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Windward Breeze (ready)


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Roleplay Type: WoE
Name: Windward Breeze
Sex: Male
Age: adult
Species: Earth Pony
Eye color: Grey
Coat: Sea green
Mane/Tail: Sandy Yellow
Physique: Toned
Residence: Baltimare
Occupation: Fisherpony. also carries freight and passengers from time to time (freelance).
Cutie Mark: A sailboat with a wind.
Unique Traits: He's always had an innate ability to tell when somepony's not being honest with him. He is incredibly talented as a sailor, but he doesn't have the rough exterior that most sailors seem to adopt.
History: When he was a young colt, living on the wharfs of Hoofington, his father had taken him sailing, one day. He learned then that the only thing he ever wanted to do with his life was to sail a ship like his papa.
One day, Windward decided he'd take his dad's boat out for a go, without his knowing. He snuck out in the middle of the night and went to the boat. He had a great time sailing for a while, and he was doing rather well by himself, before a huge storm suddenly hit. It came out of nowhere, and it was pretty bad. Windward was terrified. but he persevered. He remembered how his dad had once braved a storm, and followed along with his memory. First, he adjusted his sails accordingly and held on to the rudder with all his might. He fought the storm for what seemed like an eternity before it finally passed. At this point, he decided he'd best be headed home. So he brought the boat in and docked it properly.
By the time he got home, it was already morning. His dad was waiting for him at the door. He took one look at his son and said. "Enjoying some sea air on my boat?"
"how did you know?" asked Windward. His father said nothing but pointed at his flank. Windward looked down and there, where it had been blank before, was his very own sailing cutie mark.
As his years moved on, Windward became something of an expert at the helm. He captained on many a ship big and small. He moved to Baltimare, where there was always work for an experienced sailor, and ended up where he is now. Working as a freelance sailor.
Character Personality: Positive and outgoing, he's always willing to lend a helping hoof whenever he feels somepony needs it. Glass-half-full kind of pony, and always looking for the good in others.
Character Summary: Windward has always been an optimist, despite a lot of things that have happened to him. He loves the sea and he loves meeting new people. He spends most of his days fishing, but on occasion, he'll be commissioned to ferry passengers or cargo, which he is all too happy to do. His innate ability to tell when others are not being honest with him has helped to avoid plenty of nasty circumstances. He'll gladly boast of his "unmatched" sailing skills (which are not wholly fabricated) given half a chance, as he is fairly proud of his abilities.





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