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  1. Myth stood silently. Something had been bothering her from the time these magical creatures had come to view. She wondered if..... she frowned. Perhaps some other time. Her thoughts were interrupted when Luna cast her teleportation spell on the parchment, sending it whizzing by her as a packet of pure aether, heading back to Equestria, she presumed. She sort of jumped a little at the startle, and then sighed. Then Icy said something that perked her ears. At this distance, and with the bright magic of the okami backlighting her, she could'nt see Icy turn, but she could feel her gaze. She gulped and gave a half-hearted smile and wave. She needed to talk to one of those okami... perhaps tonight after everypony was asleep.... unless... do okami sleep? She laughed silently to herself. She'll find out tonight. Then she realized something and turned to Nira "Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry! I am vaguely aware that you said something to me, but I was sorta lost for a minute." she laughed uncomfortably and scratched the back of her head.
  2. Discord shuddered at the threat of being called the Lord of Order "Then I'll come after last, just to be sure!" he joked, poking a set of hoofprints labeled "Twilight Sparkle" and getting sucked into the map like a rag being sucked into a vacuum hose, the cloud he'd been sitting on popping back into the Boulder it was before he arrived and landing on the field of singing flowers. (sorry for the short and very late response )
  3. When the retired Princess made her entrance, Myth once again had to fight the urge to bow. She'd been conditioned from a young age to react to those of higher station with respect, and although for the most part she'd gotten over her fear of the wrong appearances, it still showed up from time to time, especially with the royalty. And, of course, Celestia and Luna's retirement was still fresh for everypony. She did, however, incline her head out of respect, which Myth felt, Princess or no, she'd more than earned. It was then that Feather came to land between her and Nira, which put her in closer quarters than the others on deck. Myth couldn't put her hoof on it, but something seemed to be bothering her. Her aura was filled with the heavy mist of some kind of resentment. Myth smiled at her, hoping she wasn't upset with her for some reason. She'd only just begun to feel like their relationship was starting. She'd hate to have done something wrong so soon. "Maybe I'll find a moment to take her aside, some time." she thought to herself. Myth had been so distracted by her marefriend and her new crush that she hadn't even noticed the magical creature watching them from afar until Icy pointed her out. She looked over and saw her. "How could I be so clueless as to miss her‽" she shook her head. She had a job to do here and she was already falling behind. It seemed the others couldn't quite guage her intentions from looking at her. "If I may," she blurted after Nira had finished what she'd said "Her aura doesn't suggest any hostility.... not toward us, anyway. I....." she peered at the creature. All she could see, visually, was that something was there. She had practically no visual detail at all at this range. but the creature's aura was still quite easily distinguishable. She could see several things about her from here. Although to be more sure she'd have to get closer. What she could tell, tho, was that her aura wasn't hostile. But something else about it. "I wouldn't trust her, but... for the time being, I don't see any reason to worry about her." she kept looking at the Okami, tilting her head as she tried to be sure of more information "One more thing..." she added hesitantly "I... can't be sure, but.... I don't think she's from here. She kind of reminds me more of the mainland... or the palace... I don't know, but not here."
  4. Discord gave a double thumbs up "Lookin' good! We're a real beef cake." he opened a palm onto which a cake made of cuts of beef dropped from the sky. "I'm sure she's bound to notice." Then the beef cake caught fire and disappeared. He tapped his chin after this Discord's suggestions. "These do all sound likevery enticing ideas, me...." he smiled "You're right. It has been a while since we bothered– I mean talked to Celestia, hasn't it?" those were the days. Messing with Celestia and Luna before all this friendship stuff. He smiled with nostalgia, but then he shook his head "Not all that, tho." he said referring to the level of Chaos he used to cause "We don't want to make Fluttershy upset. Birthday or not." he snapped his fingers to bring one of the transformed flowers into his hand and then took a bite "But I, for one, would be up for some slightly more..... forgivable 'pranks'. " he ate the rest of the flower and turned to second discord for his input.
  5. Paige Scribble Roleplay Type: WoEName: Paige ScribbleGender: Mare (transgender)Age: Adult mareSpecies: UnicornEye colour: Purpleish PinkCoat: PinkMane/Tail: Ombre from brown at the top to reddish-brown at the bottom. Always messy. Physique: A little more to love. Not quite chunky, but not very thin, either. She always has a pencil behind one ear and usually another on her pocket. She always wears her lavender shirt.Residence: PonyvilleOccupation: AuthorCutie Mark: A broken pencil with black ink coming out forming a globe. Signifying her talent in worldbuilding and story telling.Unique Traits: Being Transgender, Paige has the body of a stallion. She's often very insecure about her appearance, but she tries very hard to work on it all the time. With a lot of hard work and with plenty of magical intervention, she has worked her appearance to be more and more feminine with each passing week and month. She's still not all the way there, and there are also things her magic can't change. She longs to find somepony who can change her body completely. History: Paige Scribble was born to a different name. Few ponies know what that name was, and she won't tell you if you ask. Why did she change it? Well, because it was given to her when her parents had assumed she was a colt. Paige always knew something was different about her. She didn't really fit in with the colts her age, and she never felt comfortable with her body how it was. She felt like something was missing for her, but didn't know what. Her brothers would tease her often about her feminine attitude and personality. She never really understood why, but rather than making her upset, it just made her feel better about herself. Now, Paige, of course, had better things to do than worry about what her brothers were saying about her. Like writing her stories. She loved to create new worlds and characters, and make them interact. Mostly, she just shared her writings with her mom or her brothers. But occasionally, she had something she would share with anypony who would listen. One day, she was talking to some mare who was visiting Ponyville about a character she'd recently thought up. A changeling who didn't feel like she belonged with the other changelings. The mare had smiled and said "Have you thought about writing these down? I could help you get it in print." she explained that she worked at a Manehattan-based publishing company. Paige was overjoyed to hear this and agreed with the mare to write her story and send her a manuscript. When she'd finished writing her story, she was about to sign her name, but something stopped her. She sat staring at the page. She thought about the main character in her story. She, too, felt like she didn't belong. She held her pencil over the paper wondering why that mattered here. What stopped her from writing her name. then, suddenly, without even thinking she began writing a name. But it wasn't the one she'd used to now. The name wasn't even a colt's name. As she wrote it, something inside her shifted. It was like something that was wrong for so long was suddenly right. She looked at the new name and smiled. "Paige Scribble" she read out loud. "Yeah." she held the page close and held back a tear. Just then, a glow shone on her flank. She'd gotten her cutie mark. Excited, she stacked her papers together and ran, washing them in the air to her mother "Mom! mom! Look!" she cried. her mom called to her "You got your cutie mark!" she exclaimed "Were you writing?" she asked, winking. Paige smiled and gave her the transcript. Her mother looked at the title page and read it aloud "The good changeling. By Paige Scribble? Who's Paige Scribble?" Paige smiled but held back tears "I-it's me, mom." Now long story short, her story wasn't quite good enough to be published, but the letter she got back from the Manehattan mare told her that she was proud of her for her self discovery and the effort she'd put into the story, so she'd had the title page framed for her and sent back. Since then, Paige has worked hard on improving her writing. She wrote so many stories, sending them to her Manehattan contact until she started getting stories accepted. She was finally a published author. Now, that day that she'd created her new name, she began to realize things. Everything began to fall into place. She realized the reason she did feel like she fit in with the colts her age is she wasn't one herself. She began to realize that she felt much better when she began to use her new name and called herself a mare. Through this all, she also found her second passion. Magic. She loved writing more than anything, but she also found that magic was something she loved to pursue. She began to learn many new spells and practiced them a lot. Her skills weren't amazing or anything, but she could do some pretty good things. One day, when a new unicorn had made her way to Ponyville, boasting of her magical ability Paige was very impressed.... until she turned out to be a fraud. But it was the time she came back that really stuck out to her. because when Twilight challenged her to a magic duel, she did something that made Paige's jaw drop. She cast a spell that changed a mare into a stallion! It turned out the spell was fake, but it got Paige to start thinking. From that day, Paige decided that every day that she had time to spare, she would be looking for a way to make that spell work. Character Personality: Paige is generally a very caring mare who loves nothing more than to do whatever she can to help others. Oftentimes, it gets in the way of her own happiness, but she doesn't usually mind. It makes her happy to see others happy. The thing she loves to do for herself more than anything is to write stories. Character Summary: Paige is a trans mare who loves to be there for others. She enjoys writing stories that capture her imagination, and those of her readers. Tho she doesn't have a lot of readers, she does have a little bit of a following. At least enough to pay the bills, anyway. In her free time, she likes learning magic. She spends a good deal of time learning new spells and practicing what she's learned. The one spell that she's always wished she could learn was one she saw Princess Twilight mimic with trickery, once, back before she became an alicorn. A gender swapping spell. Although everything points toward it being so difficult, some even say it's not possible, she still holds hope that she'll find a way, one day, to make it happen. Pics: (this one was done by my friend Feather Bloom (she's not on Canterlot))
  6. Discord pulled an entire fish skeleton out from behind his tooth, and tossed it. The skeleton began swimming happily in the air just as the second Discord appeared. When his cattish grin scared it away. Discord stood up on his cloud. "Why hello, there! My favorite me in all of me! Me!" he smiled "Fluttershy was busy doing some animal thing at her wonderful sanctuary. Surely, you would've known that? I did tell her we'd be here, tho. So if she finds the thyme, she'll be along." he emphasized the word by turning his sandwich into a bouquet of thyme leaves which he turned and gave to the third discord just before he'd begun speaking. "Since when do we need a reason for anything? Maybe it's our birthday. Who knows, anyway?" he shrugged unconcernedly. Just as the third discord finished talking about Fluttershy's first visit to Chaosville, the fish skeleton, which had been frantically swimming away (tho it moved rather slowly in the air) from second discord, bumped into third discord exploding soundlessly in a miniature mushroom cloud. Discord frowned "Well excuse me. You remember what all those ponies were saying! They kind of got under our skin!" a lump started moving around under his skin, and he opened his flesh like a curtain and pulled out the pony from the tea shop who was freaking out, and teleported her back to her shop. "You can't blame me for being new at friendship." he huffed, sticking his nose in the air. "Although, I'll only admit to you two, that was the first time I really felt fear...." he shuddered "Let's... just promise not to ever try to be normal again. For any reason."
  7. // [ooc] lol, just an invitation to participate in a thread of multiple discords interacting with each other. (idea came from a conversation on the Canterlot discord server after I put in my discord app) I couldn't think of much of a legitimate reason for discord's different selves to interact, but I figured it's discord. He doesn't really need a reason, does he? I realise now I probably should've made a post in the Out of Character Discussion category to tag y'all in then link to this, but what's done is done PS: You're free to not participate if you're notinterested. Just thought I'd invite you and the others with Discord apped //
  8. Flying on the airship was actually pretty fun when you weren't spending the whole time in either the bathroom or the medbay with airsickness. That Nira was pretty good with her healing magic, which Myth had gotten a kick out of watching. It was so very different from unicorn magic, and it had made her gawk in awe at just just beautiful Nira looked using it. She hadn't really voiced that at the time, but since that had happened, she'd been having a hard time keeping her eyes off the longma. That was until she saw the island. when she saw it, she practically jumped on Icy in her excitement. Although she was mostly calmed down, now, she still had a big, stupid smile on her face, and was trying hard not to bounce, too much. Even so, with her excitement about the island, she still found herself glancing at Nira with just her eyes, not moving her head, a few times. When Nira tried to play down her healing skills, Myth's face screwed up in mock confusion "Pffff! 'A bit of magic'. As if that's not the most gor-...ram useful magic.... that..." she blushed and turned her head clearing her throat "I'm with Icy. You'll come in handy." she almost completely missed the comment about magical creatures with how distracted she was.
  9. Discord sat on his cloud, patiently waiting for the others to arrive. Somewhere outside Ponyville, high in the sky. Not so far that nopony could run into them, but far enough you'd have to go looking. Or be a particularly lost pony. Why he didn't just choose to convene in Chaosville? Well, because he just didn't feel like it, of course. Plus, it could give him and his compatriots somepony to mess with, should anypony stick their little pony nose in their general vicinity. "Also," he thought, "just think of some poor pony's reaction seeing us all shooting the breeze." he did a little finger gun action, and blew smoke off his digits, laughing a little to himself at the thought of some unsuspecting pony suddenly finding himself victim to three or four Discords. He reached behind him and grabbed a bit of cloud, smashed it in his hands and it turned into a fish and egg sandwich. The fish's tail hanging limply out one end. He took a bite, the whole egg cracking and spilling all over the place, and the fish tail flopping in protest. As for why he and his counterparts felt it prudent to meet, it was their birthday! Well, it was a day. and the birth of the universe happened at some point. What did it matter? He was celebrating, because he wanted to. Or he would be when the others arrived. He began picking at a fish bone behind his tooth with his claw. // Hello, and welcome to my all-discord thread. I made the thread open so that your characters in the area who you think would make for fun interactions could just pop in whenever. Although, it's mostly for Discords to interact. I plan for this thread to be outside time and to exist at the same time as, parallel to, and completely seperate from other threads all at the same time. This is Discord afterall. Discords may come and go, things that happen concurrently might be mentioned or ignored or whatever. This is, essentially, the chaos thread. Nopony is safe. @Cubbage @RainbowFoxxy @RexDraco and anyone else who happens to get a Discord application approved in the future are specifically invited to participate. //
  10. "A form?" Discord asked "Why in Equestria would I fill out a form?" He sighed "Alright. Just for you, Fluttershy. I'll fill out the Equestria-Forsaken form." Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Discord Gender: Male Age: Eternal. Well, Might as well be. There's no way you'd be able to comprehend. Species: Draconequus (the one and only. Except when I'm not) Eye colour: Red pupils and yellow sclera. Coat: A luxurious grey coat on my head, soft brown feathers until my tail which is covered in smooth, shiny red scales. A specimen of beauty if I say so, myself. And I do. Mane/Tail: My mane is a silky black, short cut, going from just behind my head and down my neck. My eyebrows, beard and tail tuft are white as a smooth, aged milk. Physique: A rather lithe build, my body stretches long like a wet, linguinious noodle with my six limbs, all different to keep it interesting. My left leg is that of a minotaur, right being a dragon's. My arms resemble those of a griffon on the left and a lion on the right. My right and left wings, respectively, resemble those of a purple bat and blue pegasus. Residence: My place of residence is in the realm of Chaos. Where I spend most of my time is either at Fluttershy's cottage in Ponyville, or with the guys in the castle in Canterlot. Although, you'll see me anywhere. I could be right behind you, right now! Well, don't look…. Occupation: Occupation? Who needs one of those to tie you down when you're the Lord of Chaos? I do anything and everything I want…. yes yes within reason…. mostly…. Cutie Mark: As a Draconequus I have no need for Cutie Marks. Tho I do have one I like to use when disguised as a pony. It's a tornado. For my fun nature. Unique Traits: Unique? Unique‽ Why, I'm the Lord of Chaos, of course! What could be more unique than that? I can do literally anything I want with the snap of my fingers… or claws… or tail. I can rip the very fabric of reality and create rifts to dimensions unknown! Unique? Please. History: When I was but a wee lad, I wanted– what? Oh fine. But don't go saying I didn't try to give you a more concise story. You're the one who has to read it. I came into being before all that you know. I don't know from whence I came, or how I came to be, and I honestly don't care. I was there before other types of magic came into being. I watched as wretched order took over more and more of my beloved Chaos. I was utterly furious when it decided to coalesce into land, and water, and creatures. I liked it better when it was all my Chaos. Nothing but Chaos. Until I realized something. When it was all Chaos, it was actually pretty boring. I decided that I would allow order to continue encroaching on my Chaos… at least until it started to get boring, again. I enjoyed all the new things order was creating for a while. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I started trying out some of those shapes on myself. I tried many different shapes, but there were so many good ones, it was hard to choose. I eventually decided to settle on a few of them put together. Creating the shape I've kept to this day. I called what I'd created a Draconequus. That was me. Discord the Draconequus. Still naïve to what order had in store for the world, I allowed it to create new magic. New creatures. And even creatures made of magic. Soon, the land I had been watching had settled on its dominant type of creature, ponies. But anyway. That's enough about that. These ponies were the most fun to mess with. I'd stuck my hand in the pit before, but these creatures were fun. I made them fight, I played with their environment. Oh it was all so much fun. Long story short, Grogar, the Wendigoes, Sombra blah blah blah, then I come in again, and one day I'm messing with the new rulers of Equestria. I'd really gone to town that time. You should have seen Celestia. It was priceless. But yeah so apparently order had been working behind my back and made some powerful magic that could actually seal me away in stone! Imagine that! Now, that was an unbelievably boring thousand years or so. I had to listen to Celestia moan about her sister and– it was just awful. Until one day, I'd gathered enough power to break myself free. Finally, I was free to mess with stuff again. I did not waste time. I met a new pony I could mess with and she was almost as much fun as Celestia. …until those elements came back into the picture. Frozen in stone once again. But this time was different. This time, Twilight and her friends released me. And then the most peculiar thing happened. It was something new that I'd never experienced before. I made a friend. Fluttershy was my first friend. She actually tried to understand me. It was… very different from what i was used to. And it took me a while to understand that I actually kind of liked it. Friends. Nocreature had ever thought I was worth making friends with. Ahem anyway, so yeah, I decided it was better to have a friend and not cause trouble than it was to cause trouble but have no friends again. Since that day, I've been learning a lot about friendship. It's actually pretty nice. I've made more friends, and I've strengthened the friendships I had. I still cause a little mischief here and there, whatever I can get away with. but not anything that would hurt my friends. Especially my first and closest friend, Fluttershy. She means the world to me. Ahem so anyway, now I'll tell you about the futur– no? Oh, right, it just says history. Character Personality: I have the most amazing personality, and anypony would be luc– yes yes, Fluttershy, fine. I'll be honest…. I'm a very fun being to be around, tho someti– I'm not saying tha– ok ok. Although sometimes, I don't know where to draw the line. I enjoy pulling pranks and just generally messing with ponies. Mostly Twilight. She's just so much fun to mess with. Although, if I'm honest, the one thing that matters most to me is my friendships. I don't like to get all sappy, but in truth, my friends are the most important thing in the world. That, and of course my sense of humor. Character Summary: I am Discord. The Lord of Chaos and Disharmony. I have powers unrivaled by any pony or any creature imaginable. What I do I do for my own entertainment. The world is my sea cucumber. I do keep myself mostly in check, tho. For the sake of my friendships. Mostly for Fluttershy, but the others matter too. I've made my share of…. boo-boos, but on the whole, I'd say I'm a pretty good guy. If a bit mischievous. The long and short of it is I am Discord. And that's all you need to know.
  11. Myth smiled at the unicorn's words. She also wanted to have an opportunity to get to know her. Her obviously intricate knowledge of magic was something Myth admired, and she couldn't wait for an opportunity to learn anything she could from her. But she figured it wasn't too likely she'd be very forthcoming. Myth turned her head and picked up one of Feather's fathers that she'd scattered earlier in her magic. She smiled at Shiroi as she levitated it toward her, trying to be polite and give her a chance to reject her gift. "It's a shame we don't have more time, right now, Miss Shiroi." as long as she let her, Myth stuck the Feather behind Shiroi's ear "I would be honored to learn your secrets." she bowed slightly before enchanting the Feather with a persistent illusion, turning it into a cherry blossom. It was a simple enough spell for Myth that would leave a small, stagnant illusion attached to an item that would persist for several days without her there to keep it. It wasn't the most useful in most circumstances, because this type of illusion faded over time, making it easy to spot after only a few hours, but it made a great parting gift. "That is if you have any you'll be willing to share." she laughed kindly as she winked. When Feather hugged her with her wing, Myth was a little startled, and she found herself blushing ever so slightly. She picked up another Feather and stuck it behind Feather's ear, repeating her spell before playfully nudging her. Then Icy mentioned them going back aboard the airship, and Myth groaned "Already? I only just got over my air sickness from the way here!"
  12. Myth laughed "Guys, it's fine. Really." she scratched the back of her head. "It was more surprise than anything" her ears swiveled about to hear the voices of her compatriots, her face ever so slightly twisted in concentration as she tried to get an idea of her surroundings. Smokey smiled. It had taken him a bit longer than it should've to realize his newest customer's condition. "Don't worry. We'll all be able to give it a try. It's also my first time in Las Pegasus. The sounds and everything are a lot to get used to. Can't be easy being blind, too. Would make anypony's head spin!" he flipped his spatula and slapped it on a beet slice at just the right angle, making it do a somersault in the air, and he caught it on the spatula. Then he produced a paper plate, on which he placed the slice before hovering it over to the blind mare finishing it off with a small drizzle from a bottle of sauce he'd made himself. "May I?" he asked, as he lifted her hoof with his magic to guide it to the plate he was giving her. Myth smiled as the stallion gave her the carefully plated food "Thank you, sir." she said with a wide smile, as he repeated this process with three more plates, hovering two of them to the other mares.
  13. Myth giggled internally at the emotion she saw Feather trying to hide. She made a mental note to start teasing her more often. Raven had suggested they wait by the entrance to the building, and Myth nodded, giggling ever so slightly at the mention of the robot bird from earlier. She followed after Raven to wait nearer the doors where the others should be coming out any minute. She decided, to push her buttons a little, she'd just stand next to Feather, this time, putting her between herself and Raven, trying to make it not obvious she did it on purpose. She stood closer than most ponies do, like she does with anypony she's friends with. If Feather glanced at her, she'd just give a warm, wide smile.
  14. Myth stepped out the front door of Icy's casino, and the rush of fresh air was like a sudden wave of euphoria. Myth couldn't help but smile. The feeling she'd had when her sight left her was all but gone, and she could feel her long time friend again. In the breeze, in the warm rays of Celesti— or rather Twilight's sun, even the ground beneath her hooves. She took a deep breath and smiled wide "Hello, again." she whispered. She giggled quietly and bounced up and down as she spoke "Now, where are we going, today?" she closed her unseeing eyes, and sniffed the air, turning her head this way and that, her ears swiveling at the sounds. She could hear the fire dancing street performer she'd seen earlier today on her way here. She decided she'd like to pass by there while she kept sniffing for something that stood out. She had started moving in the direction of the sounds of the fire dancer, when she smelled it. Now that was something she hadn't smelled before! She sniffed. She smiled "Now, that's interesting" she said aloud "Do you smell that? It's over this way!" she pointed and began walking. ==== Smokey Coals stood at his booth, smiling at the ponies going by. He was new to the street vendor life, but so far, he'd loved every minute of it. He twirled his spatula in his magic, whistling a cheerful tune as he worked. The vegetables on his grill were unique, and not exactly local. His specialty being foreign foods, today his selection came mostly from Whitescar. It was an interesting assortment of foods to work with, but he loved a good challenge. The spices he was using were mostly from Neighpon, but some were Unyasan spices that helped to give his food a little culture. He lifted one such spice up to his nose and sniffed it, thinking to himself before he sprinkled a bit on the Beet slices he was grilling. He was so engrossed in his work, he almost didn't notice the trio of unicorns who wandered, quite literally, into his stall until one of them bumped into his table. "Ow!" she exclaimed. He smiled and looked at the three of them with genuine interest. These three seemed interesting already. He knew unique when he saw it, and these were definitely that. "Hello, friends!" he greeted "Smoky's ma' name, grillin's ma' game! I was just workin' on a new recipe! If you'd like, I'll share the first taste with you on the house!" he winked.
  15. // since i missed a round, I'm going to add in a little bit of something for that round. I'll try not to say anything that would alter the responses too much, tho. Sorry about my delay. // Myth clapped her hooves. She may not have seen much in the way of what Feather was doing, but whatever she did, Myth could tell she was thoroughly enjoying it, and that was what was important. When Raven mentioned "the father thing", Myth paused, put a hoof up to her ear, and laughed "Oh! Is that what that is!" she held the feather out in front of her and regarded it carefully. It sure had Feather's magic in it. "That's pretty impressive." she winked. Myth smiled at Raven when she'd asked about how she was doing as second in command. "Honestly, I just know you and Icy as my best friends! I would go to the end of Equestria for either one of you!" she laughed "Or to Neighpon!" ==== Myth's smile faded as Raven talked about her family expectations. It brought back her own memories about her family. By now her smile had turned into a deep frown. "Yeah...." she said in a suddenly uncharacteristically depressing tone "I know how that is...." she forced herself to smile again and her voice cheered up some "But you know what? Hang what others think. All you can do is all you can do." her smile turned genuine and she gave Raven a warm happy hug "You're enough just being you. My best friend." she released Raven and gently tapped her muzzle with her hoof, giving her a wink.
  16. Myth seemed ever so slightly disappointed that neither of her friends got her joke, but that was okay. When Icy suggested the library wasn't necessarily a bad idea, Myth couldn't stop her eyes from rolling before she explained that some of the books might have magic in them that went heretofore unnoticed. To which Myth paused for half a second before she started walking again "You know what?" she said smiling slightly at the thought of a book that actually told her something "You might be on to something, there. I never considered that possibility before." It was at that point that Icy voice her desire for food. or rather her stomach did the voicing for her. Myth stifled a giggle "I agree. something to eat would be welcome, indeed." When Raven suggested they follow Myth's nose up on the street, she smiled wide "That sounds like a fantastic idea! I've heard good things about Las Pegasus street food."
  17. Myth shook her head slowly "Something gives me the impression they don't share this stuff with anypony." she looked carefully at the false bird still perched on her back. The workings that she could see were beyond her current understanding of magic. She couldn't quite make manes nor tails of the non-magical components, and the magical components seemed to violate some of the restrictions she thought magic had. She smiled "But if she was willing to share, I would be first in line to hear what she has to say. I know that if I could take one of these home, I could figure out how it works in a few months' time.... maybe a year. But even if we could take one without their noticing I would never want to ruin their trust in us like that. It might just have to end up being another one of magic's mysteries." she decided to leave out the part that she thought she might have an idea how the magic disruption sound worked. If she was just a little more audacious, she might even get Shiroi to use it again so she could confirm. but she'd promised not to do that, and Myth wasn't exactly in the habit of breaking promises. even if she was hoarding magic secrets..... she chuckled to herself then looked into the air where Feather was showing off. She couldn't really see what she was doing, but she could see how much she was enjoying herself, and she could hear her wings beating against the air in different ways. She hadn't observed pegasus stunt flying enough to know what each of those wing flaps meant, but she could still hear the calculated precision in each stroke of Feather's wings, and see the joy that flying brought her. She smiled. Sometimes, she wished she'd been a pegasus. Although she wasn't sure if she had that she'd have developed her magic sight. She'd probably still be blind. And she didn't want to think about that.
  18. Myth grabbed Icy's mane, and took to following like a fish to water. She seemed to still be able to take cues quickly despite not having done this in many years. With the mane in her teeth, she followed as Icy asked Raven for suggestions. She nearly dropped Icy's mane as she giggled at Raven's mention of the library. She spoke with very minimal effect from having her mouth full of hair. "The hanger?" she asked, stifling laughter "is it a magical hanger? cause in that case we really should wait for tomorrow. It'll look much more interesting when I get my sight back." she giggled again "I could listen to the training ponies in the training rooms. I might even be able to feel something if they're casting spells."
  19. Compass waved smiling timidly when Rose mentioned the 'mare with a lay of the land'. It was when Rose mentioned the Hydra blood that Compass' smile faded again, she'd forgotten she was going to ask about that. But before she could speak, Mr. Copper had started his response. Compass watched his movements carefully and listened closely to what he had to say. She couldn't help but nod just a little at some of it. She could see where he was coming from. She took just a little too long to speak yet again because Aloe was next to speak. She decided she'd listen carefully to her, too. Her uncomfortable look faded a little as Aloe spoke, and she seemed to sigh with relief in her body language. Once Aloe had calmed down enough to finish talking, Compass sort of raised a hoof in an 'I'd like to talk if that's okay' type manner before she began to speak "A-actually, I was kind of worried about that, too...." she started. She turned to Rose "You remember I told you before I would have to think it over. part of it was I was worried about my safety, but also.... I don't want to be hurting any creature who isn't a danger. Can you promise me that won't happen?" she looked at Rose expectantly. She believed that Rose would understand. If she didn't believe it, she wouldn't be here. but she just wanted to get some confirmation before she committed to this.
  20. Myth carefully climbed down from the hospital bed, probing the floor with her hooves before standing. The aether burn cream stuff seemed to be doing its thing as she hardly felt any effect from that burn at all. She reached out for Icy, and felt around the air until she found her, smiling as she felt her way to her head "Sorry, I'm... not really used to getting around this way anymore." she turned toward Raven's voice, and smiled in her direction before turning back to Icy "I-I uh.... I mean is it okay if I...." she blushed as she explainef "It's just, back when I was blind, I would hold onto my mom's mane in my teeth...." she scratched the back of her head
  21. Myth put her hoof up to her head when the birds began to sing. The birds weren't casting any spells or emitting any magic, but rather simply emitting a sound. Yet that sound seemed to be carefully keyed to disrupt minor spells. Myth's eyes widened, as did her smile. She knew these po— creatures were good with magic, but she didn't realise just how good. It would certainly be a bad move to get on their bad side. Which of course was never really her intention to begin with. She watched her spell as it wavered in the sound and began to dissipate, but as soon as she could see what the birdsong was doing, she voluntarily dropped her illusion. She nodded at the bird on her back "Point taken. Can't blame a mare for trying." she shrugged, then added in a slightly less joking manner with a slight bow "My apologies. It won't happen again." While she was really impressed that not only could they see her spell, but were able to remotely disable it with naught but birdsong, she was still just a little peeved that she couldn't talk in private. She frowned "guess I'll leave that subject for later." she turned to Raven and smiled "Now that was interesting. Full of information. Honestly, I didn't expect they'd be able to counter it, remotely. I thought maybe they'd be able to tell I cast something, and if they didn't we could speak privately, but.... I can certainly understand they wouldn't want us to. I have never seen magic countered solely by sound, before. That was very interesting. It even affected my vision a little. I have got to pick that Shiroi's brain." she all but forgot the way the magic in that conference room had affected her vision, and how it had frightened her. This new information she was learning distracting her from the real reason she had tried giving them privacy. The excitement and wonder coming back to her as she stopped thinking about it.
  22. // omg guys I'm so sorry! I meant to reply sooner, but I forgot! I'm so sorry! // Compass smiled when the first thing she saw clearly without the glare of the sun was Rose's face. She blushed ever so slightly as she regained her composure. "Th-thanks, Rose." she turned to Aloe who was right there with her, and smiled "Do either of you have anything for my wings? I don't know if I should fly in this direct sunlight." she took a breath. She could feel her head getting clearer and her energy returning as the potion took effect. That was about when the unicorn stallion spoke to Rose. Compass smiled when she recognized who he was. "Mr. Copper!" she said aloud "I remember you from the recent campaign for Ponyville Mayor! It's a pity you didn't win. I was really rooting for you. Your policies on the Everfree were exactly what we needed. You had my vote.... for what little that's worth." she frowned. // edit: Also StrongCopper, sorry, but if you could keep rp order that helps me a lot. I get really stressed out with rps with this many people as it is. Thank you. //
  23. Myth shook her head "Unfortunately, the crystals your orbs are made of won't work. They seem to work well as magic reservoirs, but what we need is a catalyst for the magic in a pony's body. Any existing magic in the crystal will only serve to interfere with your own magic. It's probably one of the reasons why the crystal overloaded. What we need is pure unblemished crystals with no existing charge. I have a few other ideas that may help the crystals take, but that's further down the road. As it is, what we need to do is acquire more crystals like the one I broke, equally pure calcium carbonate and a spell to combine them without charging it, which might be difficult. We will need a number of the crystals cause.... I don't yet know what combination of the two will do the best. We'll have to basically guess." myth smiled when Raven mentioned the tour she was meant to be doing. She'd completely forgotten about that with all the excitement. New magic discoveries tended to do that to her. Then she frowned "I-I uh... still can't see, but...." her face filled with pleading and not a small amount of shame "I-if somepony can guide me, I'd love to still do my tour.... it has been a long time, but I should still be able to remember directions without sight."
  24. Myth looked at the mechanical bird again and thought for a moment, staring, before she sighed. Then she smiled and spoke in a lightly excited voice "Neighponese magic is definitely different than equestrian magic. It's been all I can do to keep a lid on it since we got here. It's like some kind of thick syrup or something, also It looks like they've found ways of manipulating magic that we Equestrians have only just scratched the surface of." she smirked in the direction of the false bird "What would you say if I told you that... I'm guessing it's a bird, why else is it in a tree" she chuckled "If I told you it's metal. It has animation magic and some kind of surveillance magic. I couldn't be sure before, but now that I'm looking at it again I think it's somehow connected to that Shiroi pony's thing on her face." she smiled "If I had to guess, I'd say she's watching us. Not that I blame them being suspicious of outsiders in their palace." she waved at the mechanical bird While she was waving, myth discreetly cast an illusion that covered the three like a soft mist, to any outside observer, it would merely look as tho she waved and then put her hoof down to just relax in the garden. All sight and sound was interrupted before leaving their vicinity, altered to only convey what Myth wanted. It took more than a little concentration, but it wasn't too much. "Just.... trying something out..." she said toward her friends.
  25. Compass is nervous, and a little unprepared, but she feels the opportunity to finally get work in Ponyville is worth the risk. She also feels like for some reason she can trust Rose to not let something horrible happen to her..... hopefully.
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