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Meets and Greets (EQG AU)


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Internally, Starlight gagged in disgust. First of all, WHO DOES THAT? If you're cut why would you lick the blood from the wound to be sure?! Second of all, WHO KEEPS WATERMELON IN A BAGGIE IN THEIR POCKET?!...Was this how CHS was going to be? This would either be easier than she thought, or a LOT harder. Outside though she kept a cool and happy demeanor. "Oh no, I had a biiiig breakfast this morning. But thank you so much, I'm sure it's delicious. I'm glad to see you weren't hurt too badly, a few bumps and bruises is one thing, but that was quite a fall." Starlight said with a nod. Especially since it took attention away from her introductions! Ugh. Speaking of..."I do hope you don't find me too rude for parting ways so soon, but I really should get back to introducing myself! It was a delight to meet you, Miss Gush." after politely bowing to the other girl, Starlight made her way back over to the group where Valen was, hopefully, not screwing everything up. Or flirting with that Trottingham girl...she wasn't sure which would be worse.

"Hello!~ I'm back. I apologize for running off so abruptly, I just wanted to make sure she didn't hurt herself too badly, but she's fine." Starlight took her place back over by Valen's side with another bow to everyone present. She probably missed something important while she was dealing with keeping up appearances, but she knew her partner would fill her in later...that is if his brain wasn't turned to mush by a pretty face by then. Speaking of, she better introduce herself to this girl before Valen started tripping over his tongue any worse. "And I do believe I stepped away before I got a chance to introduce myself to you, Miss. Unless my dear Valen did so in my absence. Starlight Glimmer, Crystal Prep Student Council President, a pleasure!" the president held out a hand for the other transfer student to shake with a kind smile.

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Maybe it was a bit odd that Watermelon Gush checked to make sure that what was on her finger wasn't blood or that she kept slices of watermelon in a bag in her pocket. But hey, students had snacks all the time, why not watermelon?


"Oh no, I had a biiiig breakfast this morning. But thank you so much, I'm sure it's delicious. I'm glad to see you weren't hurt too badly, a few bumps and bruises is one thing, but that was quite a fall.  I do hope you don't find me too rude for parting ways so soon, but I really should get back to introducing myself! It was a delight to meet you, Miss Gush."


"That's fine. Thanks for checking on me. I know you have others to say hello to here. Nice to meet you, too!" 


As Watermelon bid Starlight farewell, she looked over the gym landscape to see who to talk to next. There was that handsome looking guy talking to the lady over there. She just needed to wait for a lull in the action to jump in!

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Yeeeeaaah...last time he'd claimed to have a good reason for breaking Manehatten Academy's effigy of their very first headmaster, he'd had to face a week's suspension. 


Because a triple dog dare was a really good reason.


Inkbrand didn't give much more thought to Shimmer's lame excuse though, more occupied with the Trottingham transfer who - rather than turn away from his obvious leering, had instead turned the leering around on himself. Which was a surprise, as the obvious ogling didn't seem to fit the super-happy-friendly-I'm-so-supery-dupery-excited persona she'd been portraying just moments earlier. Not that the junior was complaining, perse, and Inkbrand felt a wicked smile curve his lips as he pushed himself off of Blueblood's stand. "Say what you want, but you've played your cards too soon," the Vice Captain snickered, rolling up the sleeves of his jacket, "we all know what you're really after, now. Not going to find a more perfect example of masculine musculature than right here," he crowed, and spent a few moments to flex the muscles of his biceps in an exaggerated show of strength, musculature, and other cave-man like activities. 


Presteza's last words didn't go unnoticed either, and they were enough to prompt a short bark of laughter from the blue-haired student. "Hear that, Bluebelle? Everyone hear it?" Inkbrand taunted, ignoring the other blonde student's quip in favor of brushing a hand through his messy bangs, "I'mma charmer." 


The last was said with a fairly passable attempt at a Trottingham accent as Inkbrand reached out to scruff the Blueblood's pristine white shoulder, but he left off after that, as the previously occupied Starlight Glimmer came waltzing back into the fold. And promptly bowed. The tattoo-clad student raised an eyebrow, feeling a sneer curling his lips, but deigned to say anything despite how out of place the gesture looked, as if she was just imitating it from some cartoon she'd watched or something. Bowing was a cultural thing mainly found in the Far East, countries like Neighpon and stuff. And considering Glimmer hadn't bowed at her very first introduction - unless he'd just missed it - it didn't seem like a cultural thing for the transfer herself, merely something imitated on a whim. Which was, kinda screwy, in his opinion. 


Seriously. She'd seemed cool at first, but she was just trying so hard. It was weird. 


Her reappearance did make Inkbrand curious, though, as to the fate of the unfortunate girl who'd gotten a taste of bleacher on her very first day, and only a second or two of scouting around found said girl still in the same place and making no move to continue on her way, having apparently been abandoned by Glimmer. She was, in fact, looking back over towards him - or rather, towards Valen, it seemed. Inkbrand's other eyebrow was quick to join the first as he glanced between the vaguely watermelon-colored girl and Glimmer, as the former was obviously listing about with no firm destination in mind, and the latter was busy becoming gal pals with the Trottingham transfer.


...Fair enough. He was suppose to be helping orientate new students, after all...or at least a semblance of.  


"Oi, freshman!" Inkbrand bellowed, having to raise his voice to be heard over the din of chattering students in the gymnasium, one hand raising alongside his voice to gesture at the watermelon-y girl. "C'mere a sec, will 'ya? Looking for anything in particular?" the tattoo-clad student questioned, voice returning to a more moderated standard once the girl was in his vicinity. Man, he pretty much dwarfed her. Pretty cute. "Clubs? Programs? Never mind Mr. Yacht over here," a jerk of his thumb over one shoulder towards the Boating Club or Whatever His Royal Pain Called It booth, "we've got great sports teams at CHS. You just stick with me and I'll - is that watermelon?" Inkbrand abruptly questioned, thumb re-directing itself towards a dripping plastic bag that was clutched in the girl's grasp.


Because that seriously did look like a little snack bag that had probably been lovingly packed by her mom or dad, but instead of crackers or grapes or some cheese wedges, nope. There was watermelon. Deliciously red and ripe looking watermelon, he'd admit, but watermelon nonetheless. He'd only been kidding about being a watermelon lookalike...but apparently her parents thought along the same vein as he did.



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Smooth, prompt gestures were the key signifiers of noble disposition.  A young man of high birth must seem neither uncertain nor hasty, and through such care his birth could be recognized.  Such, at any rate, was what Blueblood's father had taught him, and so far, he wasn't putting shame on the old man's head.  The ease at which all the relevant club materials found their way into Valen's hands was exactly as distinctive as the paterfamilias could wish.  "The Party on Saturday is the Welcome Meeting; regular meetings are biweekly on Thursday, rain or shine."  Despite his dapper looks, Blueblood Platinum was no fair-weather sailor.  The skies could be treacherous at sea, and thus he made it a priority that all in his club would know how to sail under any climatic conditions.  As for how that would affect his looks, well, he was vain enough to think he looked dang good even sopping wet and bedraggled, as long as no strands of seaweed clung to him.


Speaking of unpleasantness he'd rather not have touching him, the newcomer from Trottingham, far from shooting the suggestive... suggestions of Inkbrand, seemed to be actively encouraging him!  Not what Blueblood would expect from someone of his own class, but then again, one could never tell with artists.  Creativity was a thing to be praised... in other people.  In oneself, it could lead to the habits of a reprobate, and an attraction to the less savory aspects of life.  Or was that the too-spicy aspects?  The Platinum heir couldn't keep his mother's culinary metaphor straight.

But again, this was Welcome Week.  He should smile and nod in acceptance of all sorts, because one way or another, they would have deal with each other for the rest of the year.  "Well, I suppose you have a point there Presteza.  If he's gotten away with it for the last three years, this one isn't likely to be any different."  Auntie Celestia would probably just tell the tattler to 'lighten up,' as Blueblood knew from experience.  And really, given the sort of magical shenanigans that kept happening lately, the likes of Inkbrand were small potatoes indeed.


Thus, Blueblood only sighed at the Vice-Captain's posturing, though the 'Bluebelle' quip made him wince a little more than an outsider might expect.  Surely, he couldn't know...  "To certain types, you no doubt exude a certain attraction."  He said evenly, brushing off the shoulder Ink had been resting his arm on.  


Oh, was the transferred student president back?  Yes she was.  "Ah, good.  It's surprising, you know, what one can go through without serious injury."  He lowered his voice, leaning towards Starlight Glimmer as he confided.  "And just between you and me, you're likely to find out just how much before the year is out.  Fair warning... strange things have happened here."  He nodded towards Sunset Shimmer.  "She knows better than all of us.  If you haven't a boat to run off to when the shore's looking nasty, ask her to give you a few tips."  Discretion was the better part of valor, as far as Blueblood was concerned, but Starlight Glimmer seemed the sort that wanted to get stuck in.  "I've been meaning to ask... it seems unusual for the head of student government to leave on a transfer year.  Are you keeping your position, or has a by-election been held in your absence?"

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Inkbrand was sure Blueblood was only saying flattering things about him - obvs - but he was really, really, invested in that watermelon snack bag, for some reason.


For he had, indeed, confirmed that it was watermelon the girl was holding, and darn it all if it didn't make his mouth water a bit. Okay, not the slightly crushed and dripping watermelon she was holding in her hand, no, but the idea of a ripe slice of watermelon sounded really good at the moment. Maybe because the idea of watermelon as a snack food at a high school was just such a strange concept...too messy, not easily packaged. Apples and oranges and bananas, oh my and oh sure, but watermelon?


Not so much.


Either or, getting a snack was readily beginning to take priority in Inkbrand's mind...and also, that Soccer booth he was supposed to have been helping man this entire time. Oops. The blue-haired student yawned as he ran a hand through his bangs, golden eyes lazily glancing in the direction of said booth. Yup...Captain was not looking too happy as the influx of students continued to crowd around the booth, and subsequently the other sports booths in the same general vicinity. This would probably mean extra laps around the soccer field as punishment, but meh. 


It'd been worth it.


"Whelp," Inkbrand drawled at the group at large, easy-going grin on his face, "don't forget to stop by the Soccer booth before this thing ends, yeah? Can't waste all your time with hoity-toity clubs like these," the junior snipped, though his tone remained good-natured and teasing as he attempted to ruffle Blueblood's pristinely kept head of hair. Just because he could. He left off after that though, throwing up one hand as a general farewell as he made his way back to the Soccer booth, grin turning decidedly mischievous as he caught sight of the Captain's frazzled appearance. "Heya Cap - miss me?" 


Yeah...definitely extra laps tomorrow. But still worth it.


[[ Exit ]] 



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