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Flower Love [ready]


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Flower Love



Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Flower Love
Sex: Mare
Age: young adult
Species: unicorn
Eye colour: green
Coat: yellow
Mane/Tail: green
Physique: average
Residence: Ponyville
Occupation: Florist
Cutie Mark: Flower in front of a heart. She earned it while helping her parents run their flower shop. She has a knack for caring for Flowers.
Unique Traits: Flower's skill set is diverse and far-reaching. The embodiment of the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none" except for one thing. She is exceptionally talented at her job as a florist.

History: Born to a couple in Manehattan who owned a Flower shop, Flower was always the overachieving little filly. She showed a real interest in learning for learning's sake. Her parents decided to take advantage of this enthusiasm and enrolled her in Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. Unfortunately, this meant she would have to travel to Canterlot for a long time. While she lived in the student housing, she would write her parents every week. She was learning a lot at school, but she missed home. One day, the return letters stopped coming. Last she'd heard, they'd just had another daughter. Maybe they forgot about her, and they're spending all their time with their new daughter. No, she thought, that's not like them. She was nearing the end of her studies at the school, but she couldn't focus. Not with the worry she was feeling. So she packed up her bags and headed home to Manehattan. She found her way to her parents flower shop, where they should be, right now, and she stopped. What she saw shook her to her core. The shop had burned down. She was devastated.

From that day, Flower Love eventually learned to move on. She abandoned her studies at Celestia's school and decided to start moving around. She did odd jobs here and there to make ends meet. She met some shady characters and learned to defend herself. As she grew up, and came to terms with how her life had turned out, she decided she'd carry on her parents legacy. She moved to the quietest place she knew of, Ponyville, and opened her own flower shop.

Character Personality: Flower is outgoing and friendly. She's helpful whenever she can be. She's also strong-willed. She won't take crap from nopony, and she will call you out if she feels you need it.
Character Summary: Flower Love has had a bit of a rough life, but she's become the mare she is because of the hardships she's endured. She doesn't dwell on her past, instead, she lives in the present and tries to make the most of life. She has many skills she's acquired over the course of her life. Most of them unrelated, ranging from hoof-to-hoof combat to exquisite flower arrangements. Mostly, tho, she just prefers to live a quiet, friendly life and sell flowers.




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