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[Ready] Celestial Sapphire


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Roleplay Type: WoE


Name: Celestial Sapphire


Sex: Female


Age: Adult Mare


Species: Unicorn


Eye color: Sapphire has golden eyes that pierce her foes.


Coat: A thin off-white coat protects Sapphire from light weather ailments. 


Mane/Tail: Sapphire has a zaffre hued mane that falls down her neck and sides in blue waves. Her mane is thick and often tied into a loose side braid, two cornflower blue and cyan streak through her hair. Her tail, which matches in hue, is cropped shorter than her mane to prevent messiness. 


Physique: Sapphire has an average physique. Her horn has a dull point.


Residence: She is a nomad, and lives in a small tent she carries in her saddlebags.


Occupation: Wandering Adventurer


Cutie Mark: Celestial Sapphire’s cutie mark features a sword behind a shield featuring a blue teardrop.


Sapphire’s cutie mark first appeared when she was a young filly. In her youth, Sapphire was a quiet and gullible pony. She believed anything any adult told her, including folk tales. On her way home from school one day, Sapphire was told about an evil unicorn who stole the emotions from foals in their sleep if they misbehaved. 

Her overactive imagination led her to become severely paranoid. She would check every closet and under every bed, but she never found the sorcerer. For a week, Sapphire had nightmares of this imaginary sorcerer, but she could never escape it. After eight nights of nightmares, Sapphire decided to stay awake all night. Halfway through the night, a loud thump outside caused adrenaline to course through her. Her magic flared to life in order to protect her family. While her intentions were good, she had fired a blast through the window shattering it, at a tree branch.  Her protective nature sparked another brilliant light, this time from her flank. Her cutie mark had finally appeared, and she was going to do everything in her power to live up to her talent of defending ponies.


Unique Traits: Sapphire is trained to be skilled with a sword as well as most long-range melee weapons like spears. She also has proficiency in stronger spells than the average unicorn, but her magic is a little rusty.

History: Sapphire was born in Fillydelphia to a family of average wealth. She was the second of three children, and the only girl. When she was barely old enough to talk, her family moved to Canterlot in hopes of enrolling their children in Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. Sapphire was the only one of her siblings who made it in, as her older brother was too old and her younger brother had weak magic.


In her earlier years, Sapphire was an apt student, spending most of her free time learning new things. It was her mission to live up to her parents’ expectations. She would study with her classmates so that she wasn’t proclaimed socially dead. A couple of her friends would walk home with her, once an upperclassman joined them. The older pony told the foals about an evil sorceress who stole misbehaving ponies’ emotions in their sleep. This caused Sapphire to become flooded with paranoia at night and extremely stiff and compliant during the day, a misunderstood noise caused her to destroy her window but helped her earn her cutie mark for protecting the helpless.


Upon her graduation from Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, Celestial Sapphire joined the Canterlot Guard for a few years, during this time she learned hoof to hoof combat as well as how to wield a sword and pole like weapons. Sapphire found her life as a guard uneventful and static. She decided to leave the Canterlot Guard in search of better adventures and for ponies in need. Leaving her family and friends behind, Sapphire set out on her journey with a full saddlebag and a sword, ready to take on the world.


Sapphire has traveled from the Crystal Empire all the way to Saddle Arabia in hopes of protecting those who cannot protect themselves, taking up odd jobs so that she can financially support herself. She considers herself a hero, and as such, she believes that a hero’s work requires no payment.


Character Personality: Celestial Sapphire is a courageous pony who can stare into the eyes of any foe without flinching. She often places others above herself and wishes to protect the innocent. She has her own sense of right and wrong and uses that as her system of judgment. Those falling in the wrong category face her wrath, be it a stern speech about morals or a scuffle. Sapphire likes to consider herself always prepared, however, she still remains reckless. Be it a dragon or sheep Sapphire takes the same course of action if it will get the job done. She has a friendly air about her and never has any issue talking to strangers. Her opinion of herself is high, but she retains a sense of modesty, as all heroes should.


Character Summary: A pale mare with gorgeous blue waves, Celestial Sapphire, is a pony who values justice above anything else. Her moral compass tells her what’s wrong and what is right, and she follows her heart. Even if there’s a plan, you can count on Celestial Sapphire to charge in without it, as long as the job gets done. She has been known to travel to help ponies in need and takes up odd jobs to support herself. Sapphire is trained in hand to hand as well as melee fighting and will exhibit her skills when necessary. She will travel wherever she is needed to help because that is what heroes do.


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