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Compass Rose (Ready)


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Compass Rose



Roleplay Type: WoE

Name: Compass Rose

Sex: Mare

Age: Young Mare

Species: Aerion (Bat Pony)

Eye colour: Green

Coat: Tan

Mane/Tail: Rust color

Physique: Average

Residence: Ponyville

Occupation: Cartographer

Cutie Mark: Parchment with a compass rose and a drafting compass

Unique Traits: Rose has a near perfect photographic memory. She remembers everything she's ever seen with incredible detail. It comes in handy in her profession as a map maker.

History: Rose grew up in Canterlot with parents who were mistrusting of ponies and didn't have a very high opinion of Celestia. She'd heard the story that Princess Luna was banished to the moon for almost no reason from her parents many times. She never really believed it. She would sneak out, late in the morning, in a cloak to shield herself from the sun and to hide her bat-like traits from the ponies. She was sure they wouldn't like seeing a "bat pony". She loved hearing the ponies talk about the goings on in Canterlot. One day, she noticed a pegasus her age was sad. He appeared lost. She worked up some courage and came up to him "Hello?" she introduced "are you okay?" the pony looked at her and said "I can't find my way home." she knew the streets better than anypony. She'd seen them in the day and the night plenty of times, and she never forgot a single stone. She helped him find his way, getting her cutie mark at the same time. They became fast friends, and he found out pretty quickly that she was different. She thought he would reject her for her difference, but instead, he just thought it was cool. Over time, she learned the different customs and stories of the ponies. Including the real story of what happened to Princess Luna. More recently, she decided she wanted to reach out and get to know more ponies. Her friend Stellar Drift suggested Ponyville as a place she could find the most friendly ponies in Equestria. That is, as long as she kept in contact with him, and visited often.

Character Personality: Friendly and out going, Rose is a little different from most of her fellow Aerion. She likes to stay up late into the morning and sometimes goes out (with a sun hat and sunglasses) to talk with ponies. She doesn't like that the hot bright sun keeps her from spending a lot of time with the majority of the ponies around. Although she's outgoing, she doesn't see a lot of others because they're mostly asleep when she's awake.

Character Summary: Rose is a friendly cartographer who loves to socialize whenever she gets the opportunity. She has trouble getting any chance to, because most ponies are asleep at night, and the sun is far too bright for her to be out all day. She mostly spends her time exploring and memorizing the landscapes so she can make detailed maps, and she also serves as a navigational guide for those who need one.





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This backstory seems a little.... subpar for my usual stuff, but I hope it's at least acceptable. I just didn't seem to have as much inspiration as I usually do. :/

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