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Starlis Odyssey [Ready]


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Roleplay Type: World of Equestria


Name: Starlis Odyssey


Sex: Male


Age: Stallion


Species: Aerion (bat pony)


Eye colour: Light purple


Coat: Very dark blue (00132F) with patches of white spots


Mane/Tail: Light blue/gray (2E3D54) with dark imperial blue highlights dyed  into his mane. He keeps his mane on the short side and often in a ponytail that he let's hang over the left side of his neck. His tail is cut short so it’s never longer than half the length of his back legs.


Physique: Starlis is slightly shorter than than your average Pegasus or Aerion and is lean but fit, often working out to stay in shape but is not overly muscular in build. His left wing is smaller than his right as a birth defect which makes flying difficult if not impossible sometimes.


Piercings and jewelry: Two silver studs in each ear (Four in all), Silver snake bite. Often wears an old family pendant with a crescent moon on it.


Residence: Las Pegasus, outside of the Ground District. A small trailer home with a large property dotted with barns full of junk and scrap with a launchpad and runway for his many tests.


Occupation: “Scrap Yard Operator / Owner” is his official job as the primary junkyard of Las Pegasus. But his true work and love is building alchemical rocket powered vehicles, a job he hopes he can making a living out of one day.


Cutie Mark: A shooting star flying upwards over a crescent moon.


Unique Traits: Starlis is a gifted engineer that can build complex machinery without the help of magic with his steady hooves and lips. This has allowed him do what many believed can’t be done without the use of telekinesis.


History: Starlis Odyssey, named for his fur looking like a star filled sky, was born to a poor family in Las Pegasus with an earth pony father and Aerion mother. With little money he grew up in a trailer home as his dad worked full time as a construction worker and his mother was a failed singer that did work at low end bars and pubs for Bits. As such he learned to make do with what he had around him and be thankful for even small gifts, but his life was never hard as his family loved him with all their hearts and Starlis was never without love, hugs and time with them. As such he views his young life well and has strong ties to his family that lasted for the rest of his life.


His first true hardships came with school due to a birth defect with his left wing being stunted in growth and lagging behind his right. This severely hindered his ability to fly with other winged classmates and unfortunately gave rise to an easy point to bully Starlis, some nicknamed him ‘Stupid Oddity’ by the more mean spirited classmates. This made Starlis dislike his classmates and grow into something of a lone wolf not playing with others. In the place of such things he took to reading and learning, fascinated by the world around him but most of all the sky and what was found beyond. Soon, space and all that is in it became his favorite thing to learn about and his family was the first to notice how smart Starlis was even at a young age as he wanted ever more complex books about space, stars and the world around him and with what little bits they had, they gave him as many books as they could stand to afford. This early help and nudging for him to follow his interests helped set Starlis on his path of love and borderline obsession for reaching the stars. But the true level of his love for space was only unveiled when his family managed to see a show hosted by an astronomer and scientist about the possibility of space travel and reaching the moon or beyond.


Starlis was utterly captivated by this and his head was overflowing with the image of him flying alongside the moon. He’d fly higher than anypony has ever flown before. This dream was wonderful and powerful. Starlis sitting up on the back of his father yelled he’d be the first to do it. He’d fly alongside the stars and moon and be the first pony to ever fly so far from home. So emotional and strong was his statement many guests turned their heads to look at the colt, just in time for all of them to see his flank shimmer as a shooting arched over a crescent moon. This was his destiny, his calling. He was to reach the stars, this is what he believed with all his heart and so did his family.


But a destiny and dream that would be hard to follow. Even if he came from a rich and powerful family reaching space is no easy trick. No pony has done it before and many believed it can’t even be done at all or it violated the natural order. But even as a colt Starlis worked hard. Taking up odd jobs to make more bits to help buy more books as he took the challenges head on. But as time passed and he put more of himself behind following his dream he suffered in school. The bullying only grew worse as his small wing became all the more showing with age as he grew and it did not. It didn’t help any that he found school boring and many of the classes he was forced to take did not appeal to him at all. So one day he refused to go and after speaking to his family, they allowed him to drop out of school.


Free from the bullying and pointless homework Starlis found himself to be much more happy and only a year after dropping out started building his first small alchemical rockets. Well basic and barely being able to fly more than a few hooves worth in the air they were the first steps of proving that his plan to use an alchemical rocket may work. Helped along every step of the way by his family. When he was a Stallion he already had a long backlog of rockets under his belt and many different models, many of which were flying high as a pegasus and integrating the first recovery systems and clockwork gearing to help guide the rocket more or less where he wanted.


But as the years passed it was time for Starlis to move out, something he welcomed as his newest rockets needing more room and space to build and the mayor of Las Pegasus was getting rather angry about the testing and how far up they were reaching so close to a pegasus city. So with the help of his family Starlis saved up and purchased a large chunk of land outside the city limits. But needing a real job to help pay for his rockets, he offered to let his land be used as a junkyard by the city. The mayor allowed it and even set it up as job payed for by the city. With a small but steady income and plenty of free scrap and parts Starlis had the time, room and land too keep improving on his alchemical rockets, reaching newer heights and more heavy payloads along with his first small time contract work for advertisements or events where  rockets impressed onlookers by reaching to the heavens. Well falling short of his dream for now, Starlis fully believed he was well on his way and he will achieve it even if it’s years away it mattered not. He was on track and with every year closer to achieving the impossible.


Character Personality: Starlis is driven, hardworking and a very eccentric batpony that can often be a real hoof full to be around, but his passion and love for what he is doing shines clear at all times. He lives, breathes and dreams space and rockets and there is nothing that will stop him. No matter the cost, time or risk he believes the ends will justify the means for the betterment of all ponykind.


Character Summary: Odd, eccentric and a genius, Starlis is a bat pony living just outside of Las Pegasus in a junkyard where he makes rockets. Hailing from a poor family with a earth pony father and bat pony mother he grew up with a love of space. Pushed on and helped by his family, he followed that dream as best he could even dropping out of school and pushing on ahead he claimed a large block of land just outside of the city that he works in as a junkyard. A job he is fine with as it allows him plenty of free parts and the time to work on his dream.

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