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Button Blitz (Final)


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(Created on Generalzoi's game)


Name: Button Blitz

Gender: Female

Age: Late Filly Years

Species: Unicorn

Likes: Video games, ribbons, leveling up, soda, chips

Dislikes: Reading, school, work, defeat, sleeping

Coat: Charcoal Brown

Mane/Tail: Dark black. Her mane is short but done in a similar way to Rarity's, although, the curls in the back are more accentuated. Her tail is identical to
Rarity's aside from color.

Eye Color: Ash Purple

Physique: Average

Residence: Canterlot (Former), Ponyville (Current)

Occupation: Part-Time Comic Book Seller

Cutie Mark: Purple game controller (Similar to a PlayStation controller)

History: Button Blitz was born in the heart of Canterlot, at the time, her Father was serving in the Royal Guard and so her Mother had to raise her alone for the first couple years of her life. Upon her Father's return, he felt guilty for not being in his daughter's first few years of life and retired as a Royal Guard and worked as a local construction worker to put his strength to use. Although, when Button Blitz was entering her early Filly years, her family decided Canterlot wasn't the best place to raise their daughter, it wasn't a very fun place for a Filly, especially since the city is very formal. Upon realizing such, they decided on someplace nearby, Ponyville. It was perfect, plenty of Fillies for Button Blitz to play with and plenty of small job opportunities for her Mother and/or Father.


At first, Button Blitz was an exceptionally social filly, she had plenty of friends around the humble town and would often be seen outside enjoying the beautiful days... That is until Button Blitz was introduced to the term "Bullies" and "Electronics". Button Blitz was considered a blank flank even if she had plenty of talents, although, none were powerful or meaningful enough to gain the Filly her cutie mark and of course every school has their fair share of bullies that enjoy teasing blank flanks. Button Blitz immediately became a target, but unlike most, she brushed off the mean insults and teasing as if it were just dirt on her hooves. Around that time, she had gotten her first gaming consul, it was small and similar to a GameBoy. Almost instantly, the young Filly was wired to the GameBoy... Literally! She couldn't put it down and would often spend restless nights just pushing at the buttons and leveling up one after another. It was like a drug for her. Her parents grew worried about her health since she would fall asleep at random times, that including school, which was evidently causing her grades to simmer down. While so many negative things were coming from this new addiction... One good thing came as well. That was Button Blitz's cutie mark, it matched her perfectly, the ash purple game controller was something out of the ordinary in Ponyville.


While gaining her cutie mark was an amazing thing, her parents did have to put their hooves down on Button's extreme obsession with this electronic device. While it pained the young Filly, she did abide by her parents' rules and followed the schedule for when she could and couldn't waste her time on the foul thing... As her parents like to call it. The mare once again became a social pony, would be seen wandering around with a few of her friends and although the teasing stopped about being a blank flank, it started again because of her weird looking cutie mark. In Blitz's eyes, she could tell the bullies just wanted to find any way to tease her, even if it was ridiculous like how her cutie mark (which is supposed to be unique) looks weird. Button still didn't care and continued to brush the teasing off as if it was nothing, because it was, in fact, nothing. 



By the time she reached her late Filly years, she took up the offer of working for a local comic book store, it was the perfect little job for her considering the fact she was obsessed with superheroes, video games, comic books, and other strange things like that. She enjoyed the job as well, which was a plus one. Although, it was only part-time since the Filly still had school to take care of and other family occasions that were important to her.

Character Personality: Button Blitz is occasionally hyper and/or energetic if she hasn't gamed for longer than she should, other times, she is just completely out of it and can be seen trudging around with heavy eyes and pretty much sleep trotting. She has an unhealthy diet of chips and soda, adding to her very lazy and carefree behavior. Although she may seem like the type to have a "Nerdy" friend group as most would call it, she has a very diverse range of friends... She is just too busy at home, locking herself in her room to play videos games to ever be seen with them. Blitz is friendly, just extremely unhealthy when it comes to her wellness.

Character Summary: Overall, Button Blitz gained her cutie mark in the easiest way possible, by sitting around on an electronic gaming device. She was proud of her cutie mark and thought of it as a great accomplishment especially since she felt she might never get one, even if the teasing didn't bother her. Button Blitz doesn't pay attention to reality much, which is why insults don't phase her, she is too busy in her own head thinking of strategies to level up her avatar when she gets home.


Button is a very stubborn older Filly and doesn't believe in "Defeat" when it comes to her precious video games, she will sit for hours, ignoring anyone, just to simply avenge her own death. While her addiction is unhealthy, it doesn't seem to phase her either and she continues with her unhealthy diet, habits, and sleep schedule which consists of staying awake longer than she should and sleeping less than about four hours. In result, the older Filly can be seen "sleepwalking" as most would call it because of her zombie-like state during the day after a late night of leveling up and playing at least twenty levels before passing out from exhaustion.

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