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A Forbidden Palace No More! (Sign-Up in OOC Thread)


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Aiyaaaaa! Where did fillies get such ideas! In her clan the fiction was all about romantic gallops into the sunset with a noble tenno, or daring and heroic raids into enemy fortresses. Though come to that, that one might not have been fiction. Still, there were no dungeons, no ghost emperors, and certainly no wandering off at night. You were too likely to end up with a sprain when they changed the stair heights on you.


Thankfully they taught her to think on her hooves. "No, no. The treasures are on full display in one of the galleries we'll be passing through today, and the area I mentioned for being quiet is the staff quarters. It takes many dozens of qilin and longma to keep the palace running, and clean, so they have suites to sleep and live in." she said, smiling gamely at the antics of the group as they exchanged names. She acknowledged Macintosh's point with a nod, but is interrupted before she can come up with a non-committal answer by Lian giving a non-committal answer.


She hides a deeper smirk behind a feigned cough, then takes a few backward steps "You all heard Prince Lian! Please get ready to move, we are beginning!"


[[Sorry for the delays here, life put a lot more pressure on me than I thought it would, still adjusting]]

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Big Mac wiggled his ears as he looked over to Wind Walker. His face scrunched up as he pulled up his forehoof slightly. He didn’t much care for spooks, a superstitious sort of pony what with all manner of issues often cropping up before harvests. He had ways to appease the winds and keep himself from falling to pieces. With how Ponyville seemed to lure the bizarre, though, spooks weren’t much worse than Bugbears. He looked down at Echo and Aspen greeting. It was good the little ones were getting along. Sometimes adults ain’t the most open of sorts with their stubborn assumptions of others, but that was what this trip was for! It helped foster more open minds about different cultures and their ways. It was enough they had reformed chaos spirits and unhinged critters skittering around Equestria. Trips like this helped develop some sense in the young’uns and gave Mac a chance to travel outside of Equestrias borders.


He was a learned sort, despite his quiet and unassuming nature. Enjoying books and seeing new places his farm life only carried him so far, seeing as apples were more an Equestrian business, what with Griffons having no use for their fruits and apples doing no good underwater either! Well all that aside the red pony would let out a chuckle and raise his head to Lian, nodding. It was good to know. He would talk to him more on it later. He got the feeling Apple Bloom wouldn’t much appreciate her brother cramping her style. She seemed to be doing quite well acting like an Apple in like. He completely understood, though Lian may be a bit out of her league…  Eeyup. Poor thing. First crushes were always rough.


“Come on now,” He called to the others, making sure Kaze at least saw him when he spoke, as the munchkins all seemed frightfully distractible. “Keep yer manners.” They had to pay mind to their hosts lest they break some cultural no no.


((sorry about the delay the site never alerted me))

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Ahh the rambunctiousness of youth. It wasn't as though Lián felt old or something, far from it. It was simply nice to have more than stuffy council members and busy work staff about the palace. Not that the work staff were terrible, but no one ever seemed to have time to breath! Especially with the Chancellor breathing down their neck. The children's youthful exuberance was a breath of fresh air, and that they were getting along was a blessing in and of itself. Truly he wished his sister would have been able to join in on this. But maybe at some point during the tour she could at least address them. For now though, he had a tour to guide. Phew boy.


Smiling, the Prince led the group inwards bast the first gate. "The first gate here that we are passing through is called the Water Gate, also sometimes referred to as the Meridian Gate. This is where the Empress comes to address the citizens of Huangjing, as well as to promulgate decrees" he said as he motioned upwards towards the overhanging platform. On the other side of this gate was a beautifully kept entryway, decorated with beautiful flowers and plants surrounding a shimmering river that ran through past the walls on either side. Five bridges spanned the gap of the river leading to and even bigger and more elaborate gate! "This my friends is The Gate of Supreme Harmony." the massive gate was decorated with a beautiful. Six massive serpent dragons carrying a beautiful crown to a qilin and longma pair that were knelt down in reverence.


[And now it's MY turn to apologize for delays, inspiration had run dry for a bit, whoops!]

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Although Kaze hadn't the reflexes to describe in time what her name meant, Wind Walker wouldn't be able to answer this next one! "Hmmm," she answered Apple Bloom; "You could say my father's name is... Bright Night Sky." Kaze gave off a sheepish grin; her dad's name in its Equestrian form didn't flow off the tongue as well as she'd like. Kaze's lovely full name, Jiyūna Soyokaze, in turn became the clunky "Free Gentle Breeze" when translated.


Urged on by the pony chaperone and the prince's aide, Kaze begrudgingly moved on, although she was far from convinced by Sī Jīn's assurances. "Of course she will deny the existence of the imperial dungeons," the little ryuma whispered to her companions, making sure the adults couldn't overhear. "We will have to sneak away to find them ourselves."


But first, Kaze used her wings to get a closer look at the engravings on the "Supreme Gate" whatchamacallit. The coronation crown with forward-leaning board and beads hanging off the front and back was a Long Sun symbol the Neighponese filly was familiar with, but her attention to World History lectures needed work or else she might have understood what the engravings were depicting. "That Coronation Crown there," Kaze inquisitively pointed at the gate's decoration for Sī Jīn to notice; "Will WE see it today too?"

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She nodded. Of course they wouldn't just go out and tell everypony about dungeons and treasure and all the fun stuff. It would be right silly to do so she reckoned and these fellas and lasses didn't seem much like the silly sort. She nodded with her new Neighponese friend. “That's right. Ah know Ah wouldn't tell nopony 'bout tha family's cider cellar, that's for sure. We're gonna need code names...Ah like Ringow Sahku, that'll be mine,” she said, not realizing she had just told everypony in whisper range about her family's cider cellar as she spoke in league with her compatriots. Speaking of family, she couldn't help but notice how good a job Big Mac was doing of keeping eyes and ears on them but not being overbearing. He really was the best big brother a filly could have (Shining Armor, get in the back of the line!). She flashed him a smile. “Havin' fun Big Mac?” She asked, always wondering what went through her big brother's big noggin.

Apple Bloom had a hard time hearing what was said for a moment or four as she saw the Prince smile. Oh for land's sake, he was so gorgeous! It was distracting how good he looked and how amazing he sounded, but that smile was beyond any hope of redemption. Her face grew red and this time it stayed red, the blush, the color, running over her as water through over a cool breeze. He talked about a gate, a gate called the gate of supreme harmony or somesuch. She liked the sound of it. Equestrians were very harmony-like and such, maybe he knew that about Equestrians. Maybe she could tell him! That sounded like a smart idea. “Gate of Supreme Harmony, yeah? Ah like that somethin' fierce, 'cause Ah love harmony and somesuch. Equestrians are all 'bout that an' Ah like ta reckon tha same. Whatcha thinking about that, Prince Lian? Why's it called that, anyway? What about tha statues?” She asked, her enthusiasm hard to silence.

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Wind Walker could not help but smile back at the ol’ country boy while he studied her for a moment. That silly blackbird of a griffon was right. He was pretty handsome. Being the sort, she wiggled her ears back at him. And then he spoke, and that blew it for her. He sounded like a bored substitute teacher. Or very unenthusiastic ‘helper dad’. Boo.
Thankfully, they were finally moving as the large farm-stallion tried his best to corral the group forward! This she did not approve of, but at least they were putting hooves in front of the others. And now the prince was talking about...gates? He was going to need to work VERY hard not to make this sound very boring. This was a water gate? But also an Meridian gate as well? Why so many different names? And if the Empress used this gate to address her citizens, why didn't they call it an 'Meeting Gate' or an 'Address Gate'. And didn't Meridian have something to do with the ancient art of poking a pony in the tender spot with a big ol' needle? They better not try sticking her with something pokey here!
Still, it sure was a pretty gate! Which was followed by another, which also had its own name. They sure were much nicer than the gates she had back at her house in Ponyville. They usually just kept her pup from wandering around town.
"Oh wow.", she studied 'The Gate of Supreme Harmony'. "Some creature sure spent a good amount of time on this." she marveled at the impressive barrier  before a familiar voice popped up. "No no.", she whispered, "Nothing good comes when we sneak off. Not a thing.", the last time she tried to go ahead of the tour group, she ended up being stuck under a mountain with a bratty crystal pony. And there was that bear...ugh. She was going to be a good pony! No poking things with huge DO NOT TOUCH SIGNS. No reading strange words out loud from a glowing green book...No needing to figure out what made that creepy giggling sound she might have heard from the bushes! She was staying with the group!
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