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Seabreezer [Ready]


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Name: Seabreezer


Sex: Female


Age: Mare


Species: Unicorn/Zebra hybrid


Eye Color: Sky blue


Character Color: Her body is mainly a grey color, with dark blue stripes that form into arcane symbols at various parts with the assistance of tattoos of the same color.


Mane/Tail: Her mane is a short spiky mowhawk that swaps between the same dark blue as her stripes and a green color. Her tail is the same, but is of a fair length and braided into a tight rope-like pattern to use like a whip.


Physique: She is rather tall for a mare her age, with a sailor's physique. Well muscled from work aboard the ship and her fighting, but lithe enough to climb the ropes.


Residence: 'The Vicious Disgrace' ship captained by Draco Silvanus


Occupation: First Mate. Also, pirate


Cutie Mark: Green stars that form their own star pattern by being the points of a larger star. This is for a mix of nightime navigation and magical skill.


She earned her mark during a night out sailing with her father. While they were out on the waves, a storm snuck up on them. They worked together at first, but unfortunately he became injured during the work and she had to due two people's work by herself. Under his guidance, she managed it using her horn to do his work while she did hers with her hooves. Once the storm passed and the clouds parted, she used her knowledge and his to navigate and sail the boat to the nearest port. With all that had happened, neither had noticed her mark had appeared until they were safe on shore.


Unique Traits: Being raised as the daughter of a zebra father and unicorn mother gave her a very unique upbringing. On top of learning the languages of both parents, she also learned skills from both of them. She learned sailing and unarmed fighting from her father, and swordplay and magic from her mother. The sword she chooses to use primarily is a kreigsmesser, fighting by using her magic to enhance her attacks and sometimes to fire blasts out. 


History: Her childhood was a generally happy one, if a bit stifling. Though perhaps that was inevitable considering they both were part of militaries. The father navy and the mother REA. Even though she enjoyed the lessons she retained from her parents, they were pretty strict and as a result she didn’t have the chance to make many friends growing up. Her only real friend was her younger brother, and that was true the whole time they were together. Unfortunately, that was doomed to be broken apart. After years of monotonous rules and lessons and schedules, she was sent away to join the navy of the recently re-emerged hippogriffs. 


Now a young mare angry at her parents and everyone in a position of power over her, her attitude ended up getting her out of the navy proper, but her skills still got her onto a ship under a good captain in the form of Draco. She eventually took a liking to him and his style, following him into battle time and again. One such battle is where she found her weapon of choice, looted from a Germaney vessel and hidden to keep it for herself instead of turning it over to Novo. 


She didn’t really like working for Novo in the end, but she was willing to put up with it in order to stick with the new family she had found. As such, when he made his offer to free the pirate they had just captured and become proper pirates themselves, she was all to eager to go along with the plan. After all that went down, she was finally truly free, and she loved the feeling. 


Personality: She is not really one for following orders, preferring to do whatever she wants. In fact, she actively disliked people telling her what to do, and she generally lets them know as much. The only real exception to this is her captain, and the rest of the crew to a lesser extent. Not to say she would follow any order, but she’d consider it. Other than that, she is pretty laid-back and fun-loving, playing around with the crew like one would with siblings. 


Summary: A fun-loving pirate that likes to think of herself as the big sister of the crew. 

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