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1 hour ago, SteelEagle said:

Who is your favorite of Rainbow Dash's friends?



Favorite of Rainbow Dash's friends, huh?



Y'know, all of 'em are nice ponies! I get to be around Applejack and Rarity the most - 'cause, y'know, they're Sweetie Belle's and Apple Bloom's sisters - but I can't say I like 'em more than the others. Pinkie Pie's got a lotta energy, so she kinda gets tiring after a while... But Fluttershy's super kind. Guess that makes sense, 'cause that's her element...



Maybe Princess Twilight Sparkle? I learned a lot from her, and she's really smart, too! Twilight Time's great, and next to spending time with Rainbow Dash and my friends, it's probably my favorite thing to do!

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