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Name: Rarity
Sex: Female
Age: Young Mare
Species: Unicorn
Eye colour: Various shades of blue
Coat: On first glance it may appear white but her wondrously groomed coat is actually a very light shade of grey.
Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are brushed at least two hundred times each day before painstakingly forming them into perfect purple spirals.
Physique: Rarity is a mare with indoor tastes, preferring a trip to the spa over a trip to the gym. She does however, keep herself fit. Her figure is charming, neither muscular nor thin. She takes care of herself to the utmost, always making sure she is a pleasure to behold.
Residence: Ponyville is her home sweet home and the place where her first Boutique was opened. She also holds a second Boutique in Canterlot.
Occupation: Rarity is first and foremost a creative fashion designer. All of her designs come from her heart and are originals. She is also the head businessmare in charge of Carousel Boutique. Along with her holds in the fashion world she is also the keeper of the element of Generosity.
Cutie Mark: Three diamond cut gemstones grace this mare’s flanks. They are light blue and faceted in design.

Unique Traits: Rarity is on the forefront of the fashion industry. She may view the talent in others at fashion events but none can equal her in creativity. Her designs are legendary, even being worn by Princess Twilight Sparkle at important royal events. Ponies line up around the block when she debuts new designs and the fashion world waits on the treads that spur from her efforts. She is so creative that she feels it simply dreadful to have to create more than one of any of her designs. She prefers to design based on the individual pony to allow them to feel truly comfortable in their special creations. There is no pony that can match the creative expertise of Rarity. From princesses to pop stars, her hoof mark is permanently etched into the couture world of Equestria.

Part of the reason her designs fit the ponies she makes them for so well is her generosity. Rarity will go to great lengths and beyond to make sure ponies feel cared for. She cares so much she would even sheer off her own wonderful tail to help another creature out. Her ability to put in long hours and put her heart and soul into each design she creates is fired by her spirit of generosity.

Rarity grew up in Ponyville with her two loving parents. They adored their little filly and did what they could to bring her up right. Though they both lead important business and social lives they always managed to spend time with their little filly. As many loving parents do, Rarity’s parents tried to teach her the best ways they knew how. Her family was moderately wealthy and it wasn’t long before the young Rarity noticed that she had toys and nice things that other little fillies at her school did not. 

One of the best presents she had been given by her mother early in life was a sewing machine with many different fabrics and threads. When they spent time together Rarity’s mother would often show her stitch patterns and various designs. Rarity took a liking to clothing design right away! It wasn’t long before she was coming up with unique patterns and asking her parents for more buttons, buckles, and fabrics to decorate with. Her parents were proud and gave their filly what they could to help her with her new found passion.

Eventually the time came to put her creative efforts to good use! She was asked to design costumes for the school play! Every pony loved the designs but they just didn’t have that edge that Rarity had wanted them to have. The audience liked the costumes but they weren’t astounded the way she wanted them to be. She was trying to think of what else she could add to make the costumes really special when her horn lit up! Next thing she knew her horn was dragging her down the road away from the play. For a while she fought it but eventually she just let her horn take her where it wanted to go. It led her to a giant…rock.

The filly was so upset! Not only was she not at the play, now she was here in front of a big silly rock. What was she supposed to do with a rock? A moment later a huge blast of energy and color rent the sky and the rock split open. Glittering gemstones of all sorts lay inside! Rarity’s eyes lit up. She knew exactly what to do! Soon the costumes for the play were an eye catching glittering display. The audience erupted in cheers and applause when they beheld the wondrous glittering array. It was then they she spied her cutie mark on her flank! It was her destiny to make others shine with her talents and skills.

Rarity moved full force on her new calling in life! Once she graduated from school in Ponyville she enrolled herself at several design institutions and then attended the Manehatten School of Beauty and Design. She loved her experience in the big city and it only aided her in her creativity. Her instructors often let her go her own ways with lessons as she was outmatch by no pony in the field of creative design. She won many honors during her time in school and graduated with a prestigious degree.

After graduation she had planned on staying in Manehatten to open her first fashion boutique. Since she had graduated with such high honors there were several designers willing to back her first venture. She was so excited to start her career! However, family came first. Her parents, over extended in their careers, asked if she could watch over her younger sister Sweetie Belle for a while. It was a huge decision but in the end she would not let her family down! She returned to Ponyville and opened her first boutique there so she would be close enough to help care for Sweetie Belle. The two still share more of a mother/daughter relationship than most sisters would.

After opening Carousal Boutique Rarity continued to watch over Sweetie Belle until her parents were able to take over the responsibility once more. A while later Rarity met Twilight Sparkle. This friend along with all the others she had met in Ponyville accounted for her life becoming a whirl wind of adventures. It would be exciting enough just to be the top fashion designer in Equestria but Rarity is also the keeper of the element of generosity and a close friend to the newest Princess of Equestria.

Character Summary:

Rarity is a friendly and charming mare to know. She tends to intimidate some ponies though once a pony gets to know her they can see that she is a true blue friend. She is willing to give her all for others and sees the brightest possibilities in others. She loves to help others learn who they are and to be comfortable with themselves. Her creativity knows no bounds and she can come up with entire wardrobe concepts based off of a pony’s likes and personality. Her styles have been featured in the most prominent ways all across Equestria. Princess and pop stars wear her line, she has been a feature cover on countless fashion magazines, and she is the talk of the town at fashion gatherings of all kinds.

Rarity is generous to fault. She will give until it hurts and then give some more. Not only does she go to great lengths to help others but she often appears at special events and fund raisers to help various ponies with their philanthropical undertakings.  At her boutique she often gives discounts and even gives out specialty items when she thinks it will help another pony out.

She loves the charge she gets from a crowd! Though she didn’t get to start her business in Manehatten she will always remember the way the city made her feel. She loves to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle, the glitz and the glam that make up a big city. She has learned many lessons over the years, one of those being the opening of her second Boutique in Canterlot. She wants to please others but she has learned that sometimes she needs to put her hoof down to get things done the way she knows is right. She has become quite the savvy businessmare over the years which only adds to what she can give to others.

As far as faults, she has as many as any pony. She often spends far too long making herself look perfect. She cares a great deal about what others think of her to the point that they will go against her better nature. She takes poorly to anything that is not praise and has a very hard time dealing with not being the absolute best in her business. She has been known to work overly hard and to put too much pressure on herself. Rarity can also be an over the top flirt if the mood takes her and she has trouble coping with not getting what she wants from another pony. Thankfully when the hard times come Rarity has been gifted with the best attribute anypony could ever ask for, good friends.

Overall Rarity is as charming and pleasant a mare as anypony would ever want to know. She is faithful, kind, and generous to a fault.



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Here is the prompt:

How can you make the character unique, interesting, and expand on them beyond what we've seen in FiM? What happens after the episode ends? That is a question cast players are asked to answer. For your RP prompt, please give us a short example of the character doing what they do best. Be as creative and detailed as possible, and play them how you would in a live, opening roleplay. Be sure to finish your prompt with an opening for another character to realistically reply.

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"Oh Opal darling? Opal?" Rarity trotted into Carousal boutique with a saddle bag over her back. She set down her shopped and glanced about.

"Opal, where are youuuuuuuu!" She sang out a the words as she looked for her precious pet.

"There you are!" She spied the fluffy kitty on a pile of fabric scraps. "Those aren't for you dear. Those are for the girls." She tried to move Opal but the kitty resisted with a little growl. "We're going to make some lovely new designs with these scrap pieces."

"Well suit yourself, but I'm sure Sweetie Belle and her little friends will have you shifted soon enough." She trotted back to her saddle bags and started to sort through her purchases. "Let's see, oh yes! Fancy salad mixes, extra sequins, a few new colors of hoof polish, and... a tray of special order candy apples and sweet from Sugar Cube Corner!" She set out the items where they belonged. "This is going to be so much fun Opal! We haven't had a chance to properly celebrate yet and I'm just so excited Sweetie and her friends are coming for a sleep over tonight!"

The beautifully kept mare set about organizing a little bit. Once this was finished she trotted up to the window. "I wonder when they'll be here..." The sun was getting lower in the sky and the Cutie Mark Crusaders had told her they would be at the boutique a little before sun down. "Oh! I'm so proud of my little sister and her friends! A Cutie Mark spa night is just the way to celebrate a newly acquired mark!"

Opal growled again and narrowed her eyes. If there was one thing she didn't enjoy it was rowdy guests intruding on her space.

"Oh come now darling, this is going to be a very special and quite fun evening!" Her ears perked up. "I do believe that's them!"

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