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Martingale Mist(Ready)

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Name: Martingale Mist aka Chief Gale

Species: Unicorn

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Her eyes are a shining silver color.

Coat Color: Her coat is extremely soft and the palest white. Since her skin has a slightly silver tinge to it, her coat tends to pick up a silvery sheen. As the fur travels down her legs it becomes darker and darker, ending with black hooves.

Mane/Tail: A salt and pepper look; almost translucent white mixed with black.  Her locks are very long, straight, and flowing. They seem to shimmer, especially in moon light. She keeps her mane and tail tied up tight when working at the department. Not a good a idea to have ones hair getting in the way of their job.

Residence: A upper level apartment in downtown Manehatten. A jumbled mess of a living space, she rarely has time to retreat to her home. Its filled with papers, used coffee cups, crime reports, and other reminders of her job. More often her residence is her office in the department. It's stacked full of papers and coffee mugs just like her apartment. She's spent many night sleeping at her desk in the MPD.

Occupation: Police Chief of the Manehatten Police Department.

Cutie Mark: A shining golden police badge emblazoned with a silver heart


Unique Traits:

Hoof to hoof combat: She is quite skilled and various locks and holds as trained by the police academy of Manehatten.


Spells: She has mastered a variety of useful skills as she went through the academy as a unicorn in the force. Normally, it takes the heat of an actual crime scenario for her magic to be at its peak. Casting these more advanced spells does tire her after a time.

Lock Up> Can freeze a pony in min stride for a couple of seconds. It can be fought out of, but is quite strong upon casting.

Blinding Light> Causes her horn to emit a light so bright it can rob others of vision for a time (works best at night)

Truth Serum> Allows her to wrest the truth from various ponies. This one can be fought but it takes a good deal of strength to do so.



Martingale was born to loving parents in a small home on the north end of Manehatten. She was always quite different from her siblings, being of a soft and gentle nature as a younger filly. Her brother and sister were outgoing and rugged. When they would tussle as young ones, Martingale would stand to the side to avoid the conflict even though it was only in play. She would instead choose to assist her mother in the kitchens or find a little game to play on her own. The one time she would join in was when her siblings engaged in organized sport activities. Though she was generally kind and soft, she had a competitive spirit to her and often did well. The more she played, the better she got. Until eventually she could beat her siblings in various activities including running races.


During her youth she was generally liked by her peers, mostly for her kind nature. She also made many friends by playing various sporting activities. She enjoyed school for sports and as it turned out made many of the teams she tried out for. Over time, she became extremely competitive. This became a detriment to her kind nature. It was soon edged out by a brash, over confident personality that got her mixed up in the wrong crowds.


The more time she spend like this, the harder she became until one day when she took part in bullying some ponies from a rival sports team. In one moment she remembered who she used to be! She stopped what she was doing and began to stand up for the ponies she had been bullying. Her friends didn't understand at first but she talked to them and eventually helped them to see her way. When this occurred, her flanks began to tingle and her mark appeared!


It was a golden shield with a silver heart emblazoned at its center. At first she didn't understand what the features of the mark really meant but she soon found out! Righting the wrongs she had done during her brash phase took a while. She had to mediate, ask for forgiveness, and generally work for the better of other ponies. Though it was hard work, and took a great deal of humility she came out stronger from the process. She also learned that skills such as these could be quite useful in other areas of life. It was her physical education teacher in high school that first told her about the police force.


From that day on she was hooked! As soon as she was old enough she registered for the junior police academy. Years of heard work at the academy, community service and dedication to keeping the city of Manehatten safe and clean finally landed her in her dream position. Police Chief of the Manehatten Police Department!


Character Summary:

Martingale is an excellent leader. She has the innate ability to juggle many ponies at the same time and motivate them to whatever end is needed. This skill is partially what landed her the position of Chief of the MPD. She also had a well developed sense of justice. Martingale would go to the ends of the earth to see justice served, especially for ponies that are down trodden or young. She comes from past where she made some mistakes so she has an ability to motivate and encourage other ponies to make good choices in life.


She is an excellent problem solver, more from practice in her profession than anything else. Though she still makes mistakes, it is seldom that she does and most look to her for trustworthy and knowledgeable leadership.


Though she has little time for relationships, she can be quite flirtatious when the mood takes her. There may even be a special stallion on the force at the moment that she has her eye on...


This unicorn eats, sleeps, and breaths the MPD. It's really all she knows and the one mane focus of her life. Most would say that she really needs a life but she would say she has the most exciting life in Equestria!

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