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Mythic Vision (ready)


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Mythic Vision


Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Mythic Vision
Sex: Mare
Age: Young mare
Species: Unicorn
Eye colour: Green with clouded pupils
Coat: Light blue
Mane/Tail: Lime green with grey
Physique: Slightly smaller than normal, but average aside from that.
Residence: Las Pegasus
Occupation: Magic study (Sergeant Specialist at STAR)
Cutie Mark: Eight long thin triangles in a sort of "poof" shape.
Unique Traits: She is blind to the light. However, she has Magic Sight (explained in detail below).

History: [This has been updated to better reflect her original backstory from before Canterlot.com]

Mythic Vision was born blind. She lived in a dark world, afraid of everything. Having grown up in Canterlot, she came from a family who valued their social status above most all else. Her grandmother, Jeweled Vision, was very judgmental and looked down on her. Her parents didn't voice it much around her but they didn't agree with the family's unicorn-elitist history. When Myth came of the appropriate age, she was made to apply to Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. It was expected of every member of the Vision family to be "an exemplary student" of the school. However Myth was at a disadvantage. Being blind, she never learned how to read or write, and another, more serious problem. She couldn't do magic. When she took her entrance exam, she failed miserably. She couldn't do the simplest magic for the practical exam, and she couldn't even take the written exam. It was also at around this time that she'd begun to get the beginnings of her sight. She started to see cloudy shapes that she barely knew how to distinguish. She hadn't yet had the chance to tell anypony when her grandmother came to visit. She was beyond disappointed in Myth's failure. Myth overheard her say the words "What good is a blind unicorn who can't do magic?"

That was her final straw. She couldn't live with this family any longer. If they didn't want her blind, they couldn't have her seeing. So she ran away. Despite her disadvantages. Despite her fear of the world.

Over time, her magic sight developed. She began to be able to discern more and more things, and she found that she loved magic. She loved to see the intricacies of how magic worked and she loved how it seemed to have a life all its own. She began to regard magic as her closest friend. It was what had gotten her through her toughest days and it was always there for her.

It was one day while she'd been out on her own that she'd somehow been able to subconsciously cast an illusion spell to make herself invisible to avoid some thugs that were chasing her. When she'd gotten away, her vision was accosted by a brilliant flash from her flank. She was too worried about her pursuers noticing to realize she'd just gotten her cutie mark! When she did, however, she instantly forgot about her immediate problems for a while. 

Throughout her life she's studied magic closely and has loved nothing more than to be right there to see magical events and to study them and examine them.

Character Personality: Easily excited, and slow to anger. She doesn't get mad or annoyed very easily, and she is not scared of much. She is obsessed with magic. She understands how things work on a magical level. Sometimes, this can come off as eccentric, she has her ways of doing things, and they make sense to her.
Character Summary: Myth is a gifted unicorn who has a very unique condition. She cannot see light, how most ponies see. Instead, she sees magic. She can see the magic that makes things up. It's not as accurate as normal vision, but it has its perks. She studies magic, and is obsessed with it. Her perspective of the world is so different, sometimes, she can come off as eccentric, but there is a method to her madness.


 Magic Sight

TL;DR: She can see some of the same things other ponies can, but not others. She also can see some things others cannot. Her effective "sight" is like poor eyesight, and no color or shades (like black vs white).


Magic Sight is a condition so rare, only one pony was ever recorded to have had it. Sometime in the pre-celestia era. Not much was written, but it was obvious that this sight was both a blessing and a curse. The pony afflicted had no perception of light at all. Could not fully understand the concept of color.

however, he was gifted with the unique ability to see magic. Not just the magic aura that surrounds a unicorn's horn when they cast spells, but all kinds of magic. Even that which holds the very matter of the world together. This unicorn didn't write anything himself, mostly because he couldn't read because reading required regular sight.


Myth has the same sight this pony of olden times had. She sees what he saw.


She can see some things other ponies can, but it looks very different to her. She doesn't see colors, and the magic doesn't always make very exact shapes. She can see vaguely pony-shaped clouds of life magic that move about. Each with their own distinct character. She can recognize you by your magic as well as your voice or smell.

She can see the sun, moon and stars, as they are all made of pure magic. but again, they look very different. As does everything.


There are many things she cannot see. She can't see pigments. Like paint on a billboard, or letters on a page. She can't see textures, or fine (even semi-fine) details. She knows nothing of colors the way you and I do.


There are also things she can see that most ponies can't. Most ponies would not be able to imagine what she sees, because it is so entirely different.

She can see what kind of magic it is.

The magic of life and the earth, which Earth ponies have in abundance and resides in all kinds of life. The pegasus' sky magic which helps them fly and control the weather. Unicorns' mind magic which they use to cast spells. Cutie Mark magic has its own appearances, too. Each pony's magic is unique, and easily distinguishable.

Also, the magic of matter. It holds things together and gives them their properties. This is much harder to distinguish apart. She can see the difference between densities, but that's about it.

She also can, on occasion, see dream magic. At night, if she watches carefully, she can see ponies' dreams drifting about. She can certainly tell one dream from another, but because she's never known what a pony was dreaming, or had anything to compare them to, so she can't tell what they're dreaming. Although, every once in a while, she can see if it's a happy, sad, or scary dream (if the feeling is intense enough, she can feel it a little too when she focuses). She can even see when Luna has entered a dream. It burns brighter, and with Luna's magic.

edit: The sharpness of her magic sight is nearsighted. If she can get things real up close, she can see more details, but at normal distance, she only gets very basic shapes. at longer distances, she sees very little except very large features like landmasses and large landmarks.

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whew! That was doosy.

Never had to include a TL;DR in a character application anywhere before. lol


Amway, I hope that's not too much, or anything. Just lemme know if I can improve anything, and I'll be on it.

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