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Silver Spoon [READY]

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Name: Silver Spoon

Gender: Female

Age: Filly

Species: Earth Pony

Eye color: Varying shades of muted violet

Character color: Silver's pelt is a deep gunmetal grey with no variance throughout

Mane/Tail/Other: Her mane and tail are a slightly lighter gray than her coat color. There is a streak of very light gray running through both mane and tail. Silver Spoon always keeps herself presentable. Her locks are brushed to a polished shine and there is never a hair out of place. Her forelocks are brushed into place above her eyeline. Her mane is always kept in a braid that trails over one shoulder and is tied off by a pink band. Her tail is brushed at minimum of one hundred strokes per day. It curls naturally up just below her hock line.

Physique: She is a bit on the trim side compared to most fillies her age. She doesn't do much to maintain this figure though she is careful about what she eats. Since she wants to portray herself as a certain kind of pony, keeping the right physique for her is important.

Residence: She lives in a very modest villa at the edge of Ponyville with her mother and father.

Occupation: Student at Ponyville Elementary and recent recruit to the Cutie Mark Crusaders. She hopes to someday become a lawyer.



Cutie Mark: A silver spoon of course! What other mark would she have? The spoon is ornate having a handle with filigree design. This is embedded with a small pink heart at the center.


Unique Traits:

Silver is never seen without her sky blue framed glasses. It is true, she does need them to see. She made sure to match the frames with her favorite necklace as she pretty much always wears that particular piece of jewelry.


Though it took her a while to find herself, she is quickly blossoming into a young mare with self will and purpose. In her earlier years she was often seen as a follower as she found self assurance in having a more powerful friend to tag along with.



Silver Spoon was born to loving parents though they didn't always have as much time for their little filly as she would have liked. Being wealthy wasn't what kept them away, it was their jobs most of the time. Both were buisness ponies and when they were home they were often too tired to play games with Silver Spoon. She did grow up with the finest of amenities, to the point that her parents named her after her upbringing. They wanted the best for their filly, up to having a silver spoon in her muzzle.


As she grew, her parents tried very hard to make more time for her. Eventually her mother stopped working so that Silver's fillyhood time didn't just slip away. It was on the day that she quite that she purchased a necklace made of the finest Sparkling Sea pearls for Silver Spoon. When she told her filly that she would be home from now on and spending more time with her, Silver was over joyed! Her mother put the necklace around her neck and told Silver that her parents would always be with her. Even though her father couldn't be around all the time it didn't mean he didn't love her. Though she would have liked to see her father more, the necklace assured her that her parents cared. As such she wears the necklace every day to remind her of her parents love and support.


When it was almost time for her to enroll in school, Silver Spoon got her cutie mark! She had been trotting down the road with her mother, heading through the town farmer's market. At one stall she overheard an elderly pony trying to pay for a bushel of apples. The grandpony was a few bits short and was about to hoof back the apple when Silver left her mother's side and trotted up. She held a few bits forth towards the older pony and smiled.


"Here you go ma'am. I'm sure you wouldn't want to go all the way home to find a few more bits for those apples."


The older pony was so happy to have the help. She reached down to give the generous little filly a hug and then a huge smile appeared on her muzzle. She pointed to Silver's flank just as her mother trotted up. Her cutie mark had appeared! It represented that Silver Spoon was an entitled pony and that she had a heart for others. Out of her wealth and opportunity she cared about others enough to share with others and encourage them.


Though Silver had a knack for noticing others, it wasn't the case that others noticed her. Once she enrolled in school she realized she didn't have the self confidence she thought she did. She ended up in a friendship with a pony that other ponies noticed. Diamond Tiara's attitude was infectious on the sweet Silver Spoon. Before long she had forgotten her generous and kind nature. She found herself in a clique, making fun of others, and generally being mean. She followed Tiara's lead in picking on others, specifically the Cutie Mark Crusaders.


This sort of behavior went on for a quite few years, until Silver had a turning point in her life. She woke up one morning, put on her glasses, and noticed the necklace she always wore. As she ran her hoof over the sky blue pearls she suddenly remembered what the pearls meant. Her parents loved and supported her. She wanted to make them proud. She needed to start living up to her cutie mark!


The first step in this would be to try to change her friendship with Diamond Tiara. Either they would stop their mean behavior or she would have to end the friendship. She really didn't want to end things with Diamond Tiara as she knew they cared about each other. Even though Diamond had a rough exterior she knew the pink filly counted Silver Spoon as her best friend.


It just so happened that the day she decided she was going to change and stand up to her best friend, was also the day Diamond made life changing choices too! It was a wonderful day overall, ending with a better friendship and an end to their bullying behaviors. Now Silver wants to focus on how she can help other ponies out!


Character Summary/Personality:


Silver Spoon has had a dramatic shift in her life over the past school year. She has remembered the pony she set out to be and what her cutie mark means to her. Since she was able to change her friendship with Diamond Tiara, she has been able to help her friend be good to others. Silver Spoon is now a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and she loves being able to give form what she has to help others. She has always had a big heart and now she is able to let that heart shine!


This filly can still be quite catty at times. Though she has had life changing choices lately, that doesn't mean she doesn't retain parts of her past behavior. She has to check herself constantly now and sometimes she's not fast enough to stop what she is saying or a particular facial expression.


Silver is still in the process of discovering who she wants to be. She has grown up a lot but she still has lots of growing up to do. She really wants to be kind and helpful to others, though this goes against the way she has been acting for years. Though it will take time, she will continue to try to live up to her cutie mark! She will use what she has to help others and show them her heart!

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