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Harvest Moon{Ready)


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Roleplay Type: WOE

Name: Harvest Moon

Sex: Female

Age: Mare


Species: Pegasus

Eye colour:  Golden Orange

Coat: Light tan

Mane/Tail: Her mane is kept in a short bob, and her tail is medium lenght, both of which are a light caramel color.

Physique: Lean and Limber baby!

Residence: Cloudsdale

Occupation: Over night delivery mare

Cutie Mark: 01c8af705137c1aaf5518adad7d2af11e1b59a2c.png

Unique Traits:  She always wears her signature scarf and goggles, a bit overly opinionated and chatty, occasionally show boats, has a unique talent for always finding her way home no matter where she is via her connection to the stars and their patterns.

History: Harvest Moon was born alongside her twin brother Autumn Moon, in a barn out in Ponyville to their loving parents, EaraCorn and Midnight Whispers under a full, glowing moon, that signified good fortune, and prosperity.

Harvest was born first, and she was also the one born a pegasus, her brother having been born a unicorn(Don’t ask for the genetics, EaraCorn don’t know the statistics) and took her job as the eldest VERY seriously.

Harvest was always leading the charge, deep in the woods to find pill bugs,  flying up high to see if Mom and Dad were heading home, a little bossy; The usual “Big sister”  things.

One night Autumn decided that he wanted to go Nightmare Night-ing by himself, insisting that he didn’t need his “sister” being his shadow, and wandered off away from her..and managed to get himself lost in the nearby woods.

Harvest not content to wait for her parents (whom were feverishly organizing a rescue party) decided she’d find him herself, after all they were twins right? Twins had a PSYCHIC LINK! (No, no they did not)

After a bit of bumbling dumb luck, Harvest did eventually find her brother, shivering cold and alone  in a hollow log, all dirty and tired from his wandering.

With a bit of prompting Harvest got the other filly on her back and flew up over the canopy of leaves to try and navigate her way home.

Now Harvest Moon was a star watcher, she always had been, and it took only a moment for her to spot the stars she knew  would lead her home.

It was a happy reunion as she reunited them with their parents, the glow in her heart from being home so bright, that she didn’t even notice her cutie mark, a red moon (to signify passion and a connection to the night) with glowing stars, to signify her connection to them and ability to read them.

Time marched on and Harvest Moon left for Cloudsdale to take flying lessons, graduated well and soon got a job as an overnight delivery mare, where she gets important documents, packages, ect to where they need to go as quickly as possible.


Character Personality: Harvest is blunt, brash, and honest, she’s lighthearted and easy to read, you can always tell what she’s thinking by her very obvious facial ques. She loves her job, and she loves flying, especially at night.

Character Summary: Harvest Moon, your friendly, overnight delivery mare! Flying here, flying there, doing backflips in the air! Over Equestria without a care!~ Your OveRnIGHT dElivery MAAARRE~!




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