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[Age Of Heroes] PR0P_70P (ready)


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Superhero Name: Prop


Powers: Being a primarily medical and repair based android, Prop comes equipped with a range of surface and interior scanners that allow him to perform both self diagnostics, as well as diagnostics on other machines, and medical scans on living beings, he comes equipped with modular tool compartments, though mainly uses repair tools, as medical procedures are something that he believes should be left to other organics. Along with his metal body comes the resilience of it, being made out of some very interesting materials found in the Everfree forest, his chassis is a lot more rigid than the Magitech counterparts, and lighter too, with the downside of making damage a lot harder to repair, as he would need to be stripped of the damaged plates so that the repairs do not cause impact damage to the internals. The last benefit he gets from this is a lot more strength than organic ponies, being powered by servos and pistons, along with the more magic absorbent materials of the Everfree materials meaning that his technology can be lighter and still as powerful.


Alias: PR0P_70P, Chip


Costume: Prop wears a range of different costumes and outfits, as much to attempt to blend in with the ponies around him, as to attempt to make himself feel more connected to the organics around him. Most often though he will be seen wearing a jumper of some kind, as well as a pair of old 3D glasses, believing they hide the red and blue lenses of his eyes.


Physical appearance: Prop bears the basic look of a unicorn stallion, his body being a dull grey on the plate pieces of his body, with a darker charcoal colour highlighting the more flexible metal of his joints, his left eye has a red 'iris' in it which is used for mechanical scanning, while the other eye has a blue 'iris' for the medical scans, his mane and tail are made out of fibre optic cables, with green light being shone through them. His cutie mark appears to be a strange symbol that somewhat resembles a tree with the roots joining into a cpu chip, giving him his first nickname


Backstory: It is an undeniable fact that Magitech has cornered the market on efficient and affordable technologies, and almost certainly would do for the rest of time, however unknown to most of civilised Equestria, hidden deep in the murky depths of the Everfree Forest, a small project was ongoing, harnessing the extremely potent energies of the forest, along with the strange metals and resources found within, the ponies working secretly day and night until one day their masterpiece was completed. It was designed to aid the ponies in the creation and upkeep of more projects in the future, as well as help the medical team with the injuries incurred by perimeter breaches in the forest. However things were immediately obvious about this android, firstly that most of the security detail had started giving it the nickname of Prop to get around the lengthy unit ID, and secondly, that it had responded to that and begun calling itself Prop, even after some started calling it Chip, it noticed it as being a nickname, and carried on calling itself Prop, learning without being instructed to. Over the course of their work, the goal had switched from mass production, to specialization on this android, seeing how it worked and what it could learn. The mechanics then noticed another strange factor while attempting repairs on the android, when they hit the body with a hammer, it would exclaim and jolt in place, notifying the team of the displeasure it felt at the feeling. They then realised the cause of this 'pain' as they had packed it with so much sensitive equipment and magical technologies, that when struck, the armour would flex and tap against the various internals, causing a power surge that made the android recoil. Eventually all the team came to a conclusion, that they had reached the peak of what they could do with this android in isolation, and so sent it out of the forest with the directions to get out of the dull darkness into the wide open world that it had no knowledge of. 


Notable Allies: N/A


Notable Personal Villains: N/A



General Notability: As he has not managed to leave the forest yet, there is no real way of knowing how others will react to him, however, at first he will be seen as a strange creature emerging from the Everfree forest, so likely would cause concern among the citizens of Ponyville.

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