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Fluttershy [Ready]

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Name: Fluttershy
Sex: Female
Age: Young Mare
Species: Pegasus
Eye Color: Various shades of sparkling blue
Coat: Light butter yellow
Mane/Tail: Fluttershy’s mane and tail and quite long and full. Her tail is long enough to touch the floor behind her. Her locks are light pink and slightly curled on the ends.
Physique: She is slightly on the thin side, keeping herself trim is not something she has to pay attention to. This mare eats with an appetite similar to her butterfly friends. Overall she is quite dainty, with small less powerful than usual wings.
Residence: She has a small cottage on the outskirts of Ponyville. It is a quiet abode, perfect for all her little animal friends.
Occupation: Friend to any animal in need and caretaker of plants and animals of all kinds. She also has some veterinary skills but they are rudimentary as she has no certified training on the subject. She does know how to communicate with animals on intricate levels which helps her care for their needs both physically and emotionally.
Cutie Mark: Three lovely butterflies flit over the flanks of this kind pegasus
Unique Traits: Fluttershy has the innate skill to communicate with beasts of all kinds. Common house pets, to exotic creatures, Fluttershy can swap understanding with all of them. She has used these skills on numerous occasions to keep her friends and many cute animals out of danger’s way. The other trait that makes this pony stand out is her intense shyness and fear of what she does not understand. Though she is often quelled by her fears, when encouraged by her friends she is anble to rise to challenges that would usually be well beyond her reach. 


Fluttershy was born to loving parents in Cloudsdale. Rose Leaf and Sugar Dawn raised their little pegasus with loving hearts and open hooves. The little filly had a soft voice and a calm demeanor and even as a little thing she never needed to be scolded. Fluttershy seemed to know what was right and she always did her best to love and care for others.

Rose Leaf was an assistant nurse in the Cloudsdale hospital and was able to transfer basic knowledge of her techniques to her daughter. Fluttershy always liked spending time with her mother. They would quietly talk over cups of tea and go on short flights over Cloudsdale on bright sunny days.

Sugar Dawn, Fluttershy’s father also spend lots of time with his daughter. Sugar Dawn worked as an engineer in the weather department in Cloudsdale. Sugar Dawn had a knack for fixing things and Fluttershy often watched when he brought home projects to work on. Overall, Fluttershy had an idyllic fillyhood in a loving family.

Being sent to school soon shattered her notions of every pony being as loving and caring as her parents. Because she was slight of build and not at all a good flyer she had trouble fitting in at pegasus school. Of course flying was one of the first sets of lessons a young pegasus would receive at school. Fluttershy found herself lagging at the back of the class every time flying was on the agenda. Her parents felt bad for their little filly and so she was enlisted into pegasus camp. Though they had put her into the camp for extra flight training, they didn’t know it would lead to further bullying.

One day of camp Fluttershy was trying to stay out of the way when a set of bullies started making fun of her. They were calling her names like “Klutzershy” and basically tormenting the little filly. That was when a rainbow maned filly flew onto the scene! Before she knew it a race had ensued. A race to protect her honor! She perked up right away knowing that a new friend was sticking up for her.

WOOSH! The race was on! In the speed of it all Fluttershy was knocked form the cloud she had been standing on. Suddenly she was spinning out of control! Down, down, down, she went. The ground was spinning far beneath her. She couldn’t regain her flight even when everything was going well. There was no way she would be able to right herself now. Just when she thought she was in for a terrible crash a group of butterflies came to her rescue! They swarmed up and buoyed her from the fall. She was cradled gently to the ground and lay still in the grass for a moment.

When she had regained herself enough to take stock of her surrounding Fluttershy’s eyes sparkled at what she beheld! Green grass, beautiful butterflies, and the cutest animals she had ever seen. She began to prance and sing. She had finally found a place where she felt safe. A place where she fit in! Then a blast of colors sparkled through the sky. A Sonic Rainboom dazzled the little animals and sent them scurrying away to hide.

Fluttershy wanted nothing more than to calm her new friends and stay with them. The skills she had learned from her mother for soothing others and her problem solving abilities form her father came to the surface to mix with her love for natural surrounds. She was able to calm the animals and soon they all lay down in the grass together. She had never felt so good or so happy. At this point her flank flashed and her cutie mark, the same butterflies that had saved her life, appeared!

Later on Fluttershy made her way back to Cloudsdale and was excited to share with her parents what she had discovered. They were overjoyed that their daughter had found something that made her truly happy. Fluttershy continued her young life in Cloudsdale and when she was old enough she bought a small cottage on the outskirts of Ponyville. It was the perfect place. She was surrounded by the beauty of the natural world and still close enough to visit her parents whenever she liked.

It took Fluttershy quite a while to make friends in Ponyville. It was really because of the friendly nature of others that she was able to make connections. The boisterous Pinkie Pie was a friend upon first sight as Pinkie would have it no other way. A local farm pony also stopped in at the cottage to welcome the new neighbor with a smile and a jar of fresh apple cider. The same rainbow maned pony that had accidently given Fluttershy the chance to find her true joy in life became a friend as well. This pony was the one to introduce her to a lovely white unicorn who worked in Ponyville. Before she knew it, Fluttershy had lots of friends. She was and always will be incredibly shy but she is less so now that she has a core group of friends. This group was completed with the arrival of Twilight Sparkle and the many events that ensued after Twilight joined their friendship circle. Fluttershy is always learning from her friends. Along with many useful skills she has also learned much more about herself. Her life is firmly tied in with the lives of her friends and she would have it no other way.

Character Summary:

Fluttershy is the kindest pony anypony would ever hope to meet. She is soft spoken to a fault and forgiving past what would be deemed appropriate at times. She is willing to go along with others as long as what they are doing brings no harm and leads to more kindness. She supports her friends especially and wants nothing but the best for them. She automatically thinks the best of those she meets and it takes a big grievance to change her mind on the good in others. This has been viewed through many of her friendships and interactions over the years.

She will never give up on others. She often holds on much longer than anypony else would dare. She exerted this stubborn nature especially in her friendship with Discord. Long after her friends had written him off, Fluttershy refused to believe he couldn’t be reformed. Because of this she maintains a secure friendship with the lord of Chaos and meets with him often. She will given even the most unworthy of creatures a chance to prove that they have goodness in them.

Fluttershy is a great listener and as such she has knowledge of varied subjects. As her friendships are very diverse she know tidbits from every part of Equestrian knowledge from history to farming techniques. From fashion design to entertainment virtues. She knows a little bit about everything. Once she has gotten over being shy with another pony, she is a great conversational partner. Not only can she listen well but because of all her knowledge she has lots of interesting facts to share.

 She has a natural talent for working with animals of all kinds. She can calm the smallest bird or the largest dragon… though the dragons may need to be fixed with her patented Fluttershy stare first. Many times ponies come to her for help with their animal companions and she is only too happy to help them out. She even tried to care for the Princess Celestia’s phoenix, but it seemed in that situation even Fluttershy had learning to do on the care of magical creatures.

Many ponies are struck with Fluttershy’s natural beauty. Her soft features and her lovely coloration make many ponies stop in their tracks if only for a brief moment. This seems to go right past Fluttershy though. She doesn’t spend much time on her own looks beyond keeping herself well groomed. The fact that she doesn’t like to spend too much time out also keeps her oblivious to the attention she might attract form other ponies. She prefers to spend time with her closest friends or her animals friends at home.

Her strengths can also be her faults. It is all too often that her shyness has a crippling effect on Fluttershy. It might stop her in her tracks, or keep her from performing even the most basic of functions. She scares quite easily and often slinks into the background when her friends might need her to step forward. When she sees that somepony or animal really is in trouble, she is able to push past her fears. She becomes stronger than she could ever imagine when she is doing so for somepony else and not herself. Above all she can’t stand to see her friends scared or in trouble.

Fluttershy is a pony made strong by her friends. She is quiet and reserved but also has a bubbly and delightful nature when she feels comfortable. All around she is a lovely pony for others to get to know.




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Here's your RP Prompt at last:


How can you make the character unique, interesting, and expand on them beyond what we've seen in FiM? What happens after the episode ends? That is a question cast players are asked to answer. For your RP prompt, please give us a short example of the character doing what they do best. Be as creative and detailed as possible, and play them how you would in a live, opening roleplay. Be sure to finish your prompt with an opening for another character to realistically reply.

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"Oh Angel bunny! I just can't believe the day is finally here!" The yellow mare's lilting voice made Angel's ears fold downwards. The little rabbit tried to roll over in his bed but Fluttershy scooped him up and pranced around with him.

"It's the beginning of the annual counting of the butterflies event! All those cute little butterflies just waiting for us to greet them. They've only just come out from their cocoons and we'll be there to welcome them into the world as butterflies." Fluttershy's beaming expression changed to a look of concern as Angel wriggled from her grasp and stood thumping his foot on the floor. He pushed his food dish towards the sweet mare.

"Oh my goodness! Angel bunny how could I forget your breakfast? You must be starved after a whole night of sleeping." Angel nodded and kept on thumping.

After some clattering in the kitchen she produced a wonderful breakfast salad for the bunny, complete with shaved carrots on top.

"You must have more than that! You hardly touched the fresh melon and celery." Angel jumped towards the door and before she could catch him he was outside.

"Oh my what a wonderful morning!" Fluttershy flapped her wings lightly and hovered just above the grass. She peered down the path that lead to Ponyville. It was so nice and quiet living in her little cottage on the outskirts of the village. All her animals friends were the best neighbors she could ever ask for.

"I'm sure the others will be here any minute now. Oh I hope everything goes well today. I tried to tell everypony that they would need to extra gentle and quiet when they got here. It's so much easier to count butterflies when they aren't scared of big scary noises." Fluttershy landed back on the turf from where she had been hovering. "I do hope Rainbow Dash can stay calm today...she can be so boisterous sometimes. I just don't want any little butterfly to be upset."

She was more than happy to have so many ponies helping today. As usual she was a little nervous about the whole thing but how bad could it be when all her fiends would be there?

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