time she read it. An old fairy tale of Qilin who granted wishes with a special breath. The townsfolk would come and wish for grand things, the mysterious Qilin would work his spell, and upon the morning they'd receive their wish. Though sometimes what they wished for, wasn't exactly what they wanted. Wishes were tricky like that. It made her wonder, was there any sort of spell that could get her what she wanted? Her mother always told her that in every tall tale there's some measure of fact.

With this thought in mind Yù began to leave the house more often, wandering through the aisles of the city's libraries, which made her parents happy. Perhaps finally she was taking the thought of her future seriously.Though truthfully she was still impatient, hunting for any books she could on wishes. It was disheartening to find that every book dashed her hopes on wishes coming true, that it was merely myth and good things came to those who wait, and other nonsense like that. Far from giving up though, she turned to books on magic instead. After all: couldn't magic do anything if someone put their mind to it?

Alas Yù still found nothing that could help her. Aromatherapy, small contained weather clouds, mirages, colour changing clouds. None of it was even remotely what she needed! Though one day when she was calling it quits, Yù bumped into another Qilin as they were putting some books away onto a return cart. After a brief apology the other Qilin left, and Yù let her curiosity get the better of her and found what books they had put back.

Amongst the stack were a few self help books, useless, but the two that really caught her eye she snatched up. Books on dreams! It was a long shot, she was sure, but maybe there would be something that could help her. But as fascinating as all of it was, most of it was just on how to interpret dreams or the author's opinion on what certain dreams meant. But there was one phrase that kept popping out to Yù: 'dream therapy'. She hadn't ever heard of something like that before, but resolved to look into it tomorrow.

The next day the young Qilin left home bright and early, dashing to the library to make sure she arrived before anyone else. Hunting through the aisles for a while, she finally came across books with the topic she wanted. It turned out that dream therapy might just be her answer. Dream therapists help their clients with a specialized breath spell, a cloud with subtle smells and sounds, and even soft bursts of light that lingered over the sleeping patient. Subliminally helping them alter their dreams, or even push them towards staying on their diet or altering their daily schedule!

If she could learn how to do that, maybe she wouldn't have to wish for anything! Maybe she could just gently push what she wanted onto others! It was perfect! Checking out several books on the topic, Yù rushed home and locked herself away in her room, telling her confused parents that she was 'studying'. With how often she had gone to the library as of late, her mother and father didn't question it.

For weeks Yù read and re-read the books. None of the books she had checked out told her how to cast the spell directly, but with practice she slowly started to piece it together. From time to time she would return to the library to take a book back only to grab another. The book on aromatherapy, the book on small contained weather, all the books she labeled as useless would prove to be the key to figuring it out!

What followed were many hours of meditation, many hours of casting the separate spells, many hours of soaked manes and the smell of lavender lingering in her room. Not to mention how many headaches she earned from over exerting herself! Most Qilin her age knew better, sticking to breaths that were far more simple. But Yù was determined to get what she wanted, no matter the cost.

It took quite some time, longer than she would have liked, but Yù finally felt she had perfected the breath. But she would need to test it on someone first to be sure. She couldn't test it on her parents, if it didn't work she'd likely not get another shot at it. Instead, she waited until her family was asleep and stole away into the night. Wandering the quiet streets of the city, Yù happened upon a sleeping dog. Not the greatest of test subjects, but she had to start somewhere.

Meditating for a moment on just what she wanted this dog to do, she exhaled slowly and let the shifting and pulsing mist float over the dog's head. The only sign that anything happened was the dog's legs twitched softly before it rolled over. There would be no way of knowing if it worked tonight, and so once the breath had dissipated, Yù left for home and slept.

For several nights she repeated this one night alone wasn't enough to plant a message or an urge. The dog was easy enough test subject to find, always beside the same house, likely someone's pet. Every day she'd walk by that home, to see if the dog had done what she was planting in its head, but it never seemed to take hold. Perhaps dogs were too simple to use the spell on.

One last night she tried though, and as her spell lingered over the dog once more, a small flash on her flank caught her eye. Where once was a blank space, now set her own cutie mark! A diamond blue, stylized, broad stroked cloud in the shape of a heart. She was SURE it was working now! And with sheer excitement she ran home, not even waiting for the spell to fully end.

When the morning came, Yù showed her mother and father the cutie mark she had been graced with, and the breath spell that brought it to her. Though she conveniently omitted just what it was it did. Her parents were elated, and promised their daughter a nice meal this evening. 'Sometimes it's good to splurge' they said. It made her groan inside. Of course the only time they would treat her, was when something great happened. Never just because. Hmph.

With the last of the books she had balanced on her back, Yù made her trek to the library, taking a detour to check on her canine guinea pig. Which oddly enough was nowhere to be seen. Instead a couple of ponies stood near a tree, mumbling and glancing up in confusion. It was then that a bark brought her attention to what they were staring at! Up in the tree, at the highest branch was the dog, clinging onto the limb. Sure enough the breath had worked! It was a simple command, climb a tree!...She just didn't realize exactly how high the dog would climb. Or how it would get down. She shrugged to herself and carried on her way, it wasn't her problem!

What was her problem though, was figuring out what she'd do first! Done right she could get anything she wanted from her parents now! All it would take is time and she had plenty of that. Every night she could, she'd sneak into her parents room and let her spell work its magic. It took quite a few nights before anything came of it, but soon enough her parents had bought her dozens of new toys and even a few dresses! Something however, nagged at the back of her parents' minds. They weren't normally this frivolous with their money...

One night, her parents laid down for bed, but stayed awake to see if their suspicions were right. Sure enough that night Yù was caught. Her parents, more disappointed than angry, sat her down for a long talk about her punishment the next day. First, they returned every last thing they bought for her that she tricked them into. And second, they opted to move her to a private school, one that they hoped would teach their daughter more responsibility and consideration for others.

Her time spent in the school did teach her something. It taught her the value of secrecy. If she wanted to get what she deserved, she had to be more careful. Yù played along at the school, playing the innocent little Qilin, while at night she'd find ways to use her spell and practice it, making it better and better every chance she could.

When she was finally free of the private school and now a young mare, Yù had even her parents fooled. That she got over her greedy ways and instead wanted to help others with her gift. Which perhaps the latter was a little true, the satisfaction of helping someone overcome their fears or better themselves was rather nice...but not as nice as the gifts she could trick them into getting her.

Deciding to walk the line between greed and magnanimity, Yù decided to make dream therapy her profession. With her choice made, the young mare decided to leave for Equestria to set up shop. After all were her parents to catch wind of her deceit, everything she was working towards would come crashing down.

And so with a fond farewell, Yù made her to Canterlot. For a time it was difficult for her to find work. Luna, Equestria’s princess of night, often helped ponies who slumbered with their nightmares, so many would wonder what use dream therapy would be. But the few who did come in soon spread the word, and more and more ponies came to get Yù’s unique help. And over time...more and more ponies brought the crafty Qilin gifts.

Of course, certain groups have eyes and ears everywhere. And when word spreads through the common folk, you can be certain that word will spread to WRAITH. At first they watched, and then they sent in their own guinea pigs. To see just how well the Qilin’s magic seemed to work. And in time, they approached her in a more direct manner.

An offer was laid out on the table for her. They knew just what she had been doing, the subtle messages to trick ‘weak minded foals’ into lavishing her with gifts. She had a choice. To work with WRAITH and earn a chance at more possessions and wealth than she could dream of, in time. Or decline and be exposed for everything she had done.

Her choice was clear and the rules simple. Carry on like she had, get what she wanted if she so desired, help them with their petty problems. But now Yù would have to slip in WRAITH propaganda as well. The organization needed allies wherever they could get them, however they could get them and if brainwashing was what it took? So be it.

And now Yù carries on her business, both for her own greed, and in the name of WRAITH. And what happens to her clients afterwards? Well, it isn’t her problem. At least, that’s what she tells herself...

Character Summary And Personality: Yù is a very greedy young mare. Having grown up in a very modest home, she often wanted for worldly possessions that she couldn’t have which only brought her frustration. When she learned of the art of dream therapy, she quickly decided to learn and use the trade for her own gain. Which turned out very poorly in the end during her youth.

But now that she’s grown she’s once again using her skills for the wrong purposes, and while she does have a good heart deep down, caring deeply about the plights her clients come to her with, her own greed motivates her more than true altruism. And with the promises of wealth made by WRAITH, she wouldn’t dream of stopping now. She’d be afraid of what could happen, even if she wanted to.

Beyond her poor life choices, Yù comes across as a kindhearted and sweet mare. Often lending an ear to those around her, even when she’s not at work. She can often be seen wandering the streets of Canterlot, smiling and talking with patients and friends she sees on the street, or stopping in at a cafe for a cup of coffee. How much of this is her true kindness showing and how much of it is her keeping up appearances is hard to say.

Text Colour: (#00A86B)

Poison Joke Reaction: TBD

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Note - I am not a roleplay staff member, therefor my opinion is not official or related to verifying an application.


This is a very interesting application...


That text wall.



This is easily one of the most explained and detailed applications I've read, hands down. but, If polyblank is to judge, it would be advised to shorten it to smaller crucial information, because you're going to put off a lot of people by making it this long, and have mercy on those poor critics. Polyblank's reasoning for this would be that the majority of roleplayers they've played with have a short patience for character applications, and even the most thorough will find it disheartening to read three pages of text. If you want to make your character application easier to understand, I'd shorten this down - if you have a long story that's not absolutely necessary to understand your character you should leave an external link (Though Polyblank's not sure if it's allowed on the site). That will make it far easier to understand for those you wish to roleplay. So if you're going to take the advice of a Guinea Pig, I'd give you several options.

At the bare minimum -

Shorten your information haul. Polyblank cannot stress this enough, because it is the one thing that stands between most people and an explosion of praise. People are on the internet, where time is not a treasure trove. it's a few coins in our hole-riddled caps, and people won't spend it so willingly. If you're going to roleplay with people, They'll read your character application and can either A) be put off because they'll assume you're one of those roleplayers who likes to write several pages per post, or B) they'll miss information and you'll end up in the middle of a fight scene - "Wait, my character can't do that!" and the others will be annoyed. It's annoying people can't be willing to spend a few minutes, but tis' the truth.

If you're willing to spend a few minutes of work

- Provide a link to a google document or even a second post with the larger chunks Polyblank would advice this course of action the most, because it'll give you the best of both worlds. sticking with the absolutely-crucial-to-read stuff for your main area, and have a link saying "Full backstory here." this can be helpful for those who want to know everything (and critics) and can also make it easier to read for those not so dedicated to application reading.

That's just Polyblank of course though.


At first they watched, and then they sent in their own guinea pigs.

You Monsters.

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RP staff vary on how much text they like to see in an app. If it is relevant and adds a backstory for a character I am more than happy to read it. We would rather have the whole app appear in one post without external links. This is for the same reason we don't want links to pictures for description. Links can fail, written text does not.

i have read this app and it looks good to me. I like the history, it is creative and builds a personality for this character. I'll send it to Bellosh for final review as this is an extended canon species app. 

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34 minutes ago, RainbowPony said:


RP staff vary on how much text they like to see in an app. If it is relevant and adds a backstory for a character I am more than happy to read it. We would rather have the whole app appear in one post without external links. This is for the same reason we don't want links to pictures for description. Links can fail, written text does not.

i have read this app and it looks good to me. I like the history, it is creative and builds a personality for this character. I'll send it to Bellosh for final review as this is an extended canon species app. 

quite so - I am well aware roleplay staff can deal with these things. I'm considering after this application is posted, when you wish to reference it to other role-players, which are not always as considerate.

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5 minutes ago, Polyblank said:

quite so - I am well aware roleplay staff can deal with these things. I'm considering after this application is posted, when you wish to reference it to other role-players, which are not as considerate.

Thanks very much for not only giving a read, but givin a little feedback too c: I tend to get wordy and lengthy when I get really hit with inspiration, and likely at some time I'll make a thing to give people the general idea of the character. And maybe something that actually gives the general idea of all of my OCs. I do tend to give people who ask about my OCs the gist of things, but thanks again! <3

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