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Apple Bloom [Ready]

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Name: Apple Bloom, aka Abby to her friends

Sex: Female

Age: Filly

Species: Earth Pony

Pelt Color: A light creamy butter yellow

Mane/Tail Color & Style: Abby's mane and tail are both Apple family red. Her locks are a bit on the fluffy side and suit the filly just fine and dandy! She is rarely seen without the large pink bow that sits just behind her ears.

Eye Color: Varying shades of apple cider amber.

Cutie Mark: Abby recently received her cutie mark with her two best friends! All three share the same background and the same colors for the foreground emblems. The shield is deep pink, purple, and light pink in vertical stripes. In front of this Apple Bloom has a dark purple apple and in front of this is a light purple heart. (The meanings for these are in the history section of this application.)

Physique: Abby is one fit and ready filly! She grew up eating balanced meals cooked by none other than her Granny Smith and occasionally her big brother or sister. She started working on the farm as soon as she was able, wanting nothing more than to live up to the examples set before her. Over her formative years she grew up happy and healthy, ready to face whatever challenges lie before her!

Residence: She has her own fairly tidy room in the main farmhouse of Sweet Apple Acres

Occupation: At the moment Abby is a student and is still deciding what she wants to do with her life when she grows up.

Unique Traits:

Apple Bloom is really good and fixing things. This may result from the fact that she grew up on the farm or it may be an adaptation from necessity. All the years of Crusading for their marks meant multiple types of damage to various items.

She is also interested in karate though she is not super skilled in the art form.

Abby is an excellent leader. She had begun growing this talent and has a long way to go but ponies naturally look to her for leadership at school and in the CMC.


Apple Bloom was born to loving parents in the main farm house of Sweet Apple Acres. Her brother and sister had been born in a similar fashion and the aforementioned ponies immediately took Abby under their wings. This was especially important when both parents were sadly taken from the family in a tragic accident. This event, though it was heart wrenching to the core was fundamental in shaping the ties that Abby has with her siblings and granny.  She was too young to feel the brunt of the loss but turned to depending on the other members of her family in place of her lost parents.

Growing up on the farm was the perfect upbringing for the little filly. As soon as she was able to, Apple Bloom joined Big Mac and AJ in the fields and groves of the famed apple farm. She learned everything necessary to look after a farm manually. She also learned honesty, loyalty, hard work, and care in one's labor in her early years. Along with this critical set of lessons, she also learned to get up when she was knocked down. Labor on the farm does has its share of bumps and bruises. These are traits she has hung onto though like any young filly she is still learning.

When she was old enough she was enrolled at the public school in Ponyville. Because of her perky nature, her winning personality, and her cheery demeanor she made friends within the first couple hours of attending school. Her teacher was quite impressed with the young filly's performance as a student. She was able to listen well, take instruction, and be responsible in her studies. This earned her top marks and she was one happy apple!

As time went on the young fillies and colts began to grow up. One by one ponies would strut into school baring the marks of their futures on their proud flanks. Of course Apple Bloom was overjoyed for her friends! Who wouldn't be! It was like the biggest most important thing that could possibly happen to a little pony and she was so proud that her friends were gaining their marks. of course she was also excited to know hers must be just around the corner...

More and more time went by and this didn't happen. Some of her friends drifted away, while others began to hang out without her. Abby was saddened by this and this sadness eventually turned to a glum state of "blank flankness". When she was invited to Diamond Tiara's party she didn't even want to go. With a little prodding from AJ she eventually ended up there, cowering behind various objects to hide her flansk. It was at this same party that she ended up meeting her two best friends, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. The three quickly formed a bond based on their lack of cutie marks,

They formed the Cutie Mark Crusaders soon after meeting and have been inseparable ever since! Before the most recent of events the three were often on intrepid adventures striving for the marks they were destined to receive. Mountain climbing, ice skating, pole vaulting, knitting, baking, under water basket weaving...the list went on and on. They would not stop until they had earned their marks! This brought bumps and bruises but Abby knew how to rise from those sorts of defeats. She became a leader of sorts for the three of them, calling meetings to order in her old tree house turned club house.

The school elections took place and the CMC were in the ranks of those ready and willing to vote! The choice would be between Diamond Tiara, the reigning ruler of the school's student political system, and Pip Squeak, the definite under dog. Through a cascade of events it became the pivotal moment in the life for all three crusaders. They discovered more of who Diamond Tiara really wanted to be and tried desperately to help her make decisions that would lead her in that direction. Up till the last moment they were at Diamond's side, or blocking her path, trying to help her see the light of her cutie mark!

In an amazing event not recorded before in Equestrian history all three ponies got marks at the same time, each mark tying to the others! The background for each was the same, a shield of light pink, dark pink, and purple. On top of the shield were two marks, one set inside the other, showing the defining features of each crusader. Apple Bloom's two marks included an apple in the background to symbolize her ties to her family and the lessons she has learned from them. Then there is a heart in the foreground, representing her heart and drive in life. She lives with her heart on the line, keeping her convictions close and caring for others as she feels lead to.

There future is set before them! The CMC still meet but now with their new life goals at the forefront, to help other discover their marks and learn how to be true to themselves! One thing is certain, the CMC will never be separated!

Character Summary:

Apple Bloom has grown up quite a lot in the last year or so. One of the big factors of this was of course getting her very own cuite mark! This was probably one of, if not the most exciting day in Abby's life. She has had lots of great experiences but nothing quite like getting her mark along with her two best friends!

This filly is pretty much a top notch friend. She is cheerful, charming, and honest. She tries hard to emulate her big sister in the way she is a friend to others. There's no pony quite like Apple Jack and Abby couldn't be more proud to be the sisters of such a super pony! Sometimes this emulation can get her into a bit of a fix as she has trouble mincing words. She usually comes out ok but sometimes ponies can get the wrong idea when she tells them how it is honestly.

She is also a very loyal pony. Especially to her family and her friends. She holds Sweet Apple Acres dear to her heart. it is her namesake and the one place she knows she will always belong. She's not sure she will always live right on the farm but her heart will always reside there. The ties with her family are super tight, nothing gets between Apples after all! She loves her two best friends dearly and would do anything for them. Abby knows that in many ways the other two look to her for leadership and she does her best to fit the part. She is a good leader and has proven herself to be so on many occasions. 

Apple Bloom is also a young filly and she is still learning. She may be growing up but she is still learning the lessons every young pony must learn. One of these is that though she loves to be with her friends, there's also lots more to life that she can try on her own. They spend so long crusading together to find their marks that now she finds herself a bit out of place. Each of them is unique and they don't always have to do the same things. Abby is still getting used to the fact that her two best friends won't always be right by her side. All three have a pact that they will always return to each other, even when they do different things.

Sometimes Abby can get a little upset. When she is sad or frustrated she often lets these emotions get the best of her, overpowering her true blue nature. When this happens she will often retreat to her room or possibly the clubhouse to churn. When she does get this way she needs help from AJ or Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle to get her out of her funk. She gets better at getting things under control as time goes by but she still has a long way to go with this.

As she did just earn her mark, she is just setting out on the newest adventure in her life. Growing into the mark she has been given. What exactly it looks like to help other ponies find the nest versions of themselves is yet to be seen. But she won't back down, she won't give up! She'll keep going with her head held high and her friends by her side! Cutie Mark Crusaders forever!




"Yee haw!" Apple Bloom cantered down the main road that lead towards the Sweet Apple Acres farm house. "Apple Jack! Apple Jaaaaack!" She called out breathlessly as she continued on her way.

Today had been a doozy that much was for sure! Not only had the Cutie Mark Crusaders held one of their new and improved meetings in the club house but amazing happenings had taken place! They had held a couple meetings before and it had taken them a little while to get in the swing of things but they had it running pretty well now. Aw, who was she kiddin'? Things were going really really great! Good enough that one filly had actually earned her mark in the club house just a couple minutes ago!

After spending a few minutes congratulating the filly profusely on her achievements Abby couldn't help but tell her sister what had happened! She really hoped she could find AJ and bring her back to meet the filly with the new mark. 

"Ohhhh, come on AJ...where are you?" She muttered to herself as she looked this way and that. Then she saw a tree just off the path shimmy and a bunch of apple fell down to the ground. "Ah ha! She must be apple buckin'!" Abby turned off the main road and made her way through the trees until she saw her sister up ahead.

Apple Bloom's heart surged as she trotted up to Apple Jack. Nothing made her feel as good as when her big sister was proud of her. Well that and when Big Mac was proud of her! She would have to find him too!

"AJ! AJ! You'll never guess what just happened!"

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