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Species: Sea Pony

Sex: Male

Age: young adult

Body Color: Shoo has golden fur that sparkle brightly in the sun covering most of his body.  His underside has fur that are more creamy in color. Running on either side of his mane along his crest is a streak of bright turquoise and green.  His forelegs end with black hooves. His tail fin fans out in the manner of a betta fish.

Mane/Tail: He has a long and flowing mane of pearly white. His forelocks are the same length as his mane and hang down over his face. Since he is almost always submerged in water his locks swirl about him in waves. 

Physique:  As he spends his life underwater he is fit and toned for a life of swimming. He has well-defined musculature though his muscles are streamlined with his body. He has an angular face resembling that of an Arabian horse with a dish nose. He is quite the elegant creature to behold.

Residence: A coral reef of the shore of Suntrot Bay

Occupation: Free roamer and occasional tour guide

Cutie Mark: An orange swirling sun with rays that touch a turquoise blue wave.

When Shoo was a youngster growing up in the castle of Okeanos he would often sneak out to go exploring. He never got too far since his parents were diligent and assigned palace guards to keep an eye on him. He would often be brought back, struggling against guards the whole way, wishing that he could go further in his explorations. He was never one to enjoy staying in the palace and to pass time he would ask for permission to go to the markets held in greater Okeanos. His parents would grudgingly allow him to do so, though they could never understand why their son did not enjoy being surrounded by only the finer things of life.

Shoo very much enjoyed surrounding himself with creatures from all roads of live. The markets were a wonderful place to mingle with lots of creatures and Shoo loved every moment of it. It was during this time period that he took on his nickname "Shoo", shunning the title of being a young prince. He ran across another sea pony who told him that he had come from Coralline. The prince was fascinated with the idea of such a long journey. All he wanted was to be free to explore on his own! By the time he was done with the conversation his cutie mark had appeared!

The rays of the sun carry on for such a long distance. When they touch the water, they continue to move on. Nothing can stop them! Shoo wants to be like this. Free to go where he chooses with nothing to hold him back! He is a free spirit and loves his room to roam.

Unique Traits: Shoo has the ability to create air pockets in the water strong enough to support an air breathing pony under the water. Part of his business is to take ponies on undersea adventures and this job depends on his ability to create these pockets. They appear as bubbles and hold enough air to keep a pony comfortable for quite a while. The production of these bubbles is simple enough. He is able to blow them quickly and efficiently from his muzzle.

He can be summoned to various watery locations in response to a special shell being dropped in the water. This trait has been seen in a variety of sea ponies though it is unknown if all of them can preform this feat.

Though he has no cutie mark to speak of when he is very excited the scales along his dorsal fin pick up a shimmering sheen. Though it is not magic, there is something quite mysterious about the sea pony race.

Character History:

Shoobeedoo is actually a nickname the sea pony gave himself. His true name is Prince Suntail Wharfington Regallia of the Okeanos though he would never wish to be known by that title. The stallion was born to the royal family of the Undersea Kingdom of Okeanosas the son of Prince Depthfathom and Princess Pearlscales. From the time when he could remember, Shoo couldn't stand being part of the royals. He wished to be one of the common sea ponies. He would often see them playing and cavorting from his tower in the royal castle. He couldn't stand how his parents made others bow and scrape and how they taught him that he was better than others. He knew he wasn't. Each creature was special, unique, and worthy of consideration.

This view of the sea did not go well with Depthfathom. The strong sea stallion tried to bend his son to his will, only driving him further away. Shoo would look for any escape from his royal duties and from the castle itself. He refused to learn the formalities of being a royal sea pony and once he was old enough, he fled for good. His parents were heart broken at the departing of their son. They had been angry but then when he was gone they just missed him terribly. Though they tried to reach out to him, Shoo refused to return to the castle. He did forgive his parents but will never consent to the life of a prince.

The royal castle of the sea ponies of Okeanos is located somewhere outside Bridleback Shore and Unyasi. Shoo decided to take up residence in a reef alcove not far from the shores of Suntrot Bay. From here he could make new friends with other sea dwelling creatures and even communicate with those who lived on land! He would often swim in to the shores and spend time with the surfers, and beach goers of Suntrot.

One day when Shoo was hanging around in the shallows of the bay he made friends with some fun ponies. He so much wanted to take them to see his home and the wonders of the undersea world. It was then he remembered a trick he used to use when he was a sea colt. He stuck his muzzle in the water and blew a big bubble! Why not give it a try? He had one of the ponies step into the bubble and it held him! Soon he was pushing two bubbles with ponies off into the water to see his home! It didn't take long for the trend to catch on and soon he had a little tourist business going. He would take ponies on an undersea adventure in his sea pony bubbles and then bring them back safely.  Of course the bits he gained were of little use to him so he usually runs the business just for friendly conversation.

Shoo is happy where he lives. He communicates with his parents but has no intention of returning home. He hopes that one day they might see the world more as he does and maybe even come to visit him.

Character Personality:

Shoo is a care free happy go lucky individual. He is good at making conversation and ponies usually feel at ease around him. He loves his home and what he does. Basically he is one happy sea stallion. He does have a soft spot in his heart for his family. Though he can't live with them because he doesn't like the formality of the royal life he wishes they could live s he does. It would be so much better in his opinion to live a free and happy life than to deal with the activities and affairs of being a royal.

He will quickly move into deep conversation with others. He generally cares about others and loves to laugh when others laugh. He will also shed tears with another when needed. Nothing makes him feel better than to help others out. His laid back manner and surfer accent make him easy to spend time with. Lots of ponies and sea creatures seek Shoo out when they need to relax or talk to somepony who cares.

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A few things:

  1. According to our Lore, sea ponies (hippocampi) resemble ponies more than fish-like creatures. Note the seal-like coats, lack of dorsal fins, and the presence of cutie marks.
  2. Please include Residence and Occupation fields for the benefit of other RPers.
  3. We have at least two underwater cities where sea ponies live. Perhaps make use of Okeanos or Coralline?
  4. As sea ponies are quite akin to other ponies, I'd imagine that a ruling monarch is styled as prince/princess instead of king/queen. Just my feelings though....

The rest of the app seems solid though. :)

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