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Lan Fa (Ready)


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Name: Hong Lan Fa

Gender: Female

Age: Mare


Species: Qilin

Eye colour: Dark brown

Character colour: Grey-ish light pink coat with lavender scales.

Mane/Tail/Other: Lan Fa has an indigo mane rolled up to a neat bun with gold ornaments hanging on the bottom. Her horns are short, dark brown, and slightly curled upwards and her keipo (dress) is a dark-ish red with golden designs on it. Her keipo is quite long, just ending above her brown cloven hooves covering her fetlocks. The right side of her dress has a long slit and a keyhole just above her right foreleg. She is also often seen carrying a burgundy paper fan with a dragon design on it.  


Cutie-Mark: Three red Orchids on a stem with each one smaller as it gets closer to the end. 

Physique: Tall and slender.

Residence: Long Kong.

Occupation: Lan Fa owns a club in the streets of Long Kong that Triad and non-triad members can enter. She usually hangs around the club to chat with ponies and gather information, but when she is not in the club, she works as an assassin for the Triads.


History: Lan Fa grew up as the daughter of a wealthy business pony, living a comfortable and happy life with her parents and younger sister. She would accompany her parents to meetings and learn about the world of business as she would one day take over the company. Because she was already made heiress to the company early on in her life, Lan Fa was home schooled, making her younger sister her only company while her parents were working. She adored her little sister, maybe a little too much, as she was the only one Lan Fa could talk to about non-business related topics.


This lifestyle would continue on until her late teen years, when Lan Fa is able to go to meetings herself an speak in her parent's stead. She had come back from a difficult meeting, trying to make a deal while a competing with another company that is trying to make a better offer to their partner. This company had been rivals with her parents since the beginning. They were always attempting to take business partners away from Lan Fa's family, though they were never successful. This may have been the last time they could handle a defeat. After the meeting with their rival and potential business partner, Lan Fa came home to a shock. Both her parents were dead on the floor and her younger sister was no where to be found. She knew she couldn't stay there very long, since they knew that she is still alive. She quickly gather what she needed and ran as far as she could away from her house, ending up in the sketchy streets of Long Kong. She figured that the few years of training in martial arts (stopped because her father deemed it not mare-like) would be sufficient enough just in case, but she still wouldn't want to be in that situation. 


She was able to stay hidden from her pursuers for a few months, changing her appearance so that they wouldn't recognize her. It wasn't until 4 months since her escape that she started to notice she was being followed on her way home. She started talking detours to confuse her stalker, but after a week, she found herself trapped in a blind alley. The qilin turned to see two henchmen from the rival company, closing in on her. She felt her hind legs hit the wall behind her, there was truly no way of getting out of this situation without standing up against them. Lan Fa took a deep breath, charging at the two stallions as they did the same. The one to the left of her pulled his hoof back for a punch, missing as Lan Fa ducked and stuck a hoof out to trip the other. The stallions quickly recovered and struck Lan Fa in the jaw at the same time, making the female qilin stumble and fall. “We don’t want to hurt you, just come with us quietly.” The stallions loomed over her, looking at Lan Fa as she narrowed her eyes. “No.” She quickly turns around and bucks, her horseshoes striking each of their jaws. They blackout and collapse as Lan Fa walks out of the alley, only to see more stallions in her way. They were just as intimidating, though the group didn’t look like they came to apprehend her.  Judging by their appearance, they must be part of the Triad. The stallion at the front of the group looked like the leader of the group. He wore a black jacket over a dark grey turtleneck, his grey mane was combed back, and his dark red scales look well taken care of. His dark green eyes look intense, yet tired at the same time. “I’m impressed, not many young mares can take out trained henchmen, especially from a CEO of the largest company in Long Kong.” He spoke with a husky voice, almost calming to Lan Fa. “What’s it to you?” she asked. One of the stallion’s underlings clenched his teeth, but was told to back down when his leader raised his hoof. “The boss and the CEO have a complicated relationship, so news about how the Hong Company’s heiress took down the CEO’s stallions would surely amuse him.” Lan Fa suddenly looked concerned, keeping her guard up as she watched the stallion light a cigarette. He looked at the mare and puffed some smoke, “There’s only one pony the CEO wants dead the most, it’s not difficult to figure out.” He drops his cigarette and puts it out with a stomp. “You should come with us; our interests are aligned and you show potential to become a good fighter. We’ll even provide food, a private room, and protection while we train you. Perhaps one day together we can take him down. The choice is yours.” He stuck his hoof out towards the mare. Lan Fa had considered revenge, though she had given up a while ago because it was impossible in her current situation. Now that the Triad has offered her to join them, perhaps this was her biggest opportunity to get revenge and find her younger sister. She took his hoof and shook it. “What should I call you?” she asked, following the group as they headed back to their territory. “You can call me Long. I’ll see to it personally that you become the best assassin this Triad has seen. We’ll discuss this further in the Boss’s office.”

Character Summary: Lan Fa is a calm pony who often thinks through things rationally. Though she is not a very talkative mare, she still socializes with the ponies who come into her club. As an assassin, she is stealthy and takes pride in her many disguises and skill. Even though she owns a club, she prefers tea over alcohol, especially in her alone time. Lan Fa also likes watching dramas, ukes, and visiting old friends.


Hong LanFa by SymphonicFire

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